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  1. Great idea for a build, the weathering looks excellent
  2. Got more of the roll bars painted and installed along with the seat. Put a seatbelt decal on there but didn't show up with the black seat. Got looking through my parts box and found two RCR logos, stuck them on the valve covers. Adds a little extra detail to it.
  3. Got the body painted last night, let it cure for a few days before I start to add the decals to it. Been a nice easy build so far.
  4. It used to vary but in the late 90s Nascar made the change that all the interiors had to be the same white color. I still watch, definitely not what it used to be.
  5. Got the chassis painted today and some detailing done. Painted it with some model master primer paint I had. Got rid of that plastic look and close enough to what the interiors are painted in Nascar.
  6. Great job on the Monaco, turned out really good.
  7. Thanks bud, nothing too fancy with those stock car engines but happy with this one.
  8. Got my Jeff Gordon donor kit in the mail yesterday so was able to get started on the Goodwrench car again. Not much to show yet, got the motor painted and assembled.
  9. Just got this in the mail, now I can finally get going again on my Kevin Harvick build.
  10. That is a great looking build. Like the concept and good job on the weathering.
  11. My latest purchase from Mike's decals came today. That Charger is well done, gonna be a fun build.
  12. Was gonna try to trim the decals down but too much of a difference between the bodies. Glad that someone caught that for me before I got too far.
  13. Thanks bud I appreciate that. Was just checking out your General Lee build and you did one hell of a job on that.
  14. Got this build on hold for a week or so, didn't realize there was a difference between the AMT and Revell kits until bigryan18 pointed that out. Found a 2004 Revell Jeff Gordon kit on Ebay that comes with 2 aftermarket decal sheets for a really good price. Once it gets here that will be the donor kit for my Harvick build.
  15. Didn't even notice that, will have to see if I can trim them to fit. If not then another donor kit then
  16. Really good actor, always liked him on Night Court.
  17. Harvick is one hell of a driver, became a fan of his after he won at Atlanta in 01. Did one heck of a job in that Goodwrench car that year. Unfortunately Childress cars were hit or miss so never got to show how good he was in them. Sure showing how good he is since moving to Stewart-Haas.
  18. Decided to get going on my next build. Kevin Harvick's 2005 GM Goodwrench Monte Carlo. As a long time Nascar fan always rooted for Dale Earnhardt and Kevin Harvick and still miss seeing those Goodwrench cars on the track. Using Dale Earnhardt Jr's 2005 kit as a donor and decals are from Mike's Decals.
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