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  1. 1965 F100 ratrod style. Ordered up some parts for it and will soon be taking a break from model building to focus on the truck. The picture I took @ my work. I drove it in last spring and parked it inside on the dock. I work the night shift and did not want to leave it outside.
  2. Seen this pic while looking for the version I want to build. Modelroundup has them or will have them.
  3. For sure a new tire, they look right and are softer than the Monogram ones we are all accustomed to. No lettering on them. I received my kit today.
  4. I still need to gather the parts to complete. I was looking on the website and might place an order. Another option is using some kits I have to use on this.
  5. This is my 2nd resin kit from Speed City and I'm truly impressed by the quality and wanted to share some pics. I love these old AMC cars. I will own a real one, one of these days.
  6. That is looking the part for sure Andrew. I might try that technique on a stock car.
  7. I found some very thin adhesive backed cork @ dollar tree and used it on this base, took me minutes to do this and all is painted it with was gray primer and apple barrel yellow paint. Is it the best, no but I think it looks convincing.
  8. When I'm in my hobby room I'll play race on the TV.
  9. Looks very good, thanks I did order one myself. I'm sure Salvino can do a lot like this with those Monogram tools, lots not covered in styrene. Cutlass, lemans ect.
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