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  1. Hasegawa has a nice Willys MB with the Bantam trailer.
  2. Engine wiring question

    How the magnetos are made is different depending on manufacturer , some has a regular distributor cap, some has the plug wires come out of the sides of the magneto and some just under the top, so it's best to look at reference photos for the particular magneto. As we talk about distributors. There is a reason why they are placed where they are, the distributor is driven from the camshaft through a sprocket and the distributor drives the oil pump in the engine, so on OE cars the distributors are right above the oil pump. So most of the Ford engines has the distributor at the front of the engine pointing straight up and the oil pump are under inside the oil sump, Ford Y-block has it at the rear at an angle towards the passenger side and the oil pump is on the outside of the block on the bottom drivers side, the flathead V8 is different as the distributor don't drive the oil pump, the distributor is mounted at the front of the timing cover on the early Flathead V8's and the later 8BA-CM has a angle drive on the upper timing gear and a regular distributor is placed at an angle on the passenger side. The Mopar big block including 426 Hemi has it in front of the head on the passenger side at an angle and the oil pump is located at the front bottom outside of the driver side of the block. Buick 66-forward and Cadillac 67-forward OHV has it the opposite way, distributor on the drivers side at an angle and the oil pump outside of the block at the bottom of the passenger side. Chevy big and small block, Mopar small block and early Hemi, Pontiac, Oldsmobile, Cadillac 49-67 OHV and Buick Nailhead has it straight up at the rear of the engine and the oil pump under inside the sump. On many modern cars there are no distributors at all, they have coils for each cylinder and the ignition is timed from the computer through sensors on the engine.
  3. Ferrari 250 GTO

    Very nice and clean build.
  4. Of course. I took out one of my Thunderbolt kits and measured, the two fabric inserts for the Thunderbolt back seat are 19 mm wide and and total length with the seat and back rest is 44 mm, and the space between the vertical black lines in the pattern are close to 1.5 mm. The sides and middle of the back seat and the rest of the interior is vinyl and can easily be done with paint. I have wanted to get the decals I suggested for a long time for my 62-65 Max Wedge and Race Hemi and Thunderbolt builds and I thought others would like to have them too, but I haven't found them anywhere on the aftermarket and I thought someone would make them as I think there is a market for them, but nothing so far. If I had the skill to do them myself I would have done them a long time ago but I'm not that familiar with design programs for computers.
  5. I'm going to check in here often and when you have the things I'm looking for ready I'll buy several sets immediately.
  6. Of course, Thanks again.
  7. HMS Cars

    Nice work...I'm eager to get mine I have on order from the States...but I have to wait a while for them.
  8. Ferrari 250 GTO (DONE)

    Nice work!!
  9. Yes that will work....the project is in the planning stage.
  10. Just as I suspected...well you can't win everytime.
  11. Well it's a bit hard to post a picture of a part you don't have, but in my first post you can see how the part I'm looking for looks on a real car. Here is a picture I found on internet where you can see it (it's the plated scoop like part in the middle front of the hood) .
  12. Yes I know it's hard to find and it's a long shot. I don't remember if Modelhaus did this part and it's too late for that anyway.