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  1. My latest finished build. sm1 by Jason Foster, on Flickr sm2 by Jason Foster, on Flickr
  2. It's 3/32 plaststruct tube. Part number 90603. It has a fairly thick wall, so it does not kink when bending. I use a lighter to heat and bend the tubing. I use a homemade jig made of thick sheets of styene to make the bends and cuts all the same. I need to make a tutorial on how to make the complete header. 20180214_144449 by Jason Foster, on Flickr 20180214_144947 by Jason Foster, on Flickr
  3. The slicks are from the AMT M&H Racemaster Parts Pack. The wheels are from the Revell Willy Gasser 2000 issue. The wheels have no flanges but they press into the soft rubber slicks easily.
  4. I use a medium strength lacquer thinner to thin down the nail polish.
  5. Its a 50/50 mix of Testors 28105 Grabber Orange and 28108 Hugger Orange with an overcoat of the pictured nail polish. 20180212_131356 by Jason Foster, on Flickr
  6. Here's one that's finally done. Is been in and out of the box over the last few years. Never could find the right color for it. Finally figured it out. Changed out the rear wheels and tires. Added a different scoop that was more to scale, and scratch built some zoomie headers. Thanks for looking. 20180212_101637 by Jason Foster, on Flickr 20180212_101719 by Jason Foster, on Flickr 20180212_101903 by Jason Foster, on Flickr 20180212_101803 by Jason Foster, on Flickr
  7. Looks sharp! Is the white paint pearlescent?
  8. First one done for the new year. Built straight out of the box. 20180130_222534 by Jason Foster, on Flickr
  9. Does anybody know of someone who makes reproduction decals for the MPC Spirit of 76 Wedge Dragster? I have an old kit and the decals are no good. Thanks.
  10. This is my newly completed Too Much FED. Narrowed the rear wheels to fit different tires. Shorten the front nose 3/8". Narrowed the cowl an 1/8" and also laid it back. Scratch built zoomie headers. Scoops from the MPC jawbreaker kit. Flames were masked and painted to match the "Fooler Fueler" decals. Thanks for looking! 20180216_082257 by Jason Foster, on Flickr 20180216_082313 by Jason Foster, on Flickr 20180216_082416 by Jason Foster, on Flickr
  11. Was looking for opinions on the wheel setup you see above. I started with a set of Z- man wheels. I took the large rear wheel and used it for the front and front was used on the back with a modified tire from the lindberg surf buggy. Let me know what you think. I'm liking it so far.
  12. Misha I cut the bottom half of the hood off and molded it to the body. No sectioning or pancaking. I'm not sure if there's a customizing term for that or not. I did it partly so I could smooth the front end around the grill. Thanks for the comments guys.
  13. Small update today. Got most of the body work done now. Mocking up wheels. I think I'm going with these, there from the 58 Thunderbird. Cant remember what the grill is from, maybe somebody can help me out with that. Using the bumpers that came in the kit. Last pic has the drip rails installed and the silver base coat applied. Thanks for looking.
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