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  1. Few weeks aeay.๐Ÿ˜ฏ
  2. I agree freakshow. I really wanted plymouth rally wheels but the ones I wanted are 1:24 so I had to grind them to reduce the diameter and did not turn out that good. But they are temporary until I find proper 1:25 steel wheels without the slots. I remember having a set but threw them away not thinking I would have any use if them.
  3. Thats a good idea BelugaWX.. I knows some tricks but I don't know if they the fastest way to do things.
  4. Originally painted the hubcaps metalizer "aluminum" what the heck was I thinking? Did one in chrome. Clearly it looks better
  5. Awesome...just wondering mr.obsessive...before you finish the carb linkage..could you take some progress shots? I really need to know how you build these and what you use to connect them. And also what you use as screws on coil brackets and what not.
  6. Thanks. Means alot. Bisc63..its not flocking..only gold embossing powder clearcoated with flat paint. And Fulltimehobyist..its a piece of steel wire. I think I drilled a hole in the old knob and glued the wire to it. I dont think straight pins will bend. They just snap when I try to bend them anyway.
  7. Looks better without the chrome side trim. Only thing I would change is the red to tripple black!
  8. sak

    Bare Metal Ford

    Technically ..bare metal doesn't mean "silver-ish" . Because different metals can be different colors and sheens. That being said...it needs to be more silverish.๐Ÿ˜‰
  9. Shirley..performance parts were available back in the day. Rather recently at a swap meet I saw a weind aluminum intake for poly v8. I always thought they made respectable power right from the factory ...far more than the two-barrel , small valve 318 that replaced it anyway.
  10. sak

    1970 Vega GT

    Awesome. This looks strangly badass as a hardtop
  11. A. I hate station wagons and 2. I hate roofracks but this is just so different that anything on here and the color is lovely so I guess I have to say..badass.
  12. Awesome.bronze is nice
  13. Badass. One piece of advice. Drill a small hole in the handle and glue a thin piece of wire in. Drill a small hole in the door. Then just glue the wire later and dont risk glue oozing out on to your paint
  14. sak

    1970 Hemi 'Cuda

    Badass but where axactly is the positive battery going? This is the second time I've seen it routed that way. The first time I thought it was incorrect but now that I've seen you do it also I know I am wrong. On my '73 plymouth, the battery cable loops around a little fuse box by the battery then follows the inner fender then drops to starter selenoid. This fusebox is located on the bulkhead on barracuda/challengers?
  15. Badass color. Wish I could find one of these.
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