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  1. Hey thanks for the congrats! ? This was an individual that was selling a few kits (I checked his other items). I wish I would have gotten more because they were a great price and looked like they were brand new. The decals were in great shape and he had the glass in a sandwich baggie. A Bobby Allison Golden Miller car went for $23. He had the shipping price in the action at around $7 so I assumed this would cover his shipping cost.. I hope he wasn't surprised when he went to ship. Last night I won a Morgan Shepard Citgo car, still in shrink wrap, for $10 shipped. I hope it i
  2. So I won a Revell Davy Allison Nascar for $13 shipped. It arrived quickly and well packed in excellent condition in a USPS Priority shipping box. I noticed on the shipping label that the shipping price was $12.90? Is this actual shipping cost? How did the guy make a profit?
  3. Really cool.. This reminded me of a Matchbox set I had as a kid.. in my mind I was seeing it more like what you did but then looked it up and it was similar to this
  4. Thanks Tom! No, I was not aware of that.. funny thing is I could never find a real pic of the car represented on the box art. I finally came to the conclusion that the Tamiya kit was based off the video game? Thanks Jason! Mine looks better in person and I am sure they all do because I wasn't to keen on doing it from the pics I had seen but was impressed after finishing it. I wish I would have picked up a couple more when they were more available because my source was selling them for $20 shipped. But I do have another one to build. I'm think of building it in silver instead of w
  5. That is a great setup.. very nice! I've never seen one better... I'm assuming you custom built those display cabinets?
  6. Awesome! And you are on a roll.. don't stop Do you do anything special to your windows to make them look so good?
  7. That's a cool setup.. I learned something there... thanks for sharing!
  8. Not as cheap as I thought they'd be... I think I'd rather have a RV at that price
  9. Mine too! Wonder how much you can get the real thing for these days?
  10. Thanks.. I just ordered the Tamiya anti-static brush.
  11. Do yourself a favor and get a Pace. I bought a Testors for about the same price and the quality can't touch the Pace for about the same price: https://www.pacepaintbooth.com/
  12. Wow.. Perfection as always. I hope to achieve your level of building someday. How do you keep the dust off the parts for the photo shoot? Great photography skills as well.
  13. I agree.. I stopped watching Nascar 10 years ago after watching it my entire life.
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