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  1. Thanks! If what I am using right now doesn't work, I will try that.
  2. Ah sorry, I know the feeling. I hate having to get things from the states because of shipping...
  3. Sorry, the old fart was just in response. No one here is an old fart unless they say so
  4. @Reegs "How can you say that they don't know what being creative means? Just because they aren't building model cars doesn't mean they're all commie preverts quietly but determinedly undermining truth, justice, and the "Murican way." Well... If it aint the xbox or their phones, what part of that is creative?
  5. Well that was a little uncalled for, it is a discussion, I don't hear any bitching not to mention it isn't all old farts. This discussion came from one of the people in question (a "yoot"). And I cannot see how 50 years ago was the beginning of the downfall of modelling when it still exists. Maybe it was better back then, but your pessimistic tone towards current situations is a little more dramatic than most.
  6. Ah much appreciated! I try to avoid using amazon, but maybe this is a moment I might use it. I know that these mistakes are pretty common and problems do occur. I usually am ok with them, but at this scale it just isn't worth leaving it alone. Sorry about your 82, is the below image of your remade one? If so, WOW you did a good job, it looks really good.
  7. Hello, I have a Revell stingray III that I am looking to trade. I don't really know why I have it to be honest, and the body is... green? I got it second hand, has all the bits but no instructions. Not really looking for anything in particular, whatever you have I may consider. If you have a 1958 plymouth fury or belvedere let me know though. Thanks
  8. Well welcome back. Girls never stopped me from modelling... maybe that was the problem... hmm. Regardless, I agree, your generation has the best cars. There is nothing quite like the 60's to 70's muscle... Video games are never an evil thing. I think people should keep enjoying their games, but branching out into different hobbies is always a good idea. Like loading ammo and playing the guitar. The less creative people we have these days, the more I feel like Equilibrium (movie) is going to become our future.
  9. I love that history in a way has repeated itself. You could be right about today not being much different, and I think the space between your group growing up and mine is the real golden age of modelling. The forum (to me at least) is such a bounty of information and I can see and understand your wishes to have had the access like we do today. I learn more from here than I did in English 12. However, if encouraging one person to try to get better is what you would say is success, then you have succeeded because I do like to improve. 😄
  10. Cute colour choice, reminds me of a ladybird.
  11. Your rambling was most coherent, no need to worry about that. (I have no idea what OP means though). Coffee is the liquid of life, may need to get yourself some more of that. But to your point, everyone likes what they like. But do younger audiences like supercars? Or is it still the (apologies) older people? I think my point still stands that it is difficult for young people to get into modelling because they have a) no interest in something that takes skill or effort and b) there isn't much that they would like to build. I appreciate your viewpoint though. Don't forget your coffee
  12. Wow, I like the colour you chose for the undercarriage. Nice work
  13. Soooo..... a little exercise for heaven is bad.... and speeding to hell is good? huh?? Of course.... Hahaha!
  14. It would be truly sad to see someone who has not created a single thing of their own. I too like to work with my hands (which is why collecting things doesn't make sense to me). But as I have said many times, to each their own. Collectors are just as much hobbyists as scale modellers. It has been answered so many times in so many ways. I like this conversation.
  15. I am so confused as to where the question became "do supercar models sell" 😆 But I will say again, who is the buyer of these? Are they younger people or not? Wish we could do a census of the whole world to figure this out...
  16. What irks me today? The fact that the "What irked you today" has almost double the posts as "What please you today" You all need to be more positive 😆
  17. You certainly have. And it is certainly interesting to know what it is that people look for in their hobbies.
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