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  1. very clean, love the color combo
  2. great looking models, really like the display they are shown in.
  3. Howdy yall, This is my version of the 95' Supra from the movie Fast and The Furious. Hope yall like it.
  4. Howdy yall, This is my AMT 95' Eclipse from the movie Fast and The Furious. I did this model quite awhile ago. Hope yall like it.
  5. I'm in Lincoln, trying to slowly get unburied from the 15 inches of snow we got haha.
  6. Howdy yall, I've been using spray cans since I started models way back in middle school and always been interested in trying to learn and use airbrushes. My question is, where do I begin? what's a good airbrush to seek out for? I'm also looking for something that's not too expensive at the moment (medical condition made that kinda hard to do at the moment). Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated!
  7. All very clean builds, love that blue on the torino.
  8. Clean build, love that body color.
  9. Very clean, love the detail in the engine bay area.
  10. Very clean, love that paint color.
  11. Nice and clean build. Seen this kit a few times and been tempted to get one, might have to now after seeing your work.
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