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  1. Thank You & Cool. I’ve been having a lot of fun with this build. I’m glad you’re enjoying the build.
  2. This is the hood and grille I got from him. I cut the doors to be for doors meant for a ‘74.
  3. I used a old soft was cloth and painted it blue, to resemble shag carpeting.
  4. Got the green done. Tomorrow, I should be able to finish painting it and start clear coating it.
  5. Thank You for the idea for my next model project. I have the decals for one of these. I’m going to be doing a scale 3” lift on mine with either 31’s or do cut outs and do 35’s. Ray’s Kits has the decals, and where I got mine. I’ll be calling my project S10 Baja.
  6. Awesome. I’ll check into that. I’m also going to check into Faux Fur Yarn as well.
  7. The front tires hit a little bit, but the rear ones clear without issue. I also added some lift to the rear end as well.
  8. That’s looking good as well. I recently ordered the police rear bumper, cage divider, and a few other parts, only going to be using the cage divider on my next build. Where are you getting the shag carpet from? I’d like to get some in a light blue, close to the blue I’m using on the interior of mine.
  9. Thank You. This one is going to stay a 2wd and my other one will be getting converted to a 4x4. The wheels came in this kit, but the tires came in the Revell Rubicon kit, not the current glue kit, but the previous glue Rubicon kit.
  10. Don’t remember when, but I ordered his ‘72 to ‘78 Dodge truck hood and his ‘77/‘78 Dodge truck grille as well. I’m really happy with what I got and will not posting pictures of it, when I start working on my Monogram Ramcharger.
  11. Here’s the body, just sitting on the rest of it and the bumpers. The bumpers are from a AMT Chevy monster truck.
  12. Done almost done with the interior. Not sure if I want to keep the interior the color it is, to have that spray in liner look, or to flock it, to give it carpeting.
  13. Got the chassis and floor don and on. Now I just need to get a similar color of flocking, then I’ll be able to finish up the interior.
  14. Got the bumpers started & done. Got some color on it. Using Testors Extreme Lacquer over a chrome color base.
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