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  1. Force added a post in a topic Future Possible Moebius Semi Trailer Kit?   

    I'm amazed Revell AG hasn't reissued that one yet.
    As for Moebius, I would take a spread axle flatbed or whatever modern trailer they do, maybe a Featherlite race transporter, a lowboy, a tanker...well amost anything modern.
  2. Force added a post in a topic From glue bomb to Snowman's Kenworth   

    Keith Marks has decals for the Trans Am
  3. Force added a post in a topic From glue bomb to Snowman's Kenworth   

    I must agree with the others, Great Work!
  4. Force added a post in a topic Potvin Blower - Why?   

    I think the main reason they stopped using the Potvin style drive was that it was a fixed drive where the supercharger and crank shaft rotates at the same speed and that's a disadvantage as you get moore boost if you overdrive the supercharger, with a belt drive it's easy to change the gear ratio and over or underdrive the supercharger depending on how much boost you want.
    NHRA has a limit for supercharger overdrive in the nitro classes at 1.5:1, (1.7:1 in Denver Co) and the supercarger rotates at 12,450 rpm at an engine speed of 8500 rpm and delivers about 60 psi of boost (4 atmospheres).
  5. Force added a post in a topic Current truck aftermarket?   

    It's the correct email, it's the one I got from Ben Wicker and used to contact him...but he didn't answer right away.
  6. Force added a post in a topic NASA Pete 1/25   

    Great work so far Jarda, I'm following this project with great interest.
  7. Force added a post in a topic Dyno Mav   

    Nice work!!
  8. Force added a post in a topic My 1/25 Road Warrior Interceptor build   

    Great work on both!!
  9. Force added a post in a topic Truckin for Kids 2015 pics   

    Great pictures Clayton!!
  10. Force added a post in a topic Triple Axle Semi   

    Revell AG did probably take some libertys and used some artistic freedom when they did the Alaskan and Canadian Hauler models, the 359 is the only Peterbilt truck they have except for the 377A/E wich is an Italeri tooling, and the 289 Firetruck wich is the same as the 359 but with only one drive axle.
    I believe the Peterbilts with those flat square front fenders as the Canadian and Alaskan Haulers has were 353's so the hood is probably wrong too as the 353's had butterfly hoods.
    The real Can-Do wrecker was a 379 short hood with a Cat 3406E but Revell AG took some liberty there too and used their Cummins NTC 475 powered 359 for the model, the same base was used for the Bill Signs truck, it should have had a Cat 3408 but the model had the same NTC475 as all the other Peterbilts..
  11. Force added a post in a topic Triple Axle Semi   

    The Revell AG Peterbilt Can-Do and Will-Do Wreckers has tripple axle, they have longer frame rails with an extra suspension for the third axle, but the third axle on the wreckers is a non driven pusher.
    The Peterbilt Canadian Hauler and Alaskan Hauler has regular dual drive frame, frame extesions to splice in in front of the regular dual drive and a third drive axle set up for a true tri-drive.
    Revell AG did also have a Kenworth K100 Heavy Hauler and Oriental Express with tripple rear axles and the kit has a regular dual drive frame, a frame extension to put in back of the frame with a third suspension and a third drive axle, all three rear axles on them are also driven.
    It's not that hard to do, you just need to extend the frame to make room for the third axle, get a third suspension, one more of the front drive axle with the power divider and a prop shaft to connect them up and voila, you have your tri-drive.
  12. Force added a post in a topic Fiat Fuel Altered...Tin Work Finished..   

    Nice work!!
  13. Force added a post in a topic GAPP & ROUSH MAVERICK   

    Very Nice!!!
  14. Force added a post in a topic Crate Motor Roundup   

    Yes we are talking models here, but I would rather have used the phrase "Parts Pack Engines" if that's what I'm asking about as Snake said instead of "Crate Motors" as I believe almost everyone here knows exactly what a parts pack engine is
    By the way, even though this is a modeling site we talk real cars and trucks and things related to them too...references you know.
    Real engines are shipped in many different packages, some use some use plastic boxes and some use some type of crate made of wood and/or chip board, but they mostly go by the name "crate motors" anyway, 
  15. Force added a post in a topic 12 Spoke Wheels, Resin?   

    Sorry, might have jumped the gun a little.