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  1. that is the one I cannot wait to get. I can then build a 1:1 of my 65.
  2. Roll cage or not at those speeds when something goes wrong it is not going to end well.
  3. I remember Ernie in that car. He wheeled it and you nailed the look.
  4. The fact that you are happy is all it is about, but it looks very good IMHO. 😎
  5. Started tinkering with this and mocked it up. If I want to use these wheels I'm going to need to deepen the rear inner fenders.
  6. That is to cool. Love those old Ferrari's.
  7. Yah these old kits can be like that. I was tinkering with the gremlin and it has some gremlins.................
  8. Darlington stripe gone wrong............ Back in the old steel guardrail days.
  9. Just picked one of these up today. Curious to see what it offers.
  10. Funny is Terry gave him a heckuva shot as well.
  11. Sounds like a lot of money. I'd hold out for someone to produce one in plastic or resin first.
  12. i noticed the kit selection getting smaller here in Michigan / Taylor location. Did not see and clearance though. Might be a hidden spot like others said.
  13. Like the stance and I need t o check into that interior.
  14. ordered the interior goodies. Did not see the mirrors on your site.
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