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  1. Force added a post in a topic AMT '67-'68 Camaro Review & Improvements   

    You can cheat Photobucket and find all the pictures from this topic here.
    http://smg.photobucket.com/user/Snake45/library/Model Cars/1GCamaros?sort=3&page=2
  2. Force added a post in a topic white freightliner [ AMT ]   

    That's not unusual with old AMT kits, many of them doesn't have any numbers on the parts trees.
  3. Force added a post in a topic Inches to scale conversion help needed   

    As I'm a construction worker I work with scales and blueprints/technichal drawings every day, so it's natural to me, the number after the : or / is the number you divide with if you want to scale down a real measurement to the scale you want it to be, and multiply the measurement from the blueprint with if you want to scale that measurement up to the measurement in the real world.
  4. Force added a post in a topic AMT '67-'68 Camaro Review & Improvements   

    As they are for most of the former photobucket users if you don't pay them 400 bucks a year. 
    But a topic that's over 2½ years old as this one almost never still have the pictures as they are often removed or stored at other places.
  5. Force added a post in a topic AMT Kenworth K123 Rear Suspension   

    Joe asked about the K123 suspension, that kit has a Hendrickson Walking Beam, not the Air Glide 100 8-bag air suspension as the K100 Aerodyne kits.
    Air ride of whatever kind is also wrong if you want to do a correct replica of the Movin' On truck, it had Torsion Bar.

    But yes, I have also read that many KW owners has changed to Peterbilt Air Leaf as it rides a lot smoother than the old KW AG 100 and 200, nowadays Kenworth and Peterbilt share at least one of the suspensions, Peterbilt Flex Air and Kenworth Air Glide 380...different names but the same suspension.
  6. Force added a post in a topic Modern Rail Dragsters?   

    As I said, those two are the latest version, but they were not correct even back then as Revell didn't do enough updates when they did them, if they had they would have been pretty much up to date today 15 years later.
    To do a more modern Top Fuel Dragster you need to change the rear wing to a 3-element wing and larger side plates, change the front wing to a one piece full width wing mounted in front of the nose cone, do a head protection shield over the back of  the roll cage, make a belly pan, make a larger wind shield, update the engine with a setback 14-71 blower with explosion bag and hold down harness, larger MSD Pro Mag 44 magnetos, new Sid Waterman Mega Bertha style fuel pumps and new titanium valve covers with covers to prevent the spark plugs from blowing out, and new wheels...and you are pretty much done.
    Some teams have a canopy over the driver and I have found a resin dragster body on ebay with the "Schumacher canopy".
  7. Force added a post in a topic Reissue Wishlist   

    The Revell AG truck kit tools are from the early 80's and mid to late 90's and as Matthew says, some have been reissued recently and some are coming soon.
    The Peterbilt 359 came in 1982 and has been reissued in different forms several times since then with added parts and other decals, last was as the Will-Do Wrecker.
    The Peterbilt 353 came in 1985 and the 353 parts and tri-drive parts was just added to the previous 359 kit
    The KW K100 came in 1982 and the Aerodyne came soon after, it has also been reissued several times in different versions with added parts and decals and was recently reissued again as the dual drive flat top, the Aerodyne is due this fall or early next year.
    The KW T600 came 1990 and was modified from the K100 tooling with additional parts.
    The KW W900/T900 came 1993 also reissued a couple of times in different configurations, last was the W900 Wrecker.
    The wrong Marmon wich is a slightly modified Peterbilt 359 came 1986 and was recently reissued
    The 6 axle Heavy Tank and Gravel trailers came in 1989 and the 6 axle Heavy Flatbed in 1990
    The Car Transporter came 1983 and was reissued a couple of years ago, and the Heavy duty lowboy trailer in 1991-92
    The Volvo F12 and F12 Globetrotter came 1981
    The Mercedes-Benz 1628 came 1981
    The Mercedes-Benz 1450LS Race truck came 1991
    The MAN Phoenix Racing Truck came 1992
    Revell AG has also reboxed some Italeri and Moebuis kits.
  8. Force added a post in a topic AMT Models Show Off Hauler SuperSet   

    I don't know of any reviews on this combo set but these was available as separate kits
    AMT 6082 Chevrolet C-1500 Sportside Pickup
    AMT 8216 Display Case Trailer
    AMT 8213 Chevrolet Corvette Street Machine
  9. Force added a post in a topic Modern Rail Dragsters?   

