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  1. I like how the roll backs barely fitted the cars. Nothing like modern ones.
  2. It should be ok It should be ok but I have no power slide experience yet, just received a shipment from Mike's Decals. Maybe seal the base decals with clear first? That's what I would do if it were me.
  3. I have this one, it is very good...even has a insert for the tire to center the stencil.
  4. wrenchr

    Dirt Chevelle's

    A candle free's up your other hand as well. Another trick I will use is to thin the back side of the panel and then it takes very little heat to get the effect.
  5. Very cool, it has attitude and altitude.
  6. Thanks for the picture, saved that one!! Life long Earnhardt fan.
  7. Right, but not the end of the world for us modelers. I might run in in the morning and support my local HL.
  8. waiting on mine from Model roundup.
  9. can still get one with the weekly 40% off.
  10. Never know round 2 could tool up a new body / drive train on a tri five chevy kit but as mentioned still think would not be a huge seller.
  11. wrenchr

    Dirt Chevelle's

    Looks cool, I'm building the fairlane right now and the paint messed up... will work out since it is a short track car.
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