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  1. Force added a post in a topic holley #4160 carb.??   

    The most popular Holley carburators are the 4150 series, the 4160 series and the 4500 "Dominator" series, and they all look different.
    The Glidden T-Bird and all other Pro Stock and Pro Sportsman kits from Revell has Holley 4500 Dominators and they are too large, many use them on all kinds of drag racing cars and other race car models but Dominators are not allowed in Super Stock.

    Most of the Revell carburators are not that good and lacks detail, almost none of them has any venturi detail at all except for the Dominators.
    But the best 4160 carbs with good venturi detail I have seen so far in a kit is from the AMT 60 Ford Galaxie Starliner Custom or 2 'n 1 kit, and decent 4160's in the AMT 66 Ford Fairlane and 67 Mercury Comet kits.
    Calnaga Castings also has some 4160 carburators in resin, they are labeled as Holley 650's.
  2. Force added a post in a topic Why are so many hunting Max Wedge parts?   

    The 413 and 426 Max Wedge RB engines was for racing only with a cross ram intake manifold and dual 4 bbl carburators, there were many differences in the inside but otherwise they look like any other R/RB 383-440 wedge engine. the RB has slightly taller deck than the B but it's almost impossible to see on a model, the early R/RB and the Max Wedge had 4 bolt valve covers and the newer had 6 as 2 bolts were added in lower front and back of the valve cover.
  3. Force added a post in a topic My first big rig (Scania R730 Black Amber)   

    Nice progress.
    It's unfortunate that Italeri didn't bother to do a correct engine for this kit (as with many of their other releases) this engine is the same old DS14 V8 they had in their first Scania T142 with some new parts to make it look more like a newer engine, a correct Scania 730 horse power D16 V8 looks totally different from this one, just Google Scania D16 and you see what I mean.
    If Italeri did correct truck kits in every aspect I would be all over them, but as it is now it's no fun building replicas that you know is incorrect from the very beginning.
  4. Force added a post in a topic Cal-Trac Traction Bars   

    Well I have never seen the modern style CalTrac traction bar with the front triangular bell crank they have now in a kit.
    But I have seen traction bars similar to them in kits, for example AMT 57 Chevy has a pair but they are not that exact style.
  5. Force added a post in a topic cummins engine   

    Italeri should have had a N14 if they had done it right...this engine is not a N14, it's just their old NTC 400 that they changed some parts on from a water to air aftercooler to an air to air intercooler, otherwise it looks like an ordinary NTC.
    So the Revell AG NTC 475 Twin Turbo is probably the most modern Cummins engine in a kit, AMT has a NHC 250, a NTA 370, and a NTC 350 but they are older than the Revell engines.
    On the aftermarket you can get correct N14 and Signature Series ISX 600 resin engines, both available at Auslowe
  6. Force added a post in a topic Help with 'BJ and The Bear' project   

    The Ertl Great Dane reefer trailer has the right style Thermo King unit, a similar one can also be found on the Heller reefer trailer, the AMT Fruehauf reefer trailer has a Thermo King unit but it's an older style.
    So the Ertl Great Dane is a good choice to start from, it has a side door as the BJ trailer had, it's a bit too far back tho' so to be correct it has to be moved forward slightly,  the vertical side ribs on the box sides are too few but can be fixed with Evergreen half round bar, the reefer unit also has to be corrected some as the control panel on the kit unit is on the wrong side.
  7. Force added a post in a topic Cal-Trac Traction Bars   

    I don't think any Cal-Trac traction bars are done in any model kit but they can't be that hard to make yourself
  8. Force added a post in a topic '62 BelAir Z-11 air cleaner (cowl induct.)   

    The intake manifold is different on the Z-11 too, it's a 2-piece high rise one and it's also included in the AMT 62 Bel Air Super Stock kits together with the cowl induction air cleaner.
  9. Force added a post in a topic Dodge Charger   

    Great Build, it looks just right.
  10. Force added a post in a topic wip- K&K Dodge Charger   

    Looks great!!
  11. Force added a post in a topic Rubber Duck Mack {AITM}   

    Nice work as allways Sean...I have one of these too and one of these days...
    Be sure to fix the air cleaner too as most of the outside scenes truck appearently had a Mack ENDT 676 Tip Turbine engine wich has two air ducts, one for the engine itself and one for the aftercooler.

    As far as I know the St Louis Dumptruck truck is one of the trucks used in the movie and so is the tanker they had.
    They also had one surviving Duel truck but I have read that they are both sold.
  12. Force added a post in a topic Barry Setzer 1/16 "Monocoque" Dragster: On the Workbench 12/6/15   

    Very nice, looks almost better than the real car.
  13. Force added a post in a topic NASCAR Fans   

    Electric cars will kill the sport of auto racing completely and chase off spectators, the sound of the engines are a crucial part of the experience together with the smell of hot oil and exhaust fumes of racing gas, and it should be loud.
    For example Formula 1 has lost much of it's appeal since they went to quieter turbo V6 / hybrid engine packages and many I know will not go to another F1 race until the "old" sound is back.
    There are a series called Formula E with electric cars...I have seen a couple of races on TV but it isn't for me with the engine sounds gone.
  14. Force added a post in a topic Changes at Model Cars Magazine   

    I got my copy of Model Cars #199 November 2015 in the mail this Monday and the magazine came in a transparent plastic bag this time.
    The magazine is great as usual but I wasn't that impressed that they put the address lable sticker on the front of the magazine cover in the lower right corner, they could at least have put it on the back cover, or preferably on the plastic bag itself...earlier I got my magazine in an envelope and the address lable was on the envelope and not on the magazine itself.
  15. Force added a post in a topic 2016 Italeri Releases   

    Hopefully they did a new chassis and don't use the old 6X2 single drive tag axle chassis from the 142 series...and also a new DC16 engine.