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  1. What Pleased You Today!

    I'm thankful today for my granddaughter, Quinlee, born yesterday. That's my 4 yr old grandson Lane holding her earlier today. Her and her momma both doing well
  2. 1/12 69 Camaro Pro Touring

    Wow this is one heck of a build. I love the look of it.
  3. At least yours was repairable. And ya done a fine job I'm sure just by looking at the before photo. I wasn't so lucky. A couple years back my grandson got into my built kits that I kept in a cabinet. He was about 2 yrs old and to him they were giant Hot Wheels. Wasn't upset at him cause he didn't know any better but his momma,my daughter,got a good butt eating when I found out. She didn't even tell me when he done it. I found out a couple weeks after the fact. A couple Tamiya cycles,a Tamiya wrc, an International semi,and a few Revell muscle cars destroyed beyond repair.
  4. Kinda new member

    Thank you Ramfins
  5. Kinda new member

    Bucky here are a few parts of the Camaro
  6. IH Transtar Eagle II FINISHED !!

    Love this build. You done a great job.
  7. Kinda new member

    Thanks fellas
  8. I have the Volvo kit still sealed and the Transtar kit is started but shelved for the time being. The Transtar is my favorite model. It was the last kit I built as a kid and I always loved the look of it.
  9. Kinda new member

    I've been a member here for many years but looking in my profile it's been close to 10yrs since I been here. My building has taken a back seat the last several years but slowly getting back at it. I build about anything and have several in various stages of progress. Presently working on the 1/12 Foose '69 Camaro. On other forums I go by halfpint33.
  10. tamiya mobile 1 nsx

    Got a few other panels on it now.Work is going kinda slow as my building time is almost nil and spread amongst a few projects
  11. tamiya mobile 1 nsx

    Getting the body panels on right now so I can hopefully atleast get it in primner this weekend.
  12. '34 Ford Coupe Custom Paint Experiment Successful!

    Dang fine job on the scallops John.Entire ride looks rightous.
  13. 1967 Shelby

    Flawless as usual Dan.
  14. '72 GTO

    Gonna look sharp when ya get it done Brian.Sounds like a typical AMT kit to me.That's why I don't buy them anymore.All tamiya and revell for me from now on
  15. 1957 Chezamo

    Both of you desrve a pat on the back.Some of the nicest builds I've ever laid eyes on.Thanks for sharin them with us.And Peter,thanks for the overveiw of what you done.Pics say a thousand words but it's nice to read the work that someone put into a build.