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  1. Hmm, interesting perspective.
  2. As per the title I bought a huge parts box from my LHS and this body was in it. I know it's a Mercedes but that's it. Any help is appreciated. Thanks,
  3. Plus I'm practicing using photobucket, man is my PC ever slow, it's a Dell from 2001 running XP.
  4. Rider

    Model Work Areas

    First off let me say there are some real nice work spaces here. My work area is a make shift area until my renos are done and we move. Since I'm pretty new here and have spent more time posting words then work I thought I should post up my work area. Plus I just figured out how to use Photobucket. My work area was a sauna up until a couple months ago. I don't work out side in the winter any more so I don't use it and it was just to ###### expensive to heat. I decided to convert it into my work room. It's only 7'x7' but being that small is surprisingly spacious. It was originally done in pine (why I don't know) by the original owner. I slapped on a coat of white primer installed electrical, a new spray/photo booth (an old cupboard) and my little heater/dryer, carpet and shelving. Just before I started the new room my compressor gave up the ghost, the reed valve went. So I had to fine something else, I found a used Delta 2 gallon compressor, super quite Anyway here's some pic of the new mess.
  5. This is a little something I've always wanted to try, it's been chopped a scale 5". As you can see in the 3rd pic it's pretty rough inside. More pics to come as I progress. The last pic is where I am now, I need about another 3-4hrs before it's ready for casting.
  6. That's awesome, nice work on the seats and I really dig the hauler.
  7. Rider

    1/28 Scale

    I was surprised as well with how many different kits were on ebay in that scale. My LHS has a couple; one is an older Lincon and the other is an older Lamo. Revell has done a WWI bi-plane series in 1/28 I'm not sure how many but I have three.
  8. ROFL, it does kinda look like that. I think it's real too, and agree with the rest of you; real ugly.
  9. Hope ya find your collection Ben. I'll keep reminding Nick and asking him about what your looking for, when I remember. The store is a 5 min walk from my house and ya it is one crazy store, I've never seen a store jammed full as much as this store is. He has some real odd ball stuff, one thing being an original decomed 50 cal machine gun and mount for the back of a Jeep.
  10. Your too funny CB. Good ol' paper machie (sp).
  11. So then this is the same kit as the Diamond Duster? The Duster looks like the roof/windsheild is different. or is it just the box art that is making it look different?
  12. I sooooo excited that you posted this. I have been trying to remember a build I did when I was about 8-9 i even posted something a month or so ago about what it might have been asking for help figuring it out. I know for certian that this is the kit I have been looking for. The only thing I could remember was that the box art was purple and that it had knock offs (I thought it had wire wheels) and that I thought is was a 1/12 scale kit. This is soo cool. Thanks for sharing your build. I like your version much better then the SC100. Now if I can only find one for myself.
  13. Hi Nick Do a search on MrObsessives' posts over the past couple of months. He has shown how to make hindges on one of his recent posts. I have a '41 Willys' on the bench and there seems to be plenty of room for hidges under the dash. When I was 13 I was still messing around with engine and tire swaps. Like I've said before at the rate your going you'll be a master by the time you hit mid 20's. If I can offer any advice, get real good at a few things instead of trying everything at once. Youy've got more courage then most of us did at your age. Godd luck
  14. Alright CB this just keeps getting better and better. Now I can put a face to this wacky build.
  15. Ben, I stopped by the store today, Nic (the owner) said he got your e-mail and will get back to you. He also mentioned those are really hard to get up here in Canada, almost impossible, that being said I dought he'll have what your looking for. Hope ya find what your looking for. Curt
  16. Rider


    This has been very entertaining to read. I too don't believe any of this BS about 2012. I'm a realist and rely on numbers and facts that can be explained scientifically. Not a bunch of hear sayers who projected and impose there beliefs on the rest of us for personal gain. If you want some real interesting views on life, religion and general beliefs google Bill Maher. Either way I'll still be starting more builds then I finish, no matter what year it is..
  17. Nice sharp looking build you have there. I'm not much of a fan of stock builds but this caught my eye. Great job on the trim work and scripting.
  18. Call this guy he'll more then likely have what your looking for; www.carefreehobbies.com tell him Curt sent ya.
  19. Man you did you a great job on this. Is that set made from sheet metal it looks awesome. I've never seen a kit of a Dart of this era done as a funny car, we need some more close up shots of this great work. Bravo. Curt
  20. This is a tough one. I say it's real, but if I'm wrong it's one Big A$$ model, possibly 1/8 or at least 1/12.
  21. Wow, very cool, the engine and front end assembly look awesome.
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