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  1. I have 3, but they are round. Might be able to modify them? Id just mount them like they are. Close enough. I have been sorting / organizing my stuff and I have 3 large nut and bolt bin orgnizers and are sorting parts into those. I'm trying to sort parts by type. I had a lot of parts boxes with mixed stuff and I have no idea what I have. I just had my hands on these yesterday. It is working.
  2. The Desoto I started and was working on it and the Dart was scattered and I got it all back in the box.
  3. Pardon the mess, working on getting it all in order. I have made some nice progress but still have a lot more to go.
  4. Very cool, need that dodge grill!! Will be ordering some stuff soon. Here is a work in progress F100 using your grill.
  5. This is my 1st attempt, made it mostly for taking pics to make the pictures more interesting. Still a work in progress. This place is inspiring!! The revell pro street is an ebay buy.
  6. Thanks Dave!! I'll check that book out, already have two of the AFX's!! Keep up the great work..it is appreciated!!
  7. One of the build I want to do sometime. Yours is very inspiring!!
  8. Have not opened it yet. I'm sure the same extras as the others. Just got the Plymouth AFX today and that has a lot of bonus parts as well.
  9. Picked my copy up from the Modelcave.
  10. Very much like the extra parts, I have bought both versions as well. Need to spend more time building.
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