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  1. Jesse, I would check the internet for pictures of Full size Ford pre-runner and race trucks for information. When I did my conversion of the Revell snap Expedition to more detail I used the front 4x4 suspension from the Lindburg F-150. But I think a pre-runner/ race truck would be better for the Aussie Ball. Tim
  2. I use both. Depending on the color If I can find it in a spray can I will use it. If not I will break out the air brush. My problem is I have zero place to air brush, I use my utility room/ bath room. putting paper down on the floor. I do miss our old place where I had a basement and a spray booth. Tim
  3. Last time I purchased anything from Arrowhead was maybe 07 when they were a vender at a show I attended. That is before the health issues affected there business. unfortunately They make a great pre wired distributor And I need about 8 more for my projects. Tim
  4. I all ready checked with Jonathan. He didn't see anything against the Aussie law but suggested checking with the other entrants. Is anyone apposed to me running a turbine engine in my racer? Tim
  5. Ray, I only problem I see with that paint job. If you crash off the side of the road you may never be found. LOL
  6. Here is my entry, pile O parts, 1969 GMC Astro 95. Will look quite different once I am done. Think Dakar. LOL
  7. I am looking to do a oil field truck and I need a front drive axle (4x4) for a 1/25 scale semi truck. I remember seeing an aftermarket one years ago but forget who had it. can someone help me out. Also large off road tires for the same build? like the ones below. Tim
  8. I thank you all for the privilege of running an annual Cannonball. It was fun. Now for my entry. I think I have something figured out but just need to pull at least the basic parts together. But one thing it will be BIG, powerful, RHD. Look out road trains and caravaners. Tim
  9. As the creator of the sleeperball. I want to thank all the participants. Who join the CBP. Whether or not you finished an entry. I hope all of you had fun. See ya next year, maybe down unda. Tim
  10. How about a Paris to Dakar style race in Australia. Combining on-road, off road, all out race but not a strait point to point but with check points. As long as the vehicle passes a check point they are still in the race. Being that Fred stated that run at legal speeds you can get from on end to the other in a day and a half. What would an outlaw cannonballer run it in 10 hours? IMO not much of a Cannonball type race. grant it that you have all the critters and road trains to put up with. Tim
  11. I agree with the others. If the 2016 build is going to be the Aussieball or what ever it is up to the individual builder to decide on what vehicle is best suited for the race. then how the vehicle will be built. This being based on the race criteria. You wouldn't want to build a baja bug to race the Daytona 500, then a nascar racecar wouldn't do any good in the baja 1000. You can build what your heart desires. but the year end voters may look at design for said race. Tim
  12. The aussieball sounds cool. Maybe a Dakar rally type build would be cool. Don't forget your ROO bars. Tim
  13. Wow, So much has been completed since I was last on here. My wagon hasn't been touched in months. I heard the Ohio State Patrol is waiting for some guy name JJ McClure. So They are out. TOO. The weather has been to nice and has kept me out of the house. Tim
  14. I guess that the mechanically impossible is a relative term. Look at some of the wild stuff that is out there. Some 60 show cars, the Zingers, some of Jay Lenno's cars. let's face it building a Hotrod around a WWII tank engine can be looked as mechanically impossible. AS long as it is inline with the theme. But like Rob said, the final votes may not be too favorable, thou. Tim
  15. Been slow working on anything. still plugging away on my friends Rallye 350. But with the weather getting nicer I can work on the 1-1 scale stuff. Tim
  16. I have did searches on the KC Slammers model car club and the heartland nationals. only to come up with there web site under construction and nothing about the 2015 show. Can anyone on here post up any information on the show. I am looking to possibly attend but without any info, plans cannot be made. Tim
  17. April update, Not much work on the wagon. I have been concentrating on building a replica of my best friends 70 Olds Rallye 350. Rumor from the OSP is a lot of sparks have been flying at the shop. but no spy photos have been taken. yet. Tim
  18. After reading all these posts I am not that bad. I think David has us beat. I just need to tell my wife that. LOL Tim
  19. I think mine is 12 years to complete one car. but then again it was not continual work. What is your longest?? Tim
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