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  1. That is cool!! My Dad did not build but was very engaged in my modeling growing up. He did paint the body on one of my 1st builds.
  2. Where did you find the huge paint bottles at?
  3. Explains why more are popping up on ebay.
  4. The building in its 3 additions through the years amounts to well over three hundred thousand sq ft. These pics I had already saved are little things that caught my modeling eye so I snapped the pics. In the boiler room which is pretty much a no go zone the new compressors run constant and are very loud so things in there are still like the entire building once was back in the mid 90's when I started working, dingy green wall paint. The old sprocket just hanging on the wall. I had a closeup of one of the boiler doors. it is dark in this room. The old hoist beam has never been used in all my years working there, just hangs like that. That is in the plant and was painted the white in the late 90's. It is an off white now. It did brighten it up in the plant though. Red clay brick with big metal beams, the beam above that hoist had overhead cranes that would travel down them. We still have one that is functional but never used. I'll get some more pics.
  5. Yup. I'll take some pics of some stuff tonight. Darn night shift................
  6. Hi Douglas, If you ever want any pics just let me know. The old air compressor is cool, has not worked in about 50 years is my guess or the old coal fired boiler. The boiler is bigger than most homes.
  7. Man that thing looked like it could hurt you in any kind of way.
  8. He is inspiring!! Love me some altered wheelbase cars as well.
  9. Really coming along!! Love the detail and thought you are putting into the building. I work in a very old brick building and another thing that is common when plugging holes and old openings............... is the use of cinder block brick or just wood. But your method is right on as well, no correct way. I think in these old buildings it is just what was handy or cheaper at the time. The old office inside could of been made from red clay brick and those were used to block the rail door, a small pallet of spare bricks tucked in the corner would add some cool realism. The building where I work has or had rail access years ago. The rails behind the building are mostly covered now but on the ends you can see remnants of them. The old doors were just secured permanently closed. Right now part of the back wall where the rails is at was falling and is being rebuilt. The oldest part of the building was built in the earlier 1900's, the teens I have been told. Very old for sure.
  10. HPI is a machine..............................I get burned out just trying to keep up with his builds. Must be a full time job.
  11. Cool thread, I have more started / IN progress than done. I'm working on some nascar projects I started around 2004 right now. They were modern stuff then.
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