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  1. Man JC....your work is very inspiring(as always). I haven't been here in a while and I'm glad I checked in on your build. GREAT stuff my friend!! I'll be back soon....
  2. Never knew the man...but I heard he was an original for sure..... When I get to the Merit builds I want to do the Maserati and then maybe the Talbot Lago as I have both of them. I'd like to find the connaught but you know..... that's like trying to find GOLD HENS teeth! LOL And the Price for one would put a good dent on any Barret Jackson top notch 1/1 car!!
  3. LOL...I haven't been called that in yrs!!! First time I heard the man's Name was back in the 80's. I'm a musician (Drums) and a few friends of mine called me that at a gig. Had NO idea who or what they were talking about. I soon learned though. Hmmmm.....a merit build eh? I do have a few of those on my build list but way towards the bottom. I've got a whole boat load of builds ahead of this one for sure. It's a GREAT idea though.
  4. That's looking real good Andrew. Man...that metal flake sure looks good....
  5. Hey Andrew...if that's enamel...I would wait a week or so before doing any taping on the paint. I tape on Lacquer the next day.
  6. I would not let the paint dry hardly at all before removing the masking tape. I remove it about 5 minutes after I shoot. That's for Lacquer. Enamel I usually wait about 10-15 minutes and then remove the tape.
  7. I hear you on getting something finished. I'm STILL working on Teresa's 72 Chevelle pro stock car. I'm 3/4 finished with it. I'll get it done this month..hopefully...LOL Susan and I are doing ok up here. Haven't got the COVID and don't really plan on it either. It sure will be nice to get back to going to some shows and Ka-bitzing with folks and seeing some killer builds.
  8. Outstanding job Brian! As a Super modified fan...this build sure shows what these cars are about. This car resembles the cars that run at Oswego, N.Y. They run with wings and without. Here's a link for the track. http://www.oswegospeedway.com/ There's a lot of info there....including the rules for building a new car. Their web site has changed a little since I've last visited but....still a lot of info.
  9. Very cool Super!! It sure looks like the Saturday night Gladiators from the 60's and 70's. Great job...
  10. Great looking Modified. This has to be when they first took it to the first race of the season...or straight out of the shop for picture day. I've worked on a few of these modifieds and they're always clean before the first race of the season. That's when the team wants to take a whole slough of pics for the Promo portfolio. Again...GREAT job!!!
  11. Man Art...you really nailed this one...Great job!! The build looks outstanding....
  12. Great job on this cool car Gerald. The paint, decal work and stance on this bad boy look GREAT!! I have this very car on my build list. seeing how yours turned out...makes me want to build it right now.
  13. Hey Geoff.....this is really looking Good!! It's been awhile since I've been here and I'm not disappointed one little bit.(as I knew I wouldn't be). Keep up the great work.. Also...I'd be in for a few(2) of the body's if you cast it..for sure.
  14. Hey Brian...do ya have any updates on this KILLER Super??
  15. Thanks Steve. That saves me some fab work for sure. I was going to use the regular 65 ford kit but don't have to now.
  16. What a very good build of a GREAT driver. If he had the equipment he would have won a lot of races in his career. I want to do this car along with a few others. What was the kit # of this 65? You mentioned that is a re-issue. Also...what color of blue did you use on the body? Thanks for the info...
  17. Now that's a very cool video. It sure shows the HUGE difference in the roofs don't it. I like Calvins approach to this. I'm going to purchase a trans kit for sure. I've always liked the Supercars from down under.
  18. Man Dave....I hear you on the silly Computer hardware and all that sensor stuff!!! I used to really like F1 also. I also liked Nascar..But...not any more. My cousin is still on the TRUEX team. When they won the Championship a few yrs back...I called Todd and congratulated him and also said I was pretty much done with all the silly changes that was being made in NASCAR. He didn't blame me. LOL The SUPER MODIFIED'S along with the 60's-70' and early 80's modifieds are way cool too.
  19. Dave....there is nothing about these cars that leads to being of a REDNECK origin. Although some of these are built in a 2 car garage...most of the teams today have pretty big shops. These bad boys are nothing short of a Dragster that's set up to turn left. If a person thinks it takes LARGE Cahones to Drive a dragster(which it does!!!)...strap yourself into one of these. The Cahone size just jump from softball size to bowling ball size. I've crewed on a Super back in the late 60's. They where fast then but nothing compared to today. Brian...you've done and outstanding job on this build. Makes me want to jump in and build one for sure...
  20. Avery cool build for sure...any updates for us to see???
  21. This is really looking good Alan. I also have that kit and want to use a lot of the parts to build a late 60's super modified. You're inspiring me for sure....
  22. Man...oh Man...JC....you blow me away bud!!! I really admire your tenacity my friend. Fixing something that would look you straight in the face every time you looked at it...is GREAT. More work but....your going to enjoy it a lot more later on. Great stuff for sure!!
  23. Man...that black paint really POPS! The Whole car looks AWESOME...Great job..
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