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  1. BJ and the Bear kit

    One of them did, the production company had at least one backup for each season, it's not uncommon to do that, if one breaks down the other is still working and the production can go on uninterupted.
  2. AMT peterbilt 359

    Don't worry, you can say it's a later re-power, and I have also seen engine manufacturers colors in Peterbilts where they should have had white engines (before 1984 that is), so all didn't have white engines.
  3. AMT6563 - 57 Bel air directions

    Well it should maybe be in the wanted section instead as it's there people asks for them.
  4. AMT6563 - 57 Bel air directions

    You got the instructions from Casey there. But for the future, go to https://public.fotki.com/drasticplasticsmcc/mkiba-build-under-c/ and browse around there if you need an instruction, the Drastic Plastics Model Car Club has the largest instruction and box art library I know of, they don't have everything but a whole lot. I don't understand why the administrators haven't pinned a post with their link somewhere on the forum yet so it's easy to find, for example here in the wanted section, it's an essential tool when it comes to lost instructions and many asks for instructions for this and that model kit all the time...if one go there first one might not have to ask here.
  5. Interesting subject and very well executed.
  6. A source for thin aluminum is regular soda cans, they work fine if you don't need large pieces.
  7. Snowman truck and trailer

    Nice result indeed.
  8. It's not a bad idea to test fit everything before paint so one can do adjustments if necessary.
  9. I like this one, John Force's 1994 car. And this one from 1996. And my favourite is the Driver Of The Year car from 1997 and I have a picture of this car called "In The Spotlight" original artwork by Kenny Youngblood on my wall.
  10. Stretched Big Rig question

    I think it's mostly because the streched look is in right now when people customizes their trucks. Of course a longer wheel base gives you a smoother ride, but I'm more old school and personally I think most of the "over stretched" trucks looks ridiculous and impractical, because you don't need 10 feet of space between the sleeper and trailer...but on the other hand, when has practical and custom been mentioned in the same line.
  11. BJ and the Bear 1/25

    Both the AMT K123 and W925 wich has the same drivers seat base has been reissued lately so the kits can't be that hard to find, the K100 Aerodyne kit is also quite easy to find as the Tyrone Malone Papa Truck transporter was reissued not long ago. Yes...or use the seats from the AMT K100 Aerodyne with K123/W925 bases or detail up the bases from the K100 Aerodyne, the seat base can of course be scratch built too as it isn't that complicated. You decide for yourself how you will attack this. K100 seats like they are in the BJ truck. AMT K123 seat. AMT W925 seat. AMT K100 Aerodyne seat.
  12. Cat Track assy's

    Looks like it could be from something like a crawler crane or something like that, the pads on the tracks looks like excavator pads tho'.
  13. Edit Feature - Now Time Limited?

    My thought as well...I tried to go back and edit one of my posts I made about an hour ago just now as it wasn't that clear of what I meant but I thought something was wrong as the edit thing was gone. I don't do this often but sometimes it's good to be able to go back and edit earlier posts...if it's locked after 45 minutes it's not possible and you have to do a new post to clearify what you originally meant...not that good and user friendly in my book.
  14. I see Imex use the same 7424 kit number as the original Revell issue has, the "Packaged in USA" is a clue to it's most likely a rebox.
  15. BJ and the Bear 1/25

    It has one as do the W925, the K100 Aerodyne kit has two but not at the same detail level. You will not see much of them if you don't open the doors but the Revell kit has opening doors so one might want to have the right bases.