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  1. OldsklMike added a topic in 1:1 Car Reference Pictures   

    Jalopy Showdown 08
    For the last 5 years here in PA we have had a great show put on at an old dirt track called the Jalopy Showdown.
    What makes this show great is that everyone that comes to show gets to make some hot laps around the track in the mud!!!
    This is what greats everyone at the show.. MUD!!!

    Only the true rodders come out to play at this show.

    And now for some hot lap pics.

    Here's the link to all 370 pics.. Enjoy http://s223.photobucket.com/albums/dd211/O...down08/?start=0

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  2. OldsklMike added a post in a topic 1950 Caddy "Purple Haze" finished 5/1/08   

    Like I told you at the show, Beautiful !!!!

  3. OldsklMike added a topic in On The Workbench   

    49 Ford
    Started this project 2yrs ago, the paint went all wrong and back in the box it went.

    With Mid-Atlantic NNL just around the corner and the theme being Shoebox Fords, I thought i might just try to get it done...

    So after cleaning up the body and preping for paint, every thing went well..

    Enjoy the pics.

    Now its time to polish and add some foil.

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  4. OldsklMike added a topic in Under Glass   

    Chopped T
    Just finished up this T for the NNL East theme table.

    Enjoy the pics, I know I enjoyed building it..

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  5. OldsklMike added a post in a topic Nnl East 2008 Roll Call   

    I would like to be added to the list also, Mike Dube. And you can also add Jonathan Lutz aka "dub".

    See ya in 48hrs.
  6. OldsklMike added a post in a topic Nnl East 2008 Roll Call   

    Thanks Greg,
    I'll be joining in on the fun also... Getting to the Ramada sometime on Fri.
  7. OldsklMike added a post in a topic 59" Impala Complete!!!!!!!   

    Another super slick custom form Cruz.. Very nice...
    Can't wait to see it..

    Man the April meeting is going to be good with all these pre NNL East builds.

  8. OldsklMike added a post in a topic One Big Cadillac...   

    Thanks for the comments guys..

    I used up a whole sheet of BMF on this.
    Next to the 60 Starliner I did' this is the most foil i have ever used on one car..

  9. OldsklMike added a post in a topic Woddington Does A Magnum   

    Looks really good Lyle

    Those wheels do look great on that car.

  10. OldsklMike added a topic in Under Glass   

    One Big Cadillac...
    Just put the finishing touches on the beast.


    Just so you can see how big this car is.

    See ya at NNL East..

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  11. OldsklMike added a post in a topic One Big Cadillac   

    Wow this thing is big, it used up 3/4 of a sheet of BM foil..
    Its really turning out kool looking.

    These are the wheels that are going to be on the whole car.
    They have been sitting on my bench for 2yrs now waiting for the right project and this is it.

    It should be done before next weekend so watch for it Under Glass.
  12. OldsklMike added a post in a topic One Big Cadillac   

    Well I wet -sanded and polished as much as i could till i was afraid to go threw the paint.
    Still need to foil and wax this beast out, glad i bought more foil...

    The wheels are going to the billets from the Rivera kit on one side and the steelies on the other.
    It gives it to different styles on one car..

    Yea The hood is kinda pointy but i sanded mine down some to take some of the pointiness out of it.

    Interior is almost done still got some small details to do yet.

    Thaks for all your help.
  13. OldsklMike added a post in a topic One Big Cadillac   

    Some answers for you guys..

    "What chassis are you going to put under that bohemoth?!"
    This kit is only a curbside so it comes with a fuul pan that glues up under it nicely.

    "is that front bumper stock or custom?"
    I didn't but the bumper on it yet, thats the side of the grill you see in the pics.

    "Are those reverse rims (wheel #2) the Modelhaus ones?'
    Yes they are the chrome rev. with the seperate spider caps. Makes it easier to paint the centers.

    "Man how many gallons of paint did you use. "
    1 1/2 cans of Testors Fiery Orange and a whole can of Black Gold HoK Kandy Spanish Gold.

    harrypri thats a really nice illustration you did. BTW Modelhaus also has a 49 Cadi Fastback custom to build that..

  14. OldsklMike added a topic in On The Workbench   

    One Big Cadillac
    Started a new project for NNL East, a 50 Cadillac Custom from Modelhaus. Man this thing is BIG..

    Trying to get better at laying down some smoother paint so I polished out the primer before paint.

    It worked out great, but still needs to be wet-sanded and polished.

    The wheels for this project are undecided at this time, but i have some ideas..

    What do you think?





    Thanks for looking.
    Later Mike
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  15. OldsklMike added a post in a topic Protour Chevette   

    Forgot the interior pic, smoothed out the dash and made a center console.
    Painted black with the flames on them also, mini tubs out back with a gel cell battery in there also.

    I built this to try some new interior and painting technics that I have never tried before.


    And thanks Jonathon...