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  1. No attempt to try and predict the future here but I would not be surprised to see changes on the cars in 23 and that will be more delays.
  2. Weekend haul. I think the ram chargers might be an original 65 with the funny car option. The charger and 58 chevy have been started.
  3. Not sure what scale this is in but I have a Tamiya 1/10 scale rc body. it is used but would work if that is the scale you are looking for?
  4. Snagged a pretty nice sized lot of built kits yesterday, me and my brother went 1/2 on it. We split up what we wanted and there is still quite a bit more we are not sure what we want to do with yet. Pics of my 1/2 of the haul.
  5. My parents had one. Delta 88.
  6. You need to play the mega millions.
  7. Mine has minor warping. the door line engraving on the bed ramp side is muddled towards the top.
  8. Have one in the stash. Maybe 2. Might check that out.
  9. Yup!! I missed the Stacey David release years ago and only bought 1 442 convertible when they were released back then. I was on a modeling hiatus. I'm going to stock up on the 442 and roadster this time around.
  10. Same here, never had one before and worse case it is parts.
  11. Hah, I just picked a few of the kits up awhile back and a swap meet. one partial built is an original with box.
  12. Looking very good, I can see these Moebius kits breathing life into the AMT pro street sales.
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