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  1. Its stupid why Revell didn't made both decals for #3 and #4 car. I have it also and since I'm dane, I would like to build it as car #3 with Jan Magnussen. Stupid Revell..how hats could it be ??
  2. Bought this kit and looked up some videos on youtube for this kit. Saw a guy who made seatbelts,so I would give it a shot also. First time ever..not the easiest task
  3. This is my first build in 35+ years,since I was a kid. AMT Ecto 1A Ghostbusters It´s build out of the box...haven´t painted the body otherwise everything else is painted mainly to instrictions.Have also seen a couple of videos on Youtube of other builds of the car. 95% of all is painted with brush using Vallejo Air paint. Only chassis and main interieur was airbrushed. No clear coat either. I know that Slimey and Marshmellow Man is featured in "Ghostbusters 1" movie and Ecto 1A is from "Ghostbusters 2" The figures was found on wish.com
  4. Hi. New guy here..I´m 48 years old and have made som models when I was a kid (like 35+ years since). That was mostly planes,trucks and cars. Didn`t spend time with painting etc. so the result was not so good (no patience at that time) Now I have started again and have more patience,so painting is done this time. I´m so far only into (race)cars. Have just finished my first kit, which was AMT Ecto 1A Ghostbusters. Hoping to find a lot of tips,tricks,inspirations etc. here
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