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  1. I don't know for sure but after what I have seen on Paul Sagehorn's own now gone tvtruckin.com website some years ago the Movin On truck and the BJ truck he has now is supposed to be the real deal, he even found the right Brown trailer for it. He had a replica BJ truck with a trailer with a modern reefer unit at first but he appearently sold that when he found the truck he has now. If you follow the link below you can see what Paul himself wrote about his TV trucks on Hank's Truck Forum in 2009. http://hankstruckforum.com/htforum/index.php?topic=31943.0 This is what was found under the fifth wheel mounting plate on this truck when it was restored, the photo is saved from Paul's own tvtruckin.com website.
  2. Pet peeve of mine!

    Yellow was Accel, MSD's signature color is red, today you can get MSD stuff in black too. The thing bugging me on a build is left moldlines on things like the radiator and other visible places.
  3. Very nice as usual and you do great work with these decals. But I'm still waiting on the upphostery pattern for the Thunderbolt rear seat and the valve cover and air cleaner decals for the Mopar Super Stock cars, I can't find them on your site.
  4. And the old tires has the Good Year name...but not Eagle, the rear slicks is just Good Year and the fronts says Good Year Frontrunner.
  5. It's most likely exactly the same as the Reher Morrison re-issue from 2014 with different decals, so it's not the same as the first issue from 1984. The tooling was modified slightly first to do the Tony Foti LAPD Camaro in 1991, then a bit more to do the Jerry Eckman Pennzoil and Rickie Smith STP Pontiac Firebird Pro Stock kits also in 1991, and later even more to do the Warren Johnson GM Goodwrench/Superman and Mark Pawuk Summit Pontiac Firebird Pro Stock kits in 1999. The floorboard is changed to fit the newer swoopy Pontiac body, the rollcage is changed to do the "funny car cage" around the driver wich were in the later issues but the whole cage is not in the kit now as it was not used in 1982-83, and some of the engine parts are different from the 1984 issue.
  6. New Revell '32 Ford 5-window coupe

    This thread was started 2009 and I bought mine back when this kit was first issued back in 2009, that's the copyright date on the kit box and instructions I have. But this kit has been reissued at least a couple of times since then, 2011 and 2016, and for some reason they did new instructions for it wich was more wrong than the original ones was...who knows why.
  7. The Team Chimera truck is the transporter truck for the show/race truck Chimera designed by Jan Richter and built by Sven-Erik "Svempa" Bergendahl from Stockholm Sweden, Italeri also did the limited edition Dark Diamond, Black Amber and Blue Shark from the Svempa/Richter design team. Just for information, the engine in this kit is not right as it's the old 14.2 litre displacement DS14 wich originally came in the Scania 140 series in 1969, Italeri has used this engine since the first Scania truck kit they made back in the 80's, it was correct back then but even tho' it's modified some it's definately not correct for the R730. Scania replaced the DS14 with the DC16 in 2002, first with 15.6 litre displacement but later increased to 16.4 litre wich the 730 is, and even if it still is a V8 it looks quite different. Picture of the old DS14. Picture of the later correct DC16 wich should have been in the kit...and all Italeri Scania kits with V8 since 2002.
  8. New Revell '32 Ford 5-window coupe

    My version of the 5 Window Coupe from 2009 the instructions show the cylinder heads the correct way except in one picture where passenger side of the engine is shown for the oil filter placement, in that picture the head is drawn upside down. But I really never trust instructions myself as they often can be confusing and sometimes wrong as in this case, if you examine the parts and how they are supposed to go together and do some test fitting you will see right away that something is wrong and the parts woun't fit as descrbed. The valve covers has locator pins on the underside and the heads has the corresponding holes for these pins if you turn them the right side up as you have done in your first pic, the heads also has locator tabs that fits into the cavities in the deck surface of the block, so it's quite obvious wich way the heads should be. If you are picky the oil pan is also the wrong way as the deep part of the oil pan on the first generation Hemi is at the rear.
  9. Looking for a '69 Camaro RS grille

    That's a '69 and it's the standard grille, the RS grille had hidden headlights. I have one from a Revell kit you can have Erik, PM me with your address and it's yours.
  10. First Ford Ever!

    I don't really know where they got it from as it's not correct to the real 1966 engine. The '69 Mustang is a old MPC kit and the '66 Mustang HT kit has allways been AMT and it's funny that these two kits were so similar in construction...and both are wrong. Some of the 1964½ Mustang with the 260 had the oil filler tube but there were 260 Mustangs without the tube also as they apparently came both ways. It may have had to do with where they were sold, the '64 Fairlane I had came from California and was built in November 1963 at the San Jose plant, the 289 engine in it had a PCV valve in the passenger side valve cover and a breather in the driver side valve cover where you filled the oil, and California was early with emission control.
  11. Just a few thoughts on scale

    The metric system is based on millimeter, centimeter, decimeter, meter and kilometer and everything is evenly multiplied or divided with 10, 100, 1000 to get a larger or smaller unit of measurement, so it really doesnt matter that much what scale you are working with if you use metric. If any scale would be very easy to do in metric it would be even scales, 1:10, 1:20, 1:50, 1:100, 1:200 1:250, 1:500 and so on and construction blueprints are often in these scales, for example 1 millimeter in 1:50th scale would be 50 millimeters (5 centimeters) in the real world. But it works well with any scale, 1 milimeter in 1:24th scale is 24 millimeters in 1:1, 1 millimeter in 1:25th scale is 25 millimeters, and the other way around.
  12. First Ford Ever!

    This kit is a old MPC kit and it's quite crude compared to more modern toolings, none of the engines are really that accurate to what they are supposed to be and doesn't look right everywhere. The small block in the kit is most likely supposed to be a 351 Windsor based on the shape of the valve covers, and the 351 Cleveland came in late 1969 for the 1970 model year. Ford used a oil filler tube on the 221-260 and early 289 but if it would have been this oil filler tube it would have been only on the drivers side of the water pump going into the upper part of the timing chain cover on that side. But it went away in 1964 beacuse the '64 Fairlaine with a 289 I used to own didn't have this tube, after 1963 they moved the breather to the drivers side valve cover and you filled the oil through it, they also added a PCV valve to the other valve cover, so Ford didn't use oil filler tubes in 1969 and the 351W never had one. Apparently didn't MPC do the homework right before they did this kit.
  13. The printer plate is just a thin sheet of aluminum used in an offset printer, go to your local printer and see if they have any old used ones you can have. Otherwise you can use an aluminum soda can or use the material from disposable aluminum foil pans or serving trays wich is thinner than the cans but holds the shapes good, there are some on the market with quite large flat surfaces one can cut out and use.
  14. Hobbico - BANKRUPT!

    Well said. Anything we say at this moment is just pure speculation as there are not much facts regarding this yet. I think we have to wait and see what will happen.