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  1. I saw him together with John D'Agostino and Bo Huff at the Bo Huff Rockabilly Extravaganza show in Riverside CA back in 2012, now both Barris and Huff are gone.
  2. Well I have seen the Beebe Bros car both with and without the bumper and here is a picture with bumper. But it was most likely hard to get to stay on the car, or broke, so they took it away.
  3. I agree with you on that, he took credit for many things he did not do, and Sam was the better builder.
  4. Looking good. Now I know where all the Grand Sport Corvette kits ended up. There were only five of these cars built of the 125 originally planned, are you doing all versions of them used over the years?
  5. If it's there it should be on the chrome sprue. On the real car the front bumper was most likely a fiberglass copy painted to look like chrome and not a steel chrome plated piece. But if you can't find one you can do the car without it because on most pictures I have seen of the Beebe Bros car it did not have a front bumper.
  6. If you have the most recent issue of the "Ohio George" Montgomery 33 Willys from 2012 you get two sets of rear wheels, a set of four slots to do the original car and a set of five slots to do the restored car.
  7. I took a couple of pictures of the car at the 2014 SEMA show in Las Vegas, I thought it was cool to take a F-104 Starfighter, take off the wings and put wheels on it and try to set land speed records.
  8. Well I just think it's a pity that Italeri didn't do it right and cut corners in that area when mostly everything else is updated and good and the quality would have been even better if they had done it right. If they had tooled up the DC16 engine when it came 20 years ago it would have been correct for the kits from that time up to today as the differences between the versions of them are small, so the tooling would for sure have paid for itself after 20 years of use and it will be more as this engine configuration will stay for a long time yet. But, that doesn't take anything away from your build Tiago, you are doing a good job and I understand your confusion when you did the research and found a completely different engine than what's in the kit...now you know why.
  9. Cool, I will follow this closely as it's an era I like. But his name was Hubert wasn't it?
  10. Silly and overpriced is the least one can say about this, I mean $60 for an empty box with instructions...well hopefully no one will go for that scheme.
  11. Hehe, yeah...and they wonder why the don't get any bids.
  12. Yes I saw that, so you are only off by 1.12 mm...good eyeballin'.
  13. https://www.facebook.com/bcautomachine/videos/926680301481321/
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