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  1. Have you tried it with a gloss black base? or you have to use the glass finish gel? I watched that video but wasn't really thrilled with the results. I also can't really tell from your pictures either.
  2. Yes i think car wise they go low as 120 i think and up to 5000. Wally world carries all except the 5000. That one you got to go to napa or advanced auto, but man there stuff is really good for this hobby. I'm so stuck on "hobby" related sandpaper i totally over looked this stuff. After i use up all my "hobby" related sandpaper aka inifini, tamiya, etc I'm done buying hobby related sandpaper. I'll still get and use the sponge sanding sticks from inifini and few other types from them, but my main sandpaper especially for bodies is gonna be 3M. Not only is it cheaper the results speak for themselves if you know what you're doing.
  3. Just got through using this lol. It works great along with the 5000. 2000, 3000, 5000 and clear coat is like glass. I own and have used micro mesh but last time i did i had nothing but scratches left in the finish that i could never get out.
  4. No wonder you couldn't find them. I just realized i called them UFO's in my post lmao. SMH!
  5. Yeah 1 large UFO can do what 4-5 BB's can do. https://spraygunner.com/no-name-stainless-steel-umos/
  6. I use .5 with fan nozzle on a PS-290 creo. If you're using a an iwata eclispe or similar .35 or .5 will work just fine. Just overlap each pass and you'll be fine.
  7. As you can see in the picture i have 5 most used mixing balls for bottles also good to use while using a paint mixer like a four e's. But on the left is regular plastic balls you get with most bottles you buy, and while there useful there the "least" affective out of the 5. The 2nd in the picture is glass balls. These are smaller and are more affective using more than one, but again not that affective cause unless you use more meh. The 3rd in the picture are stainless steel balls. These act the same way as the previous two but by it being stainless steal it's more affective, but again you need to use more than 1 to make it worth while. Now in the pic we get too the 4th and 5th mixing type balls called "UMOs" the best of the bunch. Large and mini UMO's round top and bottom oval in the center. Hits all the wall's 😉 You can pick them up at spraygunner.com and there cheap.
  8. Water based or enamel? stock chrome or custom chrome?
  9. Glad to hear you got that fixed. Yes gravity colors in spain is the guys you want. I've ordered so much from them and never had a single issue with them. I've never ordered from the USA folks so i can't speak on that experience, but only from the horror stories I've read and you've seem to have experienced exactly what people say about the USA folks. You can always use scalefinishes, and MCW too. There paints along with gravity colors will make you seem like a pro at airbrushing lol.
  10. I almost bought another one of these today when i was out shopping think hobby town wanted $24, but it is a beautiful kit. Michaels around me has one small 4 foot section for model kits and it sucks. So i never shop at Michaels.
  11. Well there's your problem right there. Do not use that for clear parts. Everyone that has posted so far has gave great viable options. Canopy glue, BSI gold+, even AK has a glue for clear parts and photo etch, 2 part epoxy, mod podge. Lots of viable options for clear parts. Get these for your small glue applications too there worth every penny. 500 for like $7 much cheaper than the ones from micro mark 100 for $15. Quality of cotton are great on them too. I own the over priced micro mark ones and there the same thing except the micro mark ones are smaller in length that's all. https://www.amazon.com/dp/B09LCC99W3?psc=1&ref=ppx_yo2ov_dt_b_product_details
  12. Awesome sauce. My BD in 4 days. Let me know how that yellow fever n metal earth goes. Been eye balling the yellow fever.
  13. I have this kit myself and I'll have to double check mine. What is part #50 suppose to be? EDIT: Wait that's the windshield part lol. So there notorious for being bent?
  14. Man i searched quite a few walmarts and they never got anything lol, but most of the kits these walmarts have been getting I've got anyways. But to the folks that say support LHS bruh it's hard to sometimes. Like why would i pay $70 for a kit at a LHS when i know i can get it else where for like $45-$50? or when hobby lobby has 40% off sale or when ollies has good kits in for $8 or $20. All the LHS around me i do support though by buying something(like a can of tamiya paint to decant) but it's not a lot. Hobby town is one shop i go too sometimes but rarely buy anything cause there super expensive compared to most. Like they have some regular kits for $45 that i know you can easily get for $25-$30 so why would i buy that?
  15. Hopefully they have the 40% off sale this weeknd and have the kit in because i'm heading out of town to do shopping for my birthday with a friend.
  16. I would only use cheap store bought lacquer thinner for cleaning airbrushes etc. I would use higher quality thinner like Mr hobby leveling thinner or even tamiya's lacquer thinner, but that's just me though. If you use the cheap stuff from big box store and it works good for you than great.
  17. As a HUGE supernatural fan i will own that kit one day. Probably wont build it but have it to just have it.
  18. Ditch the furniture paint and use quality products. Tamiya primer in the can, Mr.hobby primer in the can and even ammo by migs primer is AMAZING. Self levels beautifully, sands great if needed, very nice matt finish. Makes your parts look like they were actually molded in the color lol. I only listed raddle cans because I'm assuming you don't have a airbrush?
  19. I've used vallejo air on small parts and stuff but never a body. I would not use there primer either you can't really sand it at all.
  20. Probably was lol. That's how it is around here loud speakers on bikes can even hear the engine. As someone who loves motorcycles and have 100% respect for bikes I've actually lost some of that respect to most bikers. I've seen a dude with no shirt and shorts on with open face helmet like no gear on at all. I don't care if it's hot or not wear your gear bruh. All i could think about was him getting hit and his skin sliding across hot pavement 😕
  21. I use them for paint most of the time, but there awesome too
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