    The latest Revell Top Fuel Dragster kits are from 2002 (the Kenny Bernstein Bud King and Tony Schumacher Army cars were the last) and the latest Funny Car kits are from 1997 with Pontiac Firebird bodies, nothing new after that.
    Unfortunately Revell didn't update enough back then but if they had the Dragsters kits would still be pretty much up to date with some small changes even today 15 years later.
    Same with the Funny Car kits, except for the bodies they didn't change much and if Revell had done the necessary updates to the tooling back then they would pretty much work even today 20 years later with a new body.
    So when Revell/Monogram did most of the TF and FC kits they decided to do them in an unfortunate time when these cars evolved much each year with new and better things the whole time and the progress in the sport was enormous, and Revell didn't keep up with the technical progress even if they did some updates when they did a new version...but never enough to be correct for the time they were supposed to be from.
    After that the evolution of the cars slowed down and the visual changes the last 15-20 years haven't been that much and the cars looks pretty much the same as they did back then, some changes like head shield, belly pans, wheels and some other small things has come after that but the most changes and developement of the cars came in the mid 90's to early 2000's.
  10. Force added a post in a topic Italieri Clasic Western Star   

    The Volvo F12, Scania 142 and many other European truck kits had fairly correct engines when they first came out but Italeri kept the same engines with slight modifications long after that and they are not right, I'm not sure about the American trucks but it could be the same there.
    The first Italeri kits I noticed it on was when the Volvo F16 and Scania 143 kits came out back in the late 80's where they didn't bother to change the engines to the right secifications.
    The F16 should have had the then new D16A wich came 1987 but still had the old TD120 and same chassis as the F12 kit, and the Scania 143 should have had the DSC14 Intercooled engine as that version came 1982 but the old DS14 was still between the frame rails and the chassis was exactly the same as in the 142 kit.
    Volvo changed engine models 1987 to D12A and D16A, the D16C wich looks different from the A and B came around 2002-03 and Scania stopped making the 14 litre V8 with the distinctive V-shaped valve covers in 2001 and got the new DC16 after that, but as far as I know there are no correct engines of that type on the market.
  11. Force added a post in a topic Italieri Clasic Western Star   

    I wish Italeri would do a better job when they do a new truck kit instead of taking the shortcuts they do almost evey time they release something new.
    I'm not an Italeri hater as I bought and built several of them back in the late 80's and 90's, but if I build a truck kit I want to do it with the for the model year correct engine, trans and chassis, and Italeri hasn't offered that in a long time as they still use many outdated parts in their modern kits, that's one reason I don't buy many Italeri kits nowadays.
    The latest Italeri kit I bought was the Volvo VN 780...and that truck doesn't even have an engine in it.
  12. Force added a post in a topic 1/24 Funny Car kit, recommendation   

