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  1. I wish they would sell the 11.00-22 tires and rims from the White-Freightliner as a parts pack, the 10.00-20 looks too small on many trucks.
  2. I'm envious. Malone were in Sweden under his first European Tour back in 1981 but the Malone "Circus" didn't go anywhere near where I live in the northern parts so I never saw the trucks live.
  3. Of course I am. 😜 Just kidding...but seriously, I have done a lot of research on "Tyrone" Malone's trucks and that's what I have found out about the color on the Bandit.
  4. Black. The version the model kit is from the late 70's early 80's had a blue tint in the clear coat over the black so it shines a bit in blue in direct sunlight, the later versions are straight black.
  5. The Revell Germany Kenworth W900 glue kit came a year or two after the T600 kits and the W900 and T600 kits share no parts. Revell Germany issued the Kenworth T600 kits 1990 and 1991 and they are partly based on their K100 kit from 1982, you cut off and use the back half of the chassis from the K100 kit together with other front frame rails and front suspension, the engine and the rest of the drive train is also used from the K100 kit so the T600 kits has a Cummins NTC 475 engine and not the Caterpillar 3408 the W900 kit has.
  6. It's allready here, at the end of stage1 and 2, in my opinion not needed and it would be more interesting if it stayed green through the stage ends so the race continues. As it is now you allready know the yellow flag will fly at the stage ends and it's boooring. And I don't like the larger rims, it looks like it could be any race car except a NASCAR car, 15 inch steel wheels has been synonymous with NASCAR since the beginning, and the wheel size decides how large brakes you can have. What's next...carbon brakes...center nut wheels...air jacks...pressurized fuel rig...in that case it's like any other racing series and not NASCAR anymore...not the right way to regain interest for the sport.
  7. This trailer was sold as a combo kit with a Peterbilt 359 back in the day but will fit any truck in 1:25th scale.
  8. Force

    Any NEW kits ?

    A modified reissue is better than nothing, but how many of the same basic kit do one want...a new tool kit now and then keeps the interest up at least for me and if there were only reissues available in the future my buying will for sure drop to nearly zero like it has with AMT/MPC, I only buy what I wanted but missed the last times the kits were out and it gets less and less.πŸ™„ The problem with deminishing sales at hobby shops and other retailers today is that we customers are too lazy to go there and buy what we need, we do our shopping online instead because it's easier as we don't have to get out of the house to do it, that's one big reason to why retailers stop carrying model kits and supplies, they woun't carry merchandise that don't sell and lies on the shelves for months and months, we complain but don't do anything about it until it's too late, another reason is that kids today have little interest of building models, they prefer computer games and such. Where I live there is only one shop that carry model kits, it's a toy store and they have only a small selection, the sales volume are so small so I'm afraid they will stop carrying model kits alltogether...then we don't have any other choice than to get everything online or mailorder. Back in the 70's and 80's, well before the digital era, many stores carried model kits and I think we had at least ten shops and stores we could go to and get kits and supplies in my town...now we have one...not a good omen. So we can't blame any other than ourselves. Even if it's a brand new tool it could have been in the works before the new owners bought Revell. So time will tell how many new tool kits they will do in the future, I hope they will.
  9. Here is a paintjob a friend of mine did on his 61 Oldsmobile, he did everything himself in his garage at his house.
  10. Again...it's only four years since the last time it was reissued.
  11. Force

    Any NEW kits ?

    In my book a "new kit" is a kit made from all new tooling and we haven't seen many of those lately, at least of US cars. The Revell 57 Ford Sedan Gasser above is just another version combined of allready existing tooling and that's not what I call a new kit even tho' it hasn't been out on the market in that way before, a model like that could easily have been built from recently issued kits of the different Revell 57 Ford versions. Most of what Revell has issued the last months are kits developed before the company was sold and I don't believe the new owners has done many new developed kits yet, but time will tell. I really hope Revell doesn't end up like Round 2 and only do reissues of older car and truck kits. πŸ™„
  12. Well I don't have that particular truck kit myself but the Italeri Freightliner FLC I have (and several of the other Italeri US truck kits) has the old Stabilaire suspension wich Freightliner called Airliner and I assumed it was the case this time too, I just checked the FLD instructions on the Modeltrucks25 Fotki album and you're absolutely right, the FLD has both the old Stabilaire/Airliner suspension and the later Airliner II suspension.
  13. Thanks for the explanation Mark, now I get it. πŸ‘
  14. The stance for your model reminds me of this car I saw at the NHRA Museum Twilight Cruise at Pomona CA back in April 2016. This was a street driven car but I like the look of these Maverick and Comet race cars from that era.
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