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  1. So I'm working on my Aoshima Toyota 2000GT and working on the body first. So did the usual stuff cleaned all imperfections etc and washed body the best you can using basic dawn dish soap. After a good dry and compressed air dry went to priming using Mr. surfacer(Which zero paints is compatible with) after that wet sanded with 3000grit from 3m. Next day mixed up zero paints paint really good with badger paint mixer than strained into PS290 color cup & pressure set to bout 17-18. Dusted model off with tamiya brush, and than started laying paint light coat, and than around the 3rd coat this is when i noticed the wrinkling on roof and hood. So i stopped painting and let it dry and tried to sand it out to no avail with 3000grit. So after looking over the body i noticed a issue on the bottom i missed so I'm glad this happened cause it gave me an excuse to strip the primer and paint which took no time at all 20 mins i was back to bare white plastic. I'll include a picture that is not mine because i did not think much to take a picture of the body, but luckily i was able to find a good pic of said issue. From what I've read it could be 1 of 2 things and that is 1. Chemical reaction 2. Not enough dry time between coats. Zero paints recommends 5-10 mins between coats and i def was only waiting like 2-3 mins. I doubt it was a chemical reaction. Also this only happened a little on the roof and about 2 ich surface around the middle of the hood. Sides and back of body was perfectly fine. Maybe the area's this happened at wasn't dry enough before i hit the next coat? Like the whole body didn't dry evenly and i rushed the next coat and boom wrinkling. Also i had forgot to wash the body after sanding and today when i starting painting and after everything was said and done i forgot i didn't wash the body after 3000grit sanding primer the previous day. Not sure if the dust particles from the primer caused a reaction? This has me very puzzled.
  2. Haven't checked in NC either. I don't feel like driving over an hour to just get disappointed - my ole lady does that enough to me.
  3. How's the quality of the fujimi? I have the tamiya version. What scale is it? Box looks huge compared to the tamiya version lol.
  4. Yes i have to constantly check scalemates on kits i buy to see if it's the first version or the 20th reboxed version lol. I love older cars and don't mind a lot of the reissue's that come out because i don't have them. At the same time though i do agree that they do re-issue kits to much especially when it's just a new box. I wish tamiya, and other japan companies would produce cars like revell and amt does cause the quality is so much better. I'm only 33 and eventually this hobby will get stagnant for me when it comes to cars specifically , and only buying certain kits. This is why i don't just buy car kits - I have big rig tractor kits, motorcycle kits, few boat kits, fire truck kits, etc etc. I have enough kits in my hobby room that the rate that i work on them i would be 55 years old before everyone of them got finished LOL. Lot of kits i buy now are mostly older kits from tamiya or aoshima that look like that came out today. Far as inviting new folks in it's gonna be tough especially considering how todays world is cell phones etc etc. Most teenager/adults these days don't have an attention span longer than 20 secs lol thanks to tic toc. There is no way in the world most teenager/adults these days are gonna do what WE do with these model kits for a display model. I know i started in the hobby late, and the reason why i love this hobby and it's not because of paint or etc - it's because i love working with my hands and taking a box of plastic and making it look as close as possible to the 1:1 version. BUT if it wasn't for ollies having kits for $7 -$8, and me buying one just to see what it was about - i probably wouldn't be in the hobby today simply because i knew nothing about a model kit or any websites, and only hobby shops i have are over a hour away, and my main thing was mostly gaming and legos far as side hobbies go. But I'm pretty loyal to the hobby i even spent few grand to remodel my old bed room at my parents house and turned it into a model room, and now i have thousand's of dollars in airbrushes, paint, tools, and kits lol.
  5. I would buy it in a heart beat. I'm not one stuck in the stone age.
  6. I guess that could be possible, BUT doubt that.
  7. I know the hood they sent me was still warped, but on the opposite side. So I have two hoods one warped on the left side, and one warped on the right side. The warpage is better on the replacement hood, but it’s still warped. Haven’t built the kit yet, but I’ll probably rubber band the hood to the body, and go at it with my mini heat gun or throw it in the dehydrator @120f.
  8. Sweet! I've been wanting to get the grand cherokee. EDIT: Matter of fact just looked on ebay and found it brand new $54 that's with tax and shipping. It's the cheapest I've seen it on ebay so went ahead and got it.
  9. Sweet tip! I'll probably get one of these racks when i go get a cheap candle warmer plate so i can keep decal water nice and warm.
  10. scalehobbyist is the cheapest place to buy it.
  11. I have some of those, but i use this for panel lines.
  12. I just ordered from them yesterday lol. To OP burbank house of hobbies, megahobby, plaza japan(if you can stomach the shipping), hobbylinc, model round up, spruebrothers, scalehobbyist
  13. I think i asked a question similar to OP's a long time ago. If i remember right someone had said one has more of a blueish hue compared to the other, but it was polished aluminum and and the regular or something long the lines. Only way to know for sure is just do both on a gloss base and do the same on regular base. I do know if you over do chrome it'll turn into aluminum.
  14. lol No. I got them from eBay and the blades from Amazon. Yeah Coca Cola is on EVERYTHING for Christ sake. I’m trying to find Pepsi decals for tractor trailers, but haven’t had any luck yet.
  15. Yeah i just got to get a pair of cutters so i can cut half the end off to fit in my tamiya x-acto handle. The surgical blade handle isn't bad - i just prefer the feel of the tamiya handle. It just had that perfect balance to me.
  16. Got these since i work for pepsi, besides loving bikes too. The surgical blades #11 are a first for me and WOW what a difference over x-acto blades. Thinner blades and closer cleaner cut, and they'll be used exclusively for BMF maybe decals too? But that's what decal scissors are for.
  17. This is cool for halloween, but it's a bit expensive on ebay. But yeah the supernatural kit gets my vote as it's my favorite TV show ever lol.
  18. Guess you could say Broooo, that's knarly dudeeeeeeee 🤙
  19. I never find good deals like that at hobby lobby. I usually find them at ollie's, but i haven't seen a kit at ollie's in almost a year. Didn't revell germany re release those fast & furious kits?
  20. Yeah i do large orders from plaza japan because shipping amount on one kit is silly. If I'm looking for just one kit than it'll be checking local shops or ebay.
  21. Yes i LOVE plaza japan. There prices have been cheap for a long long time. Shipping is high, but it's worth it in the end. So many kits I've bought for $15-$20 that you would pay $60 and up for in the states. There packaging is great, and you get cool little gifts from them too. My last order from them was about $300. If i would of found and bought every kit amongst other things in the states that i got from them it would of been way way more. Example tamiya tape from them less than $2, and in the states bout $6 lol
  22. You mean like these? Can't remember what size the small starts at on the meng but it ends at 1.4mm
  23. I got this kit haven't built it yet, but it's nice. I love aoshima kits engine or no engine.
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