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  1. Very cool, I installed a tilt IdidIt column in my 1:1 65 f100 this past summer. I want a lathe.
  2. One of the odder looking cup cars from back when, your build is nice and clean.
  3. Hi Gerald, I'm working on some old school nascar builds and want to modify the wheelbase on the AMT chassis, do you have any pics of your mod work to extend the chassis? I know it is the front frame. looking for some reference pics if possible.
  4. Looks good, I have 2 Beagles.................... they shed year round. I swear clothes come out of the dryer with fur on them. Love them old dogs to pieces though.
  5. Figures revell is retooling/modifying the rat roadster, I finally bought one last year.................... I hung tough on the 30 coupe. Will be following this build.
  6. Fawn is the color which is the champagne color.
  7. Yup, I have a MPC petty charger I'm trying to save but the person that built it when crazy with the tube glue.
  8. Those cop cars like taking left turns.................... Very cool idea.
  9. I know it was a caddy but I see Robert De Niro getting blown up looking at that car.
  10. Keep it up Moebius!! Looking forward to all these releases, novas, F100 / 250's!!
  11. Praying for Norm, one of a lot of very happy customers of his.
  12. Body work is looking very good, to bad that much work is needed.
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