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  1. Eehh...why would anyone want to put a "crude oil" (diesel) engine in a muscle car...what's wrong with a V8?
  2. One have to remember that the 62-65 Fairlane shares chassis with only the 62-63 Mercury Meteor, the smaller Comet was Falcon based. The 1966-67 Fairlane and Comet was Falcon based as well as the Mustang and Cougar, so there might be a place to look.
  3. 1967 they used both the Mk II and MK IV, both with dual carb 427's and it was the last year Ford officially entered any cars at LeMans, the 1968-69 cars were Mk I with small block engines as FIA changed the engine displacement rule from 7 to 5 litres for 1968 and those cars were privately entered, not by the factory.
  4. The AMT version is not the best representation of a T600 but the Revell T600 is not exactly correct either as they took quite a few shortcuts too. The turbo plumbing looks a bit weird on the upper instructions as they show just one turbo and the crossover pipe goes in at the wrong position on the aftercooler, but I don't see anything wrong with the turbo plumbing in the lower instructions. Here is how it looks on a real NTC 475.
  5. Yes it looks to be just plain black to me on all the pictures I have seen of it...and that goes for all versions of the truck. As mentioned before the portion around the roof windows was light blue and the sun visor was gold on the first version of the paint job, the versions after that was all black except for the scripts and stripes. The first version of the Bandag Bandit paint job was also black but had a blue pearl tinted clear coat so highlights in the sun has a blueish shine to it, later versions was plain black.
  6. Fujimi did both Mk I and Mk II kits but none with engine as far as I know as all I have seen are curbside. IMC did F40's with engines and they were later issued under Testors name.
  7. The first version is what AMT did the last time it was out.
  8. I don't go anywhere near clear plastic with CA glue or accelerator as I don't want to take that chance, I have ruined parts with it too. Very nice job otherwise.
  9. It was the first paint job on the Hideout Truck. Here is the early version with blue top, gold visor and the thin stripes outside the blue, yellow and white graphics were also gold, the Peterbilt bumper and 5-hole Truck Mate wheels. This is the version the model kit is supposed to be. Here is the late version, here is the outer thin stripes outside the blue, yellow and white graphics white and you also see the gullwing bumper and two hole budd wheels used with the tubeless Eclipse tires.
  10. They were at the time period the model kits are from wich is mid to late 80's. The front bumper on the Hideout Truck was later changed to a KW Gullwing bumper for the last version Malone did but the Papa Truck still has the Peterbilt bumper to this day if Gary Reis who now owns the truck haven't changed it since the last pictures I saw after restoration of the truck, he appearently also owns the Hideout Truck but I have not seen any pictures of it since before he bought it. Both trucks do now have 10-hole Alcoas by the way...so now the wheels in the kits are correct.
  11. If you are picky the front bumper are wrong for both the Papa Truck and Hideout Truck even if they would have had the correct shape for a Kenworth Gullwing bumper, because Tyrone Malone used Peterbilt bumpers on both transporters. Jamie at Mo'luminum has the correct Truck Mate wheels.
  12. I love front engine dragsters and I allready have a few of the earlier issues from AMT/MPC (Round 2) starting with the Ramchargers reissue from the Buyers Choice lineup. I agree, this kit has it's shortcomings like the body as said above, the engine isn't the best representation of a 426 Hemi either, the blower and injector hat looks strange and the valve covers are weird, the Funny Car kits from MPC had better engines than these FED's, I also don't like the front wheel with the shield over the spokes, it would have been better to have that optional. If I would have been into large scale models I would for sure rather go for the Revell FED's as they are more accurate...but I don't have room for large scale models. I don't know if they were called Top Fuel Dragsters as much back in the day, the class designation for these cars was AA/FD and not TF like it is now.
  13. Well what they are doing now doesn't make me want to buy more from them...there are less and less I want every time Chad introduces what's coming every month in the Round 2 videos.
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