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  1. Oh that body line that runs from the 1/4 glass is not there, that might be fooling my eye.
  2. The wheelbase looks off as well. My Parents had one when I was a kid. That car was super reliable.
  3. your work is looking great. I would build it.
  4. Thanks Guys!! I need to pickup a new can of that blue paint. the can I have turned out ok for the chassis but I did not like the way it sprayed, sort of sputtered.
  5. I like it as well and never understood the hating on the Revell merc. OP nice work!!
  6. I have a built one you can have for parts Snake if need be. PM me if you do. Finding it is the next hurdle.
  7. nice save!! I have a few projects/builts. Waiting for that ramp truck to come out. Will buy a few for sure.
  8. ooh thanks, I have a few of the 40 fords and the flathead will be perfect.
  9. AMC and Johan two of my favs, cant go wrong in my book. Your progress is looking very good. Subscribed.
  10. with 3d printing you would think someone would be printing chassis for these as popularity is huge for 32's and the revell versions likewise.
  11. Yup, I have the Johan Sox & Martin and it was quite cheaper but that was also about 2 years ago when I picked it up.
  12. Nothing I can say can put into words on your build. I to attempted one when I was a kid. I did not even get past gluing the body together, the tube glue would not setup quick enough and I got sick of holding the parts together and just gave up. I now have another in the stash and maybe one day.....................
  13. Same here, one of my favorite movies growing up. I don't see a pattern. I'm sure I'm missing one or two from the list, seen all of them more times that I can count. Bullit, Two Lane Black Top, Corvette Summer, Heart Like a Wheel, Greased Lighting, Last American Hero, American Graffiti, Smokey and the Bandit, Cannon Ball Run, Stroker Ace and Christine.
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