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  1. the 66 hardtop model hood has a hood scoop that is simular shape and shape as the 66 shelby hood scoop
  2. nice save looks great after
  3. they did amazing work on them
  4. nice work iwish i could find one of these i only have one javelin amx it is a 1/25th 3d printed 1971 version
  5. thanks it was molded in and i forgot to cut it off
  6. completed another satifactory deal with classicgas
  7. thank you i am working on a what would a all electric chevy camaro that is based on the what ford did with the mustang mach e look like i am moding the revell snaptite camaro concept car i might also do a what if electric dodge challenger also using one of amt's showroom collections challengers
  8. ok well i still need a grille that will work and the cougar grille has the vertical slats that the grand marquis unlike the horizontal slats the crown vic grille has has i could trim the logo off
  9. i made this with a revell build and play 2018 mustang kit and some putty and a part from my parts box i think these new mustang mach e's look sharp i had to make a model of one i had to cut apart the interior and remove some the front supports so i could slide the front half of the interior pan forward so the front seats would be in the correct space i filled in the original door panels and gas cap cover door and cut away the door handels sanded away the embossed exhaust tips on the lower rear part i rescribed the new door panels and recharge port cover and the hatch back lift door outline i filled in the the molded in hood scoops and grille i realized after i painted the body and started to put it back together i forgot to fill in the recesses on either side of the lower air dam i used some door posts from a 1/25th 2014 chevy silverado platic toy i bought for parts for custom models and cut them to fit used some clear plastic from a hot wheels packageing for the rear side windows i painted the body testors extreme lacquer de ja blue i also painted a little mustang horse on the grille and center of the taillight panel
  10. i have seen a coulpe different kits when seeing if there was a 90's cougar kit the different box arts show different grilles
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