    The "recent" Revell Funny Car kits started out as Monogram kits in 1985 with #2711 Don "Snake" Prudhomme's Pepsi/Wendy's Pontiac Trans Am FC, #2712 Dale Pulde's Miller High Life Pontiac Trans Am FC and #2710 Billy Meyer's 7-Eleven Ford Mustang FC, and they are 1:24th scale.
    Next in line was #2726 Kenny Bernstein's Budweiser King Ford Tempo in 1986.
    After that they moved the Funny Car series over to Revell and the kits evolved and changed to John Force's Castrol GTX Oldsmobile Cutlass in 1989 and they did several more Olds FC's that year...and the Tom "Mongoo$e" McEwen 57 Chevy FC, next evolution was with a Dodge Avenger body in 1995 and finally they did Pontiac Firebird bodys in 1997.
    The chassis didn't change much and was pretty much the same the whole time with a few small changes, same with the engine, only small changes through the years.
    The recent Pro Stock went the same way, first Monogram in 1984-5-6 with Bob Glidden's Chief Autoparts/7-Eleven Ford Thunderbird and Reher-Morrison Chevy Camaro and a few more, after that the Pro Stock kits went over to Revell and they did Bob Glidden's Motorcraft Thunderbird in 1987 based on the 1984 Thunderbird tool with a new body, 1991 they changed the Chevy Camaro to Pontiac Firebird, the last evolution of this tool was a newer Firebird in 1999, all are 1:24th scale.
    Before that in 1997 Revell did Oldsmobile Cutlass Pro Stock kits but it was 1:25th scale and a new tool.

    The recent Top Fuel kits wich started with Don Garlits Swamp Rat XXX Dragster 1987, as nobody followed Garlits with that type of streamliners they had to do a new tool in 1991 for Joe Amato's Valvoline Dragster and a few more after that, they have allways been Revell and has been marked as 1:25th scale from the beginning, the final evolution of that tool was Kenny Bernstein's Bud King and Tony Schumacher's Army Dragsters released in 2002.
  13. Force added a post in a topic Converting a 1/12 scale Z28 to 69 Yenko   

    As Snake says, the first generation Camaro was designed and available with 396 big block, you couldn't get the 427 through the regular dealers as it wasn't on the option list, but Yenko, Gibb and Baldwin Motion found a way to order Camaro's with the 427 anyway, it was through COPO, Central Office Production Order, where you could order fleet cars such as Taxi's, Police cars and other cars like that and you could order the cars with options outside the regular option lists.
  14. Force added a post in a topic Long shot parts request needed   

    Well I have done research on both trucks as I plan to build them myself sometime...together with the Tyrone Malone trucks, the Rubber Duck, the Love Machine and the BJ And The Bear trucks, so I just share what I have found out during my researches on the trucks.
    I have also been around trucks almost all my life and I have a truck drivers license, and a thing or two has stuck in my mind over the years. 
    As for the Smokey and the Bandit trucks, there are supposed to have been three trucks for the first movie, one 1973 and two 1974 models, the 1973 has to have been the main truck because I have seen the movie a gazillion times since 1977 and in most of the outside shots in the movie the truck has the gold emblem, another of the trucks, the yellow and white "Tod Engels" KW W900 truck in the very beginning of the movie is also a 1973 with a gold emblem.
    One of the Snowman trucks is supposed to have had a Cat 1693TA and I believe it was the 1973...and Snowman has a Cat baseball cap on him...at least one of them is supposed to have had a Cummins NTC 350 and I have also read that one could have had a Cummins KT or KTC 450, but the KT series 1150 cui engine is large and can be hard to fit under a short hood.
    The colors are black and gold, some say it's coffee brown and gold...but it for sure looks black to me in every shot in the movie and I have read elsewhere that it was painted black so it would match the Trans Am.
  15. Force added a post in a topic Long shot parts request needed   

    No problem.
    The Cummins V903 can also be found in the ERTL International Transtar F-4270 but it has no turbo and has been out of production for quite a while, so the Auslowe engine is a lot easier to find.
    As you also like to build the Snowman truck you will need a torsion bar suspension and short hood for that one too...and a short sleeper from the AMT kit...you will also need a Cat 1693TA engine from KFS marked 1693TA "Yellow" Engine.
    The Snowman truck is a 1973 so the grille emblem on them has gold background instead of the usual red as Kenworth celebrated 50 years as a truck manufacturer that year.
    Decals for both the Snowman and the Movin' On rigs can be found at Modeltruckin.com