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  1. I’m still trying to figure it out. The cables keep coming off. I’m might just replace them with wires, drill and slide them in with glue.
  2. Thank you. It’s was a little challenging figuring out a few things. But practice makes perfect.
  3. More weathering done. A few more details. My first kit I painted and assembled. I love that you can paint the parts individually and have so much more details than the diecast pre made kits. Lots of mistakes I learned from. But, lots of fun.
  4. Trying out some weathering colors. Not blended yet, just starting to apply them. We’ll see if I can make this mess look a little better. Also, trying to figure out how to make the seat look less like plastic and a little more natural.
  5. Thank you. It’s been a little difficult, but my wife just got me a set of magnifying modeling glasses so I can see the details better. Maybe my next model will be more detailed.
  6. Added some rust pigment to the break disks, a wash of light rust acrylic paint (just a wash) and dusted lightly with metal.
  7. This is the first 1/12 motorcycle kit I put together. My previous diorama was a Maisto motorcycle already built. This one is a little over due to all the tiny pieces to put together, but getting a hang of it. This particular model I wanted to take a risk and modify it to look like a bobber. Still work in progress.
  8. I’m getting a Tamiya Yamaha XV1600 Road Star
  9. Thank you. I agree with you about adding the cables. Unfortunately these Maisto motorcycles are not too detailed and don’t have cables. I’m waiting for the kit to arrive to use it as a reference and enhance this one.
  10. Thank you. It’s very simple to make. Just mix acrylic gesso with sand. You can pick the sand according to scale. Once you mix it and it dries the following day you just sand it, so a wash to the color of your choice and resand it to explode the ballast (rocks). You’ll notice that the road will crack naturally, and you’ll just have to refill the spots if you want a more even road. Other wise live it as it is and add extra damage to the road like I did on this one. I removed extra material carefully. Added a sand wash and road dirt as well as road stains.
  11. Thank you. This type of models require more time since its not as detailed as the Kits. I ordered a kit, the type you have to put together, to study the details better and use it as reference for the less detailed Maisto motorcycles when I work on them. Thank for the input.
  12. I started modeling around 2019 and stopped due to busy life. I’m back in the game, still a newbie and learning. I decided to experiment with a prebuilt Maisto motorcycle before jumping into a kit with more details. I’m also experimenting with some materials for a more realistic pavement (I used acrylic gesso and fish tank sand, then sanded, colored and weathered). This is my experimental diorama and motorcycle to try to fine tune realism. Thank you all and criticism is welcomed. Keep in mind this is an experimental diorama. Here are two of the same bikes for comparison. One stock and the other one modified like a bobber. The scale is 1/12.
  13. Wow!!! Great artistic talent.
  14. Your work is very inspiring. The details here are just incredible.
  15. Some more updates. Chipping of the paint didn’t come out how I wanted it. Reason? I failed to seal the rust layer, so had to be extremely careful to not peel it off. I’m already working on the engine, chassis and wheels.There will be more weathering once the model is complete put together. The rest of the diorama will be worked on once the truck is completed.
  16. Painting and chipping almost finished. A few touch ups on some areas before the next stage (more weathering). Already learning from mistakes as I go. I meant to use the salt chipping technique on the roof top and hood. It will be for the next model.
  17. Thank you for the kind words.
  18. Thanks David. Still long ways before becoming a master, but thanks.
  19. Applied base rust (this was just the base for random rust pattern): 1) Airbrushed Mig Jimenez Rust Color Primer. 2) Once Primer is dried, a) I loaded a ripped piece of make up sponge with light orange acrylic ( I used light rust from Vallejo), and unloaded most of it on a piece of paper to get a dry painting effect. b) I lightly dabbed the sponge, randomly over the body, focusing more on raises areas, edges. Also, hood and roof top. 3) Once dried, I applied a wash of light rust over the whole body. I used Vallejo light rust wash, which has a little bit more orange on it. This is just a wash to tie colors together, somewhat. Coming up next: 1) Seal the base. 2) Prepare for chipping and fading: hairspray and salt application over the body, where rust will be showing. 3) Paint the body and chip away. 4) Apply more light rust wash to blend in the rust showing with the edges of the paint. 5) Rust pigment for texture on the rotting sections. This is it for now.
  20. Chassis, body and other parts ready to get painted with rust color primer. Also, a quick look at what the car will look like on the diorama.
  21. The idea is a beat up truck with faded paint and rust showing. Something that has been used and abused in the country. I’m a little intimidated because I have never built a car from scratch and I have never used the airbrush.
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