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  1. Social distancing from the water................🤣 Never had one of those revell kits, might need to grab one.
  2. Possible to see some pics? Contents?
  3. Cool thanks, just ordered one.
  4. Looks killer, I need to order that chassis plate for my body.
  5. Looks very good. Like the color combo.
  6. Hope your comet body is not warped. Mine was... The Chevy is coming along nicely.
  7. wrenchr

    Day 2?

    I've bought a few cars with "2nd Day" mods and they were usually removed 2day......... Like once I got home with it. Once my brother bought an older dodge dakota and as soon as we got it to my house I whipped out the sawzaw and removed all the fog lights and horrible bolt on BLAH_BLAH_BLAH_BLAH and then the heat gun to remove all the stickers.
  8. wrenchr


    Been working on some models, but also not been feeling the best...no fever but sore throat and minor congestion. Day 5 like this, symptoms are so minor cannot be tested anyways. So stay inside and monitor myself.
  9. Ahh hah...........wheres the pistons, crank and cam........................................ all this work it must run as well. 😀 J/K amazing work, I look forward to your updates Francis!!
  10. I have one thread in this section, I only have 2 done right now. I'm currently working on a 32 ford that will be an in progress build for my shop. I need to make a larger shop as right now mine is a 2 1/2 car garage.
  11. wow, to cool and thanks for explaining it all!! I buy old builds as well for my wreck / junkers.
  12. Hi John, What is your heating method for the damage?
  13. Nice touch on the dent. One thing I still notice when I visit flat rock and Toledo speedways is the cars usually have damage before the race. I remember when Arca still raced the top series at Flat rock the cars were battered from the previous night at Toledo's race.
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