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  1. Humbrol Acrylic spray paint ?

    Good news ! Bet right about now you're wishing you already had that compressor.
  2. Warped body

    Junk imo too. Try some custom paint techniques on it, good for practice as mentioned already.
  3. I put the Big T and also the 32 Deuce roadsters together back in the 1960's using plain old Testors model glue, as I recall without issue. I used Pactra glue back then as well. Anyway glue that welds plastic. I still use it today for the most part. I'm about to start a 1/16 scale vintage Mercer kit and will use Testors.
  4. Airbrush compressor

    50b should be fine, I'm sure your compressor flows more cfm than most airbrush compressors anyway. Then set your ABR to where ever you need it. Ive shot up to 40lb with Paasche H one time. With varnish that brush and the 5 needle likes 30-35 psi but you aren't using that. My Badger is pretty consistently run around 25 with medium tip. You're probably going to be shooting around 18-24 psi with yours and less with washes. Time will tell ! You can always run a regular compressor hose, or plastic air line for that matter, between the compressor and regulator.
  5. Airbrush compressor

    The.2 may work fine on bodies depending what paint you use and how you thin the paint. Try it but I can say I love a .5 on my Badger in general actually and have a .25 as well which I do use.. So I gather they were able to help you out then. Edit: oops didn't see your other post. I'd probably run 50lb to the ab regulator. I've actually run my brushes right off the compressor regulator around 20-25lb. It works but the readings aren't too accurate, nor the regulators real fine. The ab regulators are more sensitive and even out pressure drops better. The ab will still spray though.
  6. Revell '37 Ford

    Be nice to see an FE Ford in there. Just my opinion.
  7. Airbrush compressor

    They have pretty decent tech support there, Mon-Fri pacific time. I don't know if with your airbrush you received any spare needles or nozzles, tips, air caps etc. But the standard needle in that brush is .2 which makes it good for detail work. However if you want to paint overall car bodies I would suggest the extra .5 needle/nozzle set they sell at TCP ( $9.95). Or at least the .3 set if you did not get these in your purchase.. It's nice that for an inexpensive brand all these parts are available, that is not the case with most other non top brands. And it seems they spray well too. I wish you much joy with this airbrush.
  8. Airbrush compressor

    I was just recently watching some reviews on Master airbrushes and they seem to review very well. If you contact TCP Global they can get you hooked right up to that compressor and it won't be expensive... You want to get hooked up to a standard compressor quick connect coupler.
  9. Airbrush compressor

    It's going to work Scott ! No " if " there. What airbrush are you using ?
  10. Airbrush compressor

    Is it so loud you wouldn't want it indoors ? That might change some requirements. And what airbrush do you have ?
  11. Airbrush compressor

    It will work. Set the regulator to 50 or so lb, maybe 75 and run a hose into your work area. On the side of your work station or booth put a Point Zero regulator/water trap ( about $11 at Amazon) . The hose goes to the in port, you can get quick connectors at HF, then your AB on the out port. Set this work station regulator to your desired AB pressure setting. It will work great if you really want to deal with gasoline. You can do the same thing with a pancake compressor, or like I have an 8 gal portable. You don't have to have a dedicated AB compressor, you just need a good regulator and an adapter or two. My compressor runs nail guns and lvlp paint spray guns great plus does the AB duty. It is noisy though, not with AB so much because I can paint a whole model on a charge of air, so it doesn't even come on when airbrushing if I build up the supply first. I use my compressor as a portable air tank actually, when airbrushing, I don't even plug it in if it has a full charge.
  12. Building a spray booth

    Harbor Freight sells a blower unit with external motor that might be able to be adapted somehow. We had a new store opening here a few weeks ago and saw it then, sorry no link. I was in there buying a 6x48 belt sander belt.
  13. Building a spray booth

    Most of the shop vacs I've encountered have the motor mounted up to where the brushes and any sparks would be located outside the canister. Not sure on the Dewalt that guy used. But if you think about it, either way you are trapping fumes inside a multi gallon closed container basically creating a bomb. Especially if it didn't evacuate fully and got shut down, then later turned back on with the fumes concentrated in there. Get this, in the early 70's when I was a young mechanic I worked for a shop foreman who washed the shop floor with gasoline. He figured having the garage door open was sufficient and so did I, for me to go out through and take a walk far from the building. He never blew the place up but he did die from a heart attack at age 62. It's one thing to do spots with a little gas on a rag, another to dump 2 gallons of gas out on the floor and start scrubbing with a shop broom.
  14. Most car models can be painted with any of the three tips actually. Even the #1 is larger than some people use in other brand brushes. Depends on the thinner used and ratio.
  15. If you're buying the Paasche H and entertaining any thoughts at all of using the #5 tip and needle then I would urge you to buy a compressor with a tank on it. Those CAT compressors are good, so are the Paasche but in that line you should get the one with a tank, which I believe is around $150 last I knew.. Incidentally the CAT compressor has the universal quick disconnect chuck on it. That plugs to a conventional hose nipple which is 1/4". Amazon sells a Paasche to 1/4 adapter then you can just use a regular conventional style air hose nipple with that to connect to the compressor. I have those in both Badger and Paasche because I use an 8 gal portable compressor that I have here for household " stuff".