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  1. front nose

    There are two lengths available for the W900 kits, the AMT W925 and Revell US W900 Snap kit is the short 63 inch hood and the Revell Germany W900 kit has the longer extended 74 inch hood. I don't have one for you but I just wanted you to know.
  2. A few 4bbl carburetor reviews

    Both the Pro Tech and VCG carbs are copys of these carbs found in all Revell/Monogram Pro Stock kits, not the best representation of a Holley 4500 Series Dominator.
  3. A few 4bbl carburetor reviews

    Yes the carburetors Fireball does are great. But it depends on what you are doing, most of the Fireball carbs are good for street and light race and he doesn't have any Dominator style carbs yet. Most of the kit makers carburetors aren't that good at all and have much to desire detailwise and the best looking Holley Dominators from a kit are the ones in the old Jo-Han Pro Stock kits, another even better looking Dominator carb is the Ultra Detail Dominator kits from Futurattraction, otherwise it's scarse. From the ones in the pictures above I would only consider the Barry Grant King Demon, the others looks to be copys of the Monogram/Revell blob carbs from their Pro Stock kits and they doesn't come even close to what a real Holley 4500 Series Dominator carb looks like: So a good detailed carburetor is quite important when they are exposed on the model. Older style 4500 Series Dominator More recent style
  4. Engines in the new Chevrolet SS kits

    No they are not the same but the bottom end of the Chevy R7 and Ford FR-9 NASCAR engines looks quite similar, and when they were still using distributors both had them at the front, they use individual coils now tho'. So as long as you have the right cylinder head/valve cover assembly where the engines differs the most you are quite safe.
  5. Moebius Dyno Don Maverick

    Yes please, bring the Pro Stockers and I'll buy them immediately.
  6. Bobby Isaac Dodge Daytona built 30 years ago

    Nice looking build! You got the right stance on it, I have one of these planned sometime in the future. But the extra lugnut on the wheels will take more time in the pits.
  7. 40 Ford Custom

    Very nice, perfect lines.
  8. Ford GT-40 kits

    I think all Fujimi GT40 Mk II kits are the same except for boxart and decals, Revell did a rebox of the Fujimi kits too.
  9. The best thing I have used for removing chrome plating is (Castrol) Super Clean, the plating dissappears in a few minutes and the undercoat in a couple of hours, quick and easy.
  10. Yes it is, but the most expensive of the three, somewhere around $100 is not uncommon price for them. The Revell AG W900 has a Caterpillar 3408 V8 and the AMT kit has a Cummins NTA 470 and as Jim said, the Revell US has a Caterpillar 3406.
  11. Finished at last! (almost)

    Nice build Geoffrey.
  12. Marmon Conventional

    Well it's not the plating that's running, it's the clear undercoat that's sprayed on way too thick wich is quite a common problem on Revell AG kits, the shiny plating itself is aluminum vapour and is very thin. The Cummins engine in this and many other of REVELL AG trucks is a NTC 475 Twin Turbo from late 70's to mid 80's.
  13. Pictures of Sox and Martin 70 cuda?

    The picture of the underside is of the restored 1970 car but the restored 1971 car looks pretty much the same. Sox & Martin had a couple of cars at the same time, match race cars and cars for the different sanctioning bodies (NHRA, AHRA) and they are slightly different. Two of the 1970 cars had number Pro 200 with chromed bumpers and Pro 705 with red bumpers and they are the most common in pictures, they used some other numbers as well, 556 with chromed bumpers and 333 with red bumpers (and spoilers) are two of them, I have also seen a couple of pictures where the Pro 200 number was on a car with red rear bumper and tail panel and a front and deck lid spoiler, the front bumper was chrome in one picture and red in another. The numbers used on the 1971 'Cudas was Pro 4 for Ronnie and Pro 44 for Herb McCandless, but I have also seen a couple pictures with Pro 200 on a 1971 car. I would go with white underside and black rear axle and K-member, blue engine (Jake King painted all engines he built for S&M Ford Engine Blue).
  14. Top Fuel body with new enclosed canopy?

  15. Slow Roll'n Low (Finished)

    One of the nicest chops I have seen on this body style, great job so far.