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  1. Ferrari 488 on my drive home today... And at the other end of the spectrum- the world's most overloaded Corolla! It could barely pull away from the stoplight.
  2. I plan to be there as a spectator/buyer. If you see a guy with a NASA hat and a Nikon camera hanging off his shoulder, stop me and introduce yourself! Always up to meet other forum members.
  3. I'm getting ready to move from my current place into an oceanfront condo which has the benefit of being oceanfront and close to good restaurants, but smaller square footage. In addition to cars, I also build space subjects and aircraft so there are a good number of built kits on display & boxed up. Believe it or not, I sold quite a few common built kits at the yard sale for $10-40, ones that got broken in storage were cut up for parts, some I gave away. I will probably get a few of those Nascar diecast display cases that can be hung on the wall for the cars & trucks and a couple Ikea display cases for the space & small scale aircraft. If done right It can look very tasteful.
  4. More weaksauce! Which is good, I'm trying to cut back on kit buying....
  5. If this go round is anything like that last one, the 5 Ollie's that I checked in my travels across the state of FL had no kits aside from the Scooby Do stuff and a few late model Camaros. No trucks, no VW's nothing. I don't bother making special trips anymore. I did find 2 AMT '55 Corvette kits at the Ollie's in Merritt Island, FL just sitting on a shelf by themselves. They went home with me.
  6. Popped into the local HL to grab a couple '70 Corvette kits for a project I'm working on- I intend to build models of all the astronaut Corvettes I've been able to get information on. As for the stock at HL, it was pretty well wiped out, the same old kits they've always had. I did notice they have shrunk the aisle for more gundam/sci-fi stuff. Didn't think to get pictures, was trying to get in & get out!
  7. I picked these up at Modelpalooza yesterday. Saw more that I wanted but didn't need. the 3 gluebombs are '61 Galaxie convertibles that I need for parts, the find was the Floquil for $1/bottle. I bought all he had. Found a few sets of Caprice wheel covers that I need for my Astronaut Corvette project. Good day all around! I posted a bunch of pics of the show in the contest & shows section.
  8. Normally I don't find much car stuff here, but this year there was a healthy amount of car kit & kit part vendors. Car contest entries were light, but still nice stuff to look at. Here is a sampling of some photos I took.
  9. I built a '61 Corvette for a customer & bought some parts off a guy that had a '65 Vette body on a 4wd truck frame & used to take it out to the local mud bogs. He said the body was too rough to restore or even cut up for parts. If you've ever been to a Corvette swap meet, you'll see the Corvette guys don't throw any piece of fiberglass away, regardless of how small it may be. Probably the best use of a malaise era Vette I've seen so far...This is/was in a Quaker Steak & Lube in St. Pete, FL.
  10. These are great kits! Was unaware they made a wrecker kit. I've got these two in stash waiting on me to get to them. I plan on getting the rest of the Model AA's/Gaz AA's to finish out the set.
  11. As a big fan of Ministry and The Doors-
  12. I guess I'm lucky, but I haven't had any issues with either USPS or FedEx in quite a while. I regularly order expensive camera equipment from NY and it's here in 2 days without fail.
  13. Ain't that the truth! I enjoy an aircraft kit every now & then, but reading the forums you feel like a second class citizen because you didn't send Eduard a weeks wages and using whatever brand of paint is the flavor of the month all for nothing that will be seen once the fuselage is closed up.
  14. C1 & C2 Corvettes, '55-56 Fords(still need a Revell '55 Sunliner!), Model A Fords, some Volkswagen stuff are my primary interests. In fact I've been going through the stash and getting rid of kits so I can concentrate on these.
  15. I was watching the old Bewitched tv show a while back. They played one of the Christmas episodes & if you looked close you could see an AMT Deora kit sticking out of Santa's bag. Seems like I saw an episode of Perry Mason where he is in a drug store and you could see some Revell kits stacked up on a shelf in the background.
  16. Really surprised Kraftwerk's Autobahn album hasn't been posted yet!
  17. Not a Bruce Springsteen fan at all, but At least he has a C1 Vette on an album cover....
  18. That '58 Buick Wagon is great! You sure don't see those around much......
  19. Sumter County, FL. It's a monthly car show/swap meet. It's official name is Sumter Swap Meet.
  20. Picked these up at the swap meet earlier today. Was surprised that there were quite a few kits at reasonable prices amongst various vendors.
  21. This is a monthly car show/swap meet held in central FL. Like most swap meets, it is in decline, but still makes for a good way to kill a few hours on a Sunday morning. The B model Mack I spotted on the way home.
  22. Nice shots! You don't see many of those X-100's out on the road anymore.
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