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  1. One of my neighbors had a 55 Chevy, I’m guessing back in the ‘60s. This color is as close to the actual blue that I was going for, in the slide picture. The actual color of the car looked blue at night and daylight, but if the sun hit the car just right, it looked green. When he had the car painted blue, it ended up being a Heinz 57 blue color. So here’s a picture of the slide, of the car, the kit I used, and the end result of the build.
  2. Those are Awesome. Can’t wait until they’re done. Bet they’re going to be one awesome pair together.
  3. Here’s the wheel and tire package that I’m going to be using on this build.
  4. Got the front bumper build. In a couple days, I’ll sand everything smooth and be ready to paint it. I got my light bar done, now I just need to figure out how many lights I’m wanting on it.
  5. I got the rear doors and rear bumper on. Now as long as the doors don’t keep me up at night, they could play their music all they want. LOL. Making a joke their for the band, The Doors.
  6. I was able to get a can of Testors clear coat and clear my truck. Depending on how the clear turns out, I’ll wet sand the truck and then use my Tamiya polishing compounds on it. 10+ years ago, a friend of mine gave me the chrome pinstripe tape in this chrome and one in black. The pinstripe tape is 1/64”.
  7. Cool. I’ll look him up on Google. Unless here here. Thank You.
  8. Thank You. I used Rustolium spray bed texture and then the body color. Once I clear coat the body, the colors will really be able to show.
  9. Got all the side doors built. Now I just need to do is the rear doors.
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