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  1. Mine stays a mess. will work on organizing this weekend.
  2. Wow lots of great looking stuff Bill.
  3. Been a slow go on this, will work on it and take a break. I added a trailer..just need a hitch now.
  4. A chevy late 80's/90's C1500????????????
  5. wrenchr

    Dale Jr Oreo car

    Thanks guys, I need the push on it. I'm just glad I had it set in a case all these years. The engine is done as well. Missing one tire/wheel and front cross member and all of the suspension.
  6. Looking good Misha, I will be following along. I have the same project in the pipeline but was a little intimidated.
  7. Super excited but d--n late 2020.........................
  8. wrenchr

    Dale Jr Oreo car

    This is an old project I started around 2005. It was almost done and somehow I dropped it and broke the front frame. Last night I repaired the frame and I'm now going to finish it. I changed the paint job a little. The actual car had a white fade at the bottom, I chose to not do that.
  9. Seen them in person and looking forward to the release. Will buy 1 or 12.............
  10. Very convincing. I'll try that here soon. Thanks!!
  11. I remember this, the COT..... and then ended up going back to traditional style cars. That really saves the teams money. 🙄
  12. Hope you are on the mend now Bill!!
  13. Great topic!! Been building since I was a kid, my Dad was a big supporter of mine as a kid through my teenage years. He passed when I was 19. 42 now and building pretty regular now, through my 20's and 30's did not get much built...as others have said life got busy so hobby time was limited. What inspires me is my fascination of automobiles and modeling opens up all makes to me and as I get older I find it very relaxing as well.
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