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  1. The bell shaped husing is a part of the two stage supercharger the Merlins had.
  2. I have two of these and it's a nice piece. One is going in to my upcoming Smokey And The Bandit "Snowman" truck.
  3. Yup. And It for sure is a Rolls Royce / Packard Merlin. Airfix had Merlins in 1:24th scale in the P51 Mustang and Spitfire.
  4. This guy has quite a reputation so beware if you plan to deal with him. Just so you are prepaired.
  5. My solution is to not use super glue on windows or anywhere else where fogging can occur because it's the fumes from the CA glue that causes the fogging.
  6. I think all Peterbilt 359 kits available are the standard short hood.
  7. I'm not against electric cars, not at all because they are powerful and you get full torque immediately. But I'm also totally convinced, like Jules Verne was, that Hydrogen is the future because it's the most abundant matter in the universe, we have plentiful of it on our planet and it will never end, allthough most of it is bound in water so it has to be split with electricity, but the advantage is that you can do it in advance with environment friendly power sources like wind or solar or whatever, and it goes back to water again when it's used so it's the most and easiest renewable source we have. I see the hydrogen gas as a "battery in gas form" and the biggest advantage is that the car makes it's own power in a fuel cell, it's easy to refill when it runs out so it's really like the fossil burning cars we have today and the gas stations can convert to hydrogen stations so the logistics is allredy there. You don't have to build millions and millions of charge stations everywhere both at home, at work and all over beside all the roads because one charge car needs at least two or more of them to be useful, you don't have to upgrade the power grids as much wich are not nearly enough if we all go over to charged electric cars and we also need more powerplants to produce the electricity for them, and if you burn coal or oil in them the environmental gain with an electric car is gone by far and you are better off using the car you have today. You don't need as many batteries in a hydrogen car as charge cars...and most of all, the hydrogen gas returns to water when combined with oxygen in a fuel cell or when it's burned so the exhaust is water vapor. Another thing, the materials for the batteries used in charge cars are definately not from an infinit source and will end up sooner or later, no one really knows how to take care of the used up batteries yet...so I see the charge electric cars as a transition to something better and more user friendly as the ones we have has to much limitations to be a good substitute to the cars we have today. My 2 cents in this.
  8. If you have any Super Clean (Castrol Super Clean) or Purple Power many use to remove paint, soak the plated parts in that and the plating will go away in minutes, the undercoating will take a little longer but will also go away.
  9. For information, the later more recent issue Will-Do has the same light bars.
  10. Yes, most of the beverage transports are in regular dry goods vehicles, reefers are for fresh meat and other foods that needs to be chilled or frozen.
  11. Yes you have to keep in mind that Revell has gone under new ownership since these kits came out, it's Germany based nowadays and their focus is maybe on other things than the American race cars...sad but true.
  12. Well I didn't check in the A-car Dump Truck kit before I answered...but, the suspension looks to be a straight copy of the A-car Dump suspension and it's indeed a Rockwell suspension, but the axles are changed as they are not top loader axles like in the A-car and is ring and pinion axles instead...so it has been modernised slightly. Many truck manufacturers use this heavy duty suspension and have different names for it, Kenworth call it Six Rod for example.
  13. Well you asked where to get one and I think the suspension Auslowe has is 1/25th scale as I belive it's pretty much a straight copy of the AMT Autocar Dump Truck suspension, I don't know of any other truck kit who has this suspension and I don't believe they have done it themselves. I have it and it's pretty nice.
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