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  1. I must add to this discussion. I have stopped at countless hobby shops in my travels, always looking for truck kits. I've lost count on the times shop workers (maybe owners?) that I've talked to who say "truck kits don't sell." What is on their shelves? European style trucks and trailers - not the American offerings. Of course they don't sell - the market for Euro trucks is non-existant in north America. I watched one shop sit on the same high-dollar European cabover kit for over 2 years while the AMT, Revell-Monogram and the Italeri Peterbilt and Freightliners sold around it. Wrong product, wrong market. Distributors don't realize or understand this specific market and you cannot convince me otherwise. To them (and the majority of shop operators) a truck is a truck is a truck (with pickups and fire appuratus lumped with trucks). Tim
  2. No kit.. but a couple of builders have done them. I attempted a Canadian B-train several years ago. Tim
  3. AMT never produced the kit. It was planned for a release with a Link-Belt crane/excavator. The refuse truck body only made it to prototype stages and during a labor dispute when the offices were closed, the pieces were damaged due to moisture and the planned kits were scrapped. Only the box art survived as well as the promotional announcement advertising sheets. Had there not been a union strike, the kits may well have been produced. The link that Casey posted has the story from a former AMT staffer. http://www.bonediggers.com/2-1/wlazlo/wlazlo.html Tim
  4. Here's a 378/357 SBFA side shot Here are couple of Peterbilt 378/357 set back front axle hoods I made from the Italeri/Revell 378 hood. Hopefully it helps you on making your hood. Tim
  5. The daycab plug in the kit is more like some aftermarket or shop-built plug to convert a former sleeper tractor into a daycab. I'm not a fan of that look. Tim
  6. Air cleaner intake options: Non dependent on engine: Farr dynacell frontal air intake like the kit. Farr front air intake that had two oval/eliptical 'nostrils' flanking the White Freightliner coathanger nameplate. Rack mounted between the exhaust single air cleaner - this one