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  1. that is going to look awesome cant wait to see it finished the only way ive ever heard before for vinyl roof is to get the really thin toilet paper (swipe a sheet or two from a gasstation) and put that on the roof after you just painted it then once its in place you paint the paper. never tried it on a roof but i used it on the front seat of my 40s ford coupe i wanted it too look like it was torn so i painted a little triangle in brown (hoping to make it look like 50 year old seatfoam) and put a tiny piece of TP on it then i painted the TP and folded it back so it would look like the seat was ripped. i was very pleased with that outcome and i do think it would look preety decent as a vinyl top. very interested to see the progress on this kit though.
  2. i drive a fresco green 03 volkswagen passat some of my previous cars were to sporty and atraced more cops then a certain man driving a powedered donut so i opted for a nice family sedan it came with the 1.8 turbo engine and is boosted to 10 PSI
  3. i am undecided between a chevy bel aire and a dodge semi with a flatbed trailer i have both kits laying around and barely started both of em
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    looking good i think my favorite is the 40s sedan how did you manage to get the mud on it ? (unless its a trade secret, thats fine) anyways, im building something similar, a dodge flatbed with a ford 40s coupe on it ill start the truck this week but heres a shot of the coupe
  5. that looks awesome specially like the space frame
  6. i use iether 16 0r 12 gauge wire which i have laying around at my job its also great for exhausts or, as previously mentioned, driveshafts
  7. looks awesome very nice , i love the one off bits on it this is the my ford
  8. thanks for all the kind words guys the camaro took quite a bit of work, mainly with a lighter to get just the right dents in it and a steelbrush to give the fenders thatnice authentic rusted out look. i was very pleased with the way the paintjob came out on it. it used to be a metallic green (from a can) as for the paintjob on the focus, i think i've seen something similar on a corrola WRC onces, at least, thats what i was going for that car i really tried to make it look authentic though there are some little things that woudlnt translate properly i think it came out pretty good.
  9. thanks im really glad to have found a place to bounce ideas off and get some good inspiration the wife does help out at times (the dropping headlight on the ford was her idea) but it a whole nother story when you hve expierience on your side
  10. very nice for a third build is that roofspoiler a one of he did ?
  11. hello people my name is eelco but you can call me diymirage i started building model kits when i was younger many years ago. back then it was mainly army stuff in 1/25 scale and planes i also build the odd peterbilt truck in those days. now im 25 and i just picked this hobby back up again though i've been doing it on and off over the last years. it looks like i have finally fine tuned my fine motor skillsto the point where i can actually build and paint a halfway decent model (i just dont seem to be able to take a decent picture) at any rate, here are some of my latest models (in louzy pics) first of a ford focus SVT i had a very poorly build ford F250 bigfoot with a 572 hemi the f250 got knocked over by the cat once but i managed to save the engine so i decided to buy the ford to install the V8 into it took some cutting to the frame, interior cab and hood but it seemed to fit quite well also had to fab costum exhaust, driveshaft, rear dif and axles next up is a old camaro i build this one a few years ago and never quite liked it so i tore it apart and made it into a junker/street rod i filled in the T-tops and made it a hardtop gutted the interior and put in a rollcage i also added some rust and dents after that i took apart an old mustang (69?) and i repainted that im pretty sure it is all stock except for the suspension when i first build this car i opted for the sticking through the hood supercharger and i replaced that with a stock intake system. this was also the first time i painted the slots in a chrome grille black (i was very impressed with the look of it) after i redid the mustang i build my first entire kit in a long time i went with a car i have been wanting to build for a long time: the 71 hemi'cuda unfortunatly i have no pictures of it right now (might get its own post) the hemi cuda was by far the best model i ever made and my most favorite one untill this morning the paint and glue officaly dried up overnight on my 1940s ford coupe this car came part as a kit with a dodge semi and a flatbed trailer i have a similair street rod ford in my collection (57 i think) and i thought it would be nice to make this model in a pre-restoration state so there you have it, my small introduction and also first post on the forum any coments, suggestions and tips will be apreciated when it comes to the building, painting and even photograping these cars
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