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  1. Ace: In my neck of the woods, they were pushing Dellorto carbs. I had a GT. Between the carbs and manifold…and me being in college… a Lynx air cleaner for my GT was all I could afford! Lol! However, later came the small block, 12 bolt and 4 speed. In retrospect, a healthy choice! Many dealerships were ill-equipped to service the Cosworth. I only knew of 2 that would even take one in for a tune up! Techs didn’t want to touch them.
  2. I couldn’t have been more thrilled to get the Cosworth wheels from Wylde Parnelle! I’ve been encouraging him to complete the package and do the engine. My ‘74 kit has been patiently waiting for decades! Today he sent me pic of the client who was first in line. I’d like to share that pic. As soon as I get one, I will do the details and commentary. This really is a thrill for a Vega guy! Brian Tompkins photo credit.
  3. Hang on….I’ll look! Oops! Mine are AMT kits….sorry!
  4. Lol! What he wanted was a raw one. I kept him waiting more than I wanted to. Decided to give him the one I was working on. Goes out Monday to him! Hope to get a few more made, but in resin. So much easier to work with!
  5. For all you safety freaks… I enclosed both red and black material for John to make his straps with!
  6. GTX was built in the ‘80’s and featured in Scale Auto. It’s held up quite well!
  7. A friend printed me a dyno in PLA. I’ve had it for quite some time. It was an early attempt on his part. I’ve played with it for some time and finally decided to finish it. The rollers are heavy grade foil. The roll was accomplished by forming it over a brass tube and a rubber roller. I soft masked the tire areas and dusted on some flat black. The ramps have Plastruct Diamond plate on them. A wash of flat black was applied to show some dirt. The computer is a SEL piece that I put together for a Y2K BUG, when I was at FM. It’s been sitting in my shop since 2000. I promised John Dezan a dyno and my friend is having issues printing with his new resin printer. So as not to make John wait any longer, I decided to gift him with this one! Oh, the GTX is an old SAE article car….that is NOT included!
  8. I have this version. I do have the box art version, but it’s parts. I do have the decal sheet as well. PM me if interested. I can compare the version and see if all the original parts are there.
  9. I had purchased many of these. let me check my stock for a complete kit.
  10. Joe, he is sending me some samples to look at. I’ve used him for a few special projects that I am very pleased with. I’ll be happy to share my thoughts when the items arrive! Wylde is an absolute pleasure to deal with!
  11. Wylde Parnelle is making SS and non SS parts. He has a bunch coming to me that I plan on writing up in my column.
  12. I may have a complete one. PM me.
  13. Rich, I think I have this kit. I could scan and make you as many that would fit on a 4x6 sheet. Let me look.
  14. There is a resin kit available. I bought two for a project: old school/new school. At the moment I can’t think of who, but I’ll post a pic. The resin builds nicely.
  15. I just checked the Cady drawer and I do have the black stripe set....the bad news is that one of the hood stripes is missing. I’d have to check all the other drawers at this point. If I find it, I’ll advise.
  16. Mike, I’d have to look but when I did my SAE 442, I used white stripes. The Cady sheet had bot white and black. Let me look and I’ll advise.
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