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  1. Force added a post in a topic AMT Super Boss 2016   

    The grooves looks a little exaggerated but they look better than the old tires wich had totally smooth sidewalls except for the lettering.
    The Bandag tires were retreads and how the sidewalls looks could depend on what core they used, I have seen several different versions for the Malone race trucks, he must have gone through many sets of tires over the years and they were most likely different from set to set. 
    I miss one script on the decal sheet tho', I can't find the "Tyrone Malone Mr D.D.D." for the rear face of the small duck tail spoiler on the rear body work anywhere.

    But I can't wait for the kit to come out.
  2. Force added a post in a topic B.R.B.O Kenworth T600   

    One lesson for a model builder...NEVER toss anything out, you never know when you need it.
    I have also learned that lesson the hard way.
  3. Force added a post in a topic Time for a switch in jobs. I'm gonna have a shiney hiney!   

    Nice truck you're driving now Clayton.
    I was up in Hesperia a couple of times last month, but it was on work days and work hours so it's hard to meet up.
  4. Force added a post in a topic What cool trucks (rigs or pick ups) have you seen lately?   

    A cool truck I saw at Turner's Auto Wrecking in Fresno CA a little over a month ago.
    Kenworth K125 with torsion bar suspension and DD 8V-71 just sitting there in one of the scrap yards.

  5. Force added a post in a topic A truckers view of mother nature.   

    None what so ever, yes it was a nice trip, we drove a bit over 500 miles (81 km) that day.
  6. Force added a post in a topic List of big rig truck engines in kits   

    It's unfortunate Clint stopped doing the engines, they were nice.
  7. Force added a post in a topic Which kit is better?   

    You're welcome.
  8. Force added a post in a topic Which kit is better?   

    The Baldwin Motion spear decal is included in the recent Round 2 release, it's not there in the kit from 2000, otherwise I think it's the same.
  9. Force added a post in a topic Decal Sheet-Jo-Han Sox & Martin `69 Plymouth Superbird   

    Yes, the Slixx Sox & Martin decal sets are way better and more accurate than the old Jo-Han decals, the Slixx set to look for is the #SM3/1483 and it will do the 1968-69 GTX's and Road Runner's, and the 1970 Superbird

    But if you want the original Jo-Han decals, most of the later reissued from the 90's of the Sox & Martin 71 'Cuda kits had wrong decals wich originally were for the Sox & Martin Superbird kit, so they are not so hard to find if you want them.
  10. Force added a post in a topic Which kit is better?   

    I think I have read somewhere that the Revell 1969 Camaro tooling is based on the Monogram big scale 1:12 Camaro and scaled down to 1:25th scale when they did these kits.
    In my opinion the Revell 69 Camaro kits are very good and with the versions released you can do almost what ever you want with them.

    The versions from this tooling so far are:
    Z/28: both RS and standard grille, small block with cross ram option and headers, cowl induction hood, rally wheels.
    Yenko SC: standard grille, big block, headers, one snorkel open element cowl induction air cleaner, cowl induction hood, American Racing Torque Thrust wheels.
    Baldwin Motion: RS grille, big block, headers, Motion fly eye air cleaner, L88 scoop hood, side pipes, rally wheels.
    Convertible Indy Pace Car: RS grille, big block, headers, same air cleaner as the Yenko, cowl induction hood, rally wheels Indy Pace Car decals, flags.
    Convertible: Same as the above except for the Pace Car decals, the flags are still there and decal sheet has hounds tooth insert decals for the seats.
    COPO ZL-1: standard grille, big block with headers, same ari cleaner as the Yenko, cowl induction hood, steel wheels with dog dish hub caps.
    The 69 Convertible and Z/28 have also been done in 2 'n 1 versions with larger wheels.

    The newer AMT 1970 Camaro kits came in two versions, the Z/28 and the Baldwin Motion and both has the small bumper RS front.
    The Z/28 has small block, front spoiler, low one piece rear spoiler, Z/28 wheels, flat hood
    The Baldwin Motion has big block, headers that goes into side pipes, Motion fly eye air cleaner, L88 Scoop hood, front spoiler, tall 3-piece rear spoiler, Cragar SS wheels and good Mickey Thompson tires, Lakewood "slapper bars", the early kits doesn't have the Motion Spear decals but the recent Round 2 release does.

    The AMT 67 and 68 kits are decent but not up to todays standard, but they are for sure buildable.
  11. Force added a post in a topic revell kenworth aerodyne dors and front lights.   

    Any of the Revell AG KW K100 doors will fit, it's only the roof section that's different between the Aerodyne and Flat Top cabs.
    The headlights might fit from both AMT and Revell KW models.
  12. Force added a post in a topic Truck Kits You've Scored Recently   

    I bought myself a resin motor recently.

    It's a Volvo D12 to upgrade the Italeri FH12 made by P&B Models from Poland.
    I plan to use it in the Volvo VN 780 wich have no engine or gear box...just a dummy, I would really have liked to have a D16 but there is none available as far as I know.
  13. Force added a post in a topic International 4300 with Cummins   

    Most likely a NTC
  14. Force added a post in a topic Hemi Tunnel Ram   

    No the Revell kit doesn't have a tunnel ram, Sox & Martin used a custom made individual runner magnesium intake manifold without plenum in 1970, the JoHan Sox & Martin kit has a Weiand magnesium intake manifold with plenum as S&M went to that for the 1971 season.