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  1. Ouch!! That's not a site you want to see.
  2. I agree with that. A plane with sky divers crashed on an island in the river that goes through our town about 2-3 miles from where I live just a month ago and all 9 aboard lost their life, 1 pilot and 8 sky divers, a couple of my friends have summer houses about 200 yards from the crash site and was there when it happened. It looks like Dale Jr and his family is fairly ok and that's good.
  3. I also want to thank you and all other moderators for what you do...I enjoy being here.
  4. I am most surprised that they didn't change the suspension on the F-4270, as far as I know that kit had air ride as long as it was available and it was available a couple of years after the 4300 came.
  5. Well that might be true, but his contact information is at his Fotki album, look at the top and you'll find his email and website.
  6. I second those statements, simply the best out there.
  7. The links work allright for me...but you must be logged in to see them as they are in his signature. Here is his fotki page: https://public.fotki.com/RaysKits/
  8. Yes he does, look at the signature under his posts and you will find links to his stuff.
  9. I assume they are printed by Cartograf.
  10. Who knows, a turbine option wasn't available in any GM car and if it had been I don't think they would use a Chrysler developed engine. Several car and truck manufacturers tested turbine engines in the late 50's, 60's and 70's and if you do a google search you will see that there were several different designs of gas turbine engines for cars...even Chrysler had 7 generations of gas turbine engines and the A-831 (3rd generation) was the one in their famous turbine car from 1963. Here are some of the generations of turbine engines Chrysler did. GM did tests with gas turbine engines too and here is one of the GM gas turbines from the Firebird III Concept car. But most of their testing was in large trucks. .
  11. Ouch...it's a good thing I don't do big scale models.
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