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  1. I've ordered a few items from Amazon myself. I get my Stynylrez primer there and flow aid. I bought a second airbrush there in the past ( Paasche H). I bought new medium and heavy heads and needles there for my Badger 200. I recently bought an AMT 49 Ford Gasman kit there. Many things are on prime or otherwise free shipping if you keep your eyes open. We have a somewhat local Hobby store about 12 miles away, the problem is he thinks his stuff is gold lined, that Gasman kit for instance was $11 more there than from Amazon, plus gas to go drive there and back. The kit was delivered to my door step in 3 days through Amazon. When ever I'm shopping, whether it be models or what ever I find it worth looking at Amazon first and very often it's as far as I have to go.
  2. If I was buying an airbrush only compressor right now I'd be entertaining the idea of this one, which is $92 at Amazon: California Air Tools CAT-1P1060S Light & Quiet Portable Air Compressor, Silver
  3. I recently stripped some chrome parts from the chrome tree of a kit from out of the 80's era. I used Drano gel formula ( it's in a red bottle). It took the chrome off in about 3 minutes, just dissolved it and I rinsed it down the drain. It stripped it to bare plastic and the plastic seemed untouched and took primer very well the next day. I probably wouldn't leave it to soak over night, not sure what would be left in the morning but my experience was such that just a few minutes is all that was required anyway. I'd probably just sand down and paint over the flat black personally.
  4. Casy, the backing plate are small, they should mount to the axle ends and the steel axle slides through them. The hole is larger than the holes in the wheels so the axle can rotate inside them. The custom wheels are a front dish on the tire basically like the stock front wheel ( chrome though etc). And on the front you would use the wheel back and the stub axle. for the rear I see no such thing. Two of the wheels should have a hole for the metal axle or else a backing with a hole for the axle but there is none as near as I can tell. The stock wheels have the hole, the deep dish racing wheels have the hole, two of the Cragar style wheels have the hole but not the custom wheels..
  5. Painting over red

    If you don't mind my asking what is the big attraction to white primer around here anyway ?
  6. I see, it shows " axle pins" in the front wheel assembly. I;m sure it's there but I don't see a rig for mounting the custom wheels in the rear, not yet anyway.
  7. Well I have to say I wasn't looking for stubs, wow you sure got back quick, thanks ! I'll look into that ..
  8. For those who have built this kit in it's latest release. I recall the old original release of the 49 Ford back in the 1960's having two metal axles, this kit I just received has one in it. i see two shafts on a tree in the packaging about the size of the metal axle, by chance are those meant to be axle shafts ? The instructions make no mention of this but show a metal axle for the rear and that's it. Second question: there are no holes for an axle in the multi spoked custom wheels ( not the Cragar style wheel but the flatter ones) . What is with that ? Again no reference in the instructions so I appeal to those who have dealt with this kit already..
  9. Painting over red

    I would go with a mid gray primer personally, it's a color that pretty much covers any color molded and works well under most every color paint, except maybe pearls in lighter shades.. Primer coats can definitely effect color shade of your sprayed paint, mid gray is neutral ground as a starting point. Sometime when you have a few minutes to play around you should prime something in white, gray and black, then spray something like a powder blue metallic over them and see the difference. Especially the difference how long it takes and how many coats to build the color you want. I think white pearl paint as a base coat is the only time I like white primer.
  10. 1941 Lincoln Phantom Fastback Wild Custom

    I don't even care for 40's and 50's Lincolns but that thing is awesome !
  11. My ‘40 Ford Sedan

    Nice job ! I'd love that Olds engine for my 49 build lol. I like your build but really like that interior shot of the nice detail you put into it. Back in the day I must have built 8 or 10 of these things if I built one ( most circle track stock cars), the nicest one was a custom, candy red over gold as I recall then my 2yo cousin came along and squeezed a half a tube of Testors glue all over the roof. I had built it to enter a contest, so that was the end of that idea.
  12. I made working suspension a passion in the 60's, used pen springs for coils in my 49 Ford builds and cut up pieces of tape measure for leaf springs, cut peaces of flat styrene for shackles. But that was then and this is now, sorry no photos exist.
  13. I foil with foil tape actually, which in principle applies and works basically the same as bmf ( tends to be thicker). There is no reason to have large sections overlapping into the interior of the car regardless of the foil brand. Much as the others have indicated I have found the A pillars to be covered the most.I just paint over it. My headliner paint is usually Liquitex soft body paint which is very flexible/bendable when dry and bonds fine to metal. You would want the metal free of your skin oil of course. But Liquitex is not an out of the tube or bottle application it has to be thinned in model use. I have in stock bottles of the additives required to spray it well, including varnishes I add in to get the sheen I want.. I can't speak for other acrylics or lacquer. Liquitex sticks and enamel should, I know it stuck in 1:1 painting when we goofed up masking. As to cementing to the foil, I don't think a standard Testers plastic model cement is your answer there. It may stick initially but not over the long haul because plastic model cement melts plastic together, bmf is not plastic but metal.
  14. I just watched a review video on the Gasman 49 Ford and I think I can use the slicks included in the kit and get them to fit inside the fender wells with the right wheel combo and some inner well trimming. etc..Actually alterations as already mentioned and spoken about within this thread. I just had an idea in my head that the Gasman slicks were larger than they are. Last I knew they had some of these kits listed at Amazon, if still so I'll order one up later today. Edit: Now purchased from Amazon for $21.99, should have it in hand Tues.