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  1. That be the kit. I am only guessing on the figure with the wrench and other gentleman being Barney and Harvey but it seems likely.
  2. Does anyone make Henry Ford's 999 racer? I just won the ICM kit of Henry Ford and what could be Barney Oldfield and maybe Harvey Firestone.
  3. How about a right hand drive for the Revell 69' Mustang so one could build Allan Moffat's car?
  4. Hi Ed, Which truck looks like Joe's as the one with the barrels in the back is one I built.
  5. The Fujimi 427 Cobra I opened the box looked at what was supposed to be a 427 engine and closed the box and traded it away I will stick with the Revellogram Cobra!
  6. Here are some pics from the first Southwest Challenge back in about 1986 I was going through some old negatives that survived a house fire 13yrs ago. Don't know who built these except for mine in this batch it is the Model A with the barrels in the back. More pics will follow as I get them scanned in enjoy.
  7. Very well done!! Heller kits are fairly decent just take a little time and viola!
  8. The MPC kit is a different kit from the AMT the MPC kit has had a long run with several different decal options at least they made an attempt at changing the valve covers to represent the Boss motor. the decals are very nice. That version of the AMT kit was the Warren Tope kit made into a pseudo street car. there were no side marker lights molded in as it is the racecar body.
  9. Would love to see this tooled up also! These photos are courtesy of Claudio Giovanni from Facebook.
  10. This is a Trans-Am road racer not a drag car. Glad to AMT bring back this version.
  11. I have the Canon version and my plan (still after 20+ yrs. ) is to make a Canon sponsored motorcycle team van.
  12. Not the Wed Won!.................Seriously though cool car!
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