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  1. That's pretty much it, and Cat is one of the companies protecting their brand and logos the hardest, I don't know the fee they want for a license to a kit with their logos on it but they are very protective and it's most likely quite an amount. So I can understand why Round2 and Revell aren't that interested to pay up as the revenue from each kit isn't that high and on a race car for example there are many companies that want money for licenses to use their logos. Then you have another aspect, one company you want to get a license from can have demands on what and what not you can put on a product with their name on it, this has happened very recent with the reissues of the Tyrone Malone Hideout Truck and Kenworth Custom Drag Truck (Bandag Bandit), Kenworth appearently stated if you are using Bandag, Detroit Diesel and Allison on the kits you can't get the Kenworth license to do the kit itself, that's after what I understand why all these markings are left out on the reissues because Bandag now owned by Bridgestone, Detroit Diesel and Allison didn't mind.
  2. As I said, I don't know who manufactured the wheel itself but Malone most likely got them from Truck Mate as they were one of his sponsors, if Truck Mate did the chroming themselves or if they had them chromed for them I have no idea...it doesn't matter much as these are the wheels he used. Here is the original wheel on the Super Boss...all of his trucks had these in the beginning before he changed to two-hole Budds with tubeless tires on the transporters. Here is the wheel on the model kit, pretty much spot on if you ask me. Here are the wheels Ben Wicker has mastered sold by Jamie at Mo'luminum, Ben refers these as "Truck Mate wheels" and there's where I got it from.. This front hubcap used on the Bandag Bandit at one time even has the Truck Mate logo in the center.
  3. All these has been reissued several times with different numbers, but as far as I know these are the first. The Wilson Lifestock Trailer had T-594 at the initial release 1972 The Fruehauf Van Semi-Trailer had T-507 1971 The Fruehauf Tanker had T-506 1971 The Fruehauf Exterior Post Van had T-524 1972
  4. No not much, some of the 406 and all of the 427 engine has the three middle mains cross bolted and screwed in core plugs, and of course the Side Oiler has an oil gallery down low on the drivers side of the engine block...otherwise they are pretty much the same. These things are not that visible, at least not on a model.
  5. I don't know who did the wheels but the five hand holes are distinctly diamond shaped and I have not seen many budd wheels with that. The wheels was probably something Truck Mate sold, Truck Mate is still around today but they mostly have bumpers, grilles and grille guards, they also have a wheel category on the website but there are no wheels there. Malone had decals or scripts with "Chrome Goodies By Truck Mate" on his trucks.
  6. Google is your friend. The T18 and T19 are heavy duty transmissions for trucks and vans made by Borg Warner.
  7. Nice, I like it a lot, the Finnish license plates is a nice touch.
  8. The old Monogram is not that good either, it's 1/24th scale and looks to be somewhat out of proportion. But the Revell Black Widow is a 150 so it's a base model so instead of the Black Widow kit I would go for either the recent Revell 1957 Convertible or 2-Door Sedan for the body, both are Bel Airs and you will get the correct side trim, and use the 1956 roof.
  9. NASCAR has a hard time filling up the 40 car racing field for every race as it is now, it's often only 38-39 cars showing up, and the field used to be 43 cars until 2016...who knows if they will ever fill the fields after the changes...it may get too expensive for the smaller teams. Well it's enough ranting and it's time to move on.
  10. It should be, the Holley 4500 Dominator was first used on the Boss 429 in NASCAR competition and that engine came 1969. Not 100% sure but could be in a compartment in front of the left rear wheel as it is now.
  11. Interesting project. As this car is supposed to be a GT500 the engine should be a FE 428 big block, small block cars were GT350, but I know some of the movie cars had 351 Windsor engines, this doesn't matter as the engine is never shown in the movie.
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