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  1. I can only give a testimony to the merits of regular Badger Stynylrez primers, which I have used exclusively now for going on three years. They've been excellent for me. I can shoot them as is or thin a little bit, goes on well, levels well and lets details show well. And it sticks, it's sandable , good opacity and doesn't stink. That's enough attributes to convince me to stock them.............
  2. Wow that really shows it, the 35 fenders are more trim looking. Really a nice looking car compared to the 36 (36 is nice in it's own right but there is a difference).
  3. I have pics Tamiya clear over craft paint somewhat polished. Then clear red with a touch of blue and a Mustang clear blue, both over rose gold base coat and not polished. Pretty wet looking and all the clears behave the same. Here's the gig, getting them up on here, they're on my phone which has a really decent camera though. Never put a file up here. But I can tell you it sprays great, the wetter as you go the better. And Tamiya suggest LT if you want the shine and harder finish. Some guys like their acrylic thinner, never tried it. I hit on this and never bothered.
  4. Yes. I've settles on Tamiya acrylic thinned with lacquer thinner for the most part. Glad I discovered it. If you want spray cans someone else can answer that.
  5. What about a Mobeus 55 Chrysler doner, some of those parts should be closer than from a Ford I would think ? Course just me but I'd rather build the Cjhrysler lol.
  6. Don't know. But someplace I was thinking I saw 35 parts or kit in resin. I was looking too lol. But that was some time ago and the memory vague. I was about 5 yo when my dad had me sit on his lap and steer his 35 Ford sedan. Imagine doing that today ? They would put both of us in jail.
  7. Fine Scale Modeler Magazine forums has many scale modeling forums including airplanes . Some dedicated folks there, top notch modelers of aircraft. That's ok, I have a hankering to build a ship after I clean up a few half done cars. Presently working on a Minicraft 1/16 scale Model A.
  8. I use the Testors on a lot of different things/materials you might think wouldn't stick.
  9. Have you looked there to see if there is actually any in stock since the so called pandemic hit ?
  10. I've done that, it's no more super than just using alcohol from what I can tell. But the greater portion was the Windex, maybe the other way around might be better. It's been about impossible to find 91 these days too. Now and then 70 shows up, I have more of that on hand now than 91 and been using it for cleaning. I also adjusted my universal thinner to accommodate the 70.
  11. AMT 32 wheels are useless if you're building stock but the AMT 34 wheels if you found some are much more accurate on the 32. Someone on the board might have those kicking around. I can live with the other faults but the wheels are plain wrong. Even back when I was a kid building these cars around 1960ish I knew they didn't look right. That's just a fwiw.
  12. The bottom line is if you're happy with the look yourself. Or vs if you're trying to build to someone else's standards or to enter contests etc.. If the latter or you don't like the look yourself then don't use it. Don't listen to me I use it on old antique cars etc, sometimes. On the other hand I like the 1/16 scale kits and often those include wiring material. I've got a Minicraft Model A roadster coming presently, not sure if that one has wires but obviously in 1/16 sewing thread won't work.... So ya there is that too.
  13. Course some of it too is how it looks in person as opposed to in photos. When you zoom in on the engine the wires magnify in photos.
  14. I use sewing thread in 1/25 but really it's too thin. Looks good anyway as opposed to no wires IMO. That's standard thread, there is probably thicker stuff. It's more than the thickness though, it's the weave too. But I don't care, it really picks a model up to have wires on the engine. For me it's the suggestive nature of it anyway. On the other hand I've seen models here where maybe the wires are scale but they sure don't look it, just too thick, on a real car they would be the size of your thumb !. You also can paint the sewing thread which gives them more fullness. I don't generally do brake lines but that and old car throttle linkage goes well with copper wire from telephone cable. I had a bundle of it here that seems to have gone away ( wife is suspect lol) that a telephone guy left behind at a construction site years ago, the scraps left over. Course brake lines aren't copper so you need to paint them. I got a lot of mileage out of that wire with or without insulation for various applications. It's single strand or was back when I got it.
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