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  1. Some more work done today. I worked on making the hood proper. I cut off the fairings Then I cut out the notch for the air cleaner piping Then I made some new panels I cut the cowls off the cab The material is too thick where the cowl was, so I had to thin it out I worked on the interior, Czech photoetch from Jamie And photoetch foot pedals
  2. Engine done I cleaned out the wheel openings. They just took the 10 hole wheels, and closed 8 holes. I took a drill bit and opened the holes to make them more closely resemble budd wheels. And it's a rolling chassis front floats and 6 spoke wheels from AITM
  3. Just started in on the Alaskan Hauler kit. I worked on a few random bits. I started with stretching the frame The chassis will be a copper color I'm using the 36" sleeper from the Snap Pete. The floor was not the proper height to use the support crossmember when snapped into its slot. I want to fill in the slots on the back of the sleeper anyways. So I put in some supports for the floor at the correct height. The back of the sleeper is supported on the crossmember with a pin. I was going to cut the one off the 60" sleeper, but I decided to just make one from stretched sprue. I'm starting in on the engine next
  4. Hi, I am building up a Revell Pete, with the twin turbo Cummins engine. I built one of these a long time ago, but don't have the model anymore. I remember having a really hard time getting the turbos and piping in the correct locations. Does anyone have a couple pictures of a properly built up turbo section?
  5. Just finished this up yesterday. It's supposed to represent on old, well-used old truck running around the Olympic Mountains in Washington State. I think I got a little carried away with the cab rust, but overall, I'm happy with the build. Thanks for looking
  6. Finished! I'll put it in the Under Glass section
  7. A little more progress. Trailer is mostly together, the reach is in paint booth
  8. A little more progress. I didn't take many photos, but I got the headache rack and bunk mounted on the truck. I had to narrow the steps a bit, because they wouldn't fit between the fenders and battery boxes
  9. There was a reissue a few years back, which sold for around $80. This one is older and somewhat collectable. I'd pay $150 for it
  10. Hey everyone, I'm working on designing my next build. I'm making the Alaskan Hauler 353, and I'm not sure which route to go. I've figured out the color scheme, but I'm not sure whether to go with a day cab or sleeper. I did lots of searches on the interweb, and it really looks like 353s didn't have sleepers. But that doesn't mean that someone couldn't add one. I love day cabs, and I could build nothing but those. But I would like to incorporate a sleeper into a build. I really like the lines on the one with the 36" sleeper. My other thought is the shorter wheelbase day cab. What do you guys think? Is a 353 with a sleeper unrealistic? But I do like the "Alaskan Hauler" idea, which would most likely have a sleeper. I'm torn. What's your input?
  11. Headache rack got lost in the mail, finally arrived. I'll post to on the glass once I build a trailer for it. I think I'll wait for the spread axle flat bed
  12. A bunch of progress made on this. First I got the fuel tanks and battery boxes mounted. And the weird muffler Then I worked on the interior Next I got the radiator mounted I got the roof accessories mounted Masked off bumper stripes Skid plate mounted I made custom decals, got air filter, lube finer and power steering resevrior mounted Mounted the cab Hood and fenders And bumper I got the stack mounted from the weird muffler. As you can see in the photos, I used mirrors from the snap pete kit. Since the provided mirror brackets are a scale 1 1/2" diameter, I decided to scale it down a bit. It's now time to start on the logging bunk
  13. Well, I decided to use my artistic license. The tanks felt aluminum to me, and the steps steel
  14. I'm building the autocar dc dump as a logger. I want to weather the fuel tanks and steps. Does anyone know if they are steel or aluminum? Not sure whether to make them a little rusty, or just some chipped paint exposing aluminum
  15. I'm now at the point of adding the fuel tanks to the frame. I'd like to weather them a bit. Does anyone know if the tanks were made of steel or aluminum? I don't know whether to add a little rust or maybe just some chipped paint exposing aluminum. How about the steps also. Can anyone help me?
  16. It looks like the mud flaps attach to the dump bed
  17. Got some more work done today. I'm on call at work tomorrow, so probably won't make any progress. I started out making some frame extensions for the rear stinger. I cut the sides from sheet, and attached strips for the top and bottom. I also filled in the weird vertical slots that didn't seem to correspond to anything. I put together the frame, and realized that I had lost a cross member. Spent a long time looking for it. Wound up building a new one from scratch. Once I was done for the day and cleaning up, I found the missing piece under the instruction sheet. Oh well (shrug) The instructions were pretty vague for the rear suspension, so I spent a while test fitting stuff. Finally figured it out Then I got busy on the front suspension. The steering linkage was a bit of a challenge, but I got it all together. Then I got the engine mounted Then I got the wheels on Then I air brushed a light coat of dust. I will finish to dust coat up once the rest of the build is complete. It doesn't really look great at this point, but I don't want to over do it And for some reason, everytime I make a post, it always adds extra pictures at the end. So any pictures that appear after this are ghosted??
  18. AMT kits are a little harder than others. Sometimes the instructions are vague, and don't show exactly where a part is supposed to go. Sometimes it requires a little test fitting with trial and error, before you actually build. There's a little more satisfaction that comes with it though. Good luck!
  19. Well, I decided to try to make frame sections from styrene while waiting for the abs channel. They came out pretty good. Should have just done that to begin with lol. I'll experement with the abs in the future
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