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  1. Never noticed that but this was a kit I built a lot of growing up, seemed to always be on the shelves at Kmart or Meijer and was one of my favorite kits.
  2. Bingo!! But Round 2 is improving these. Round 2 do your thing and if you mold it we will buy it.
  3. Thanks Tim!! That looks very cool. Round 2 will be getting more of my money. Think that rail dragster on the decal sheet might be an Easter egg kind of thing?
  4. I just bought the lindberg kit a few weeks ago. I bought one when it first came out but never built it and I'm not sure what happened to it. Lost a lot of kits in the late 90's to a house fire, that might be where it went.
  5. I just picked that up this weekend. Its cool these old kits / molds are seeing a new day.
  6. Yup, there are threads here. using the monogram 64 GTO chassis and a lot of work.
  7. Taylor, Michigan Wally has them and they are selling quickly. I picked up another nova wagon and a mustang GT.
  8. Yup, I just got one from ebay for $39. delivered today.
  9. Sign me up!! Looking forward to this.
  10. Yah, very tough to find and I remember when they were plentiful. $10.00 Model kits and automotive swap meets are very common and prices are usually more reasonable.
  11. Just swap meets the last 2 weekends, plus a few build up's not pictured.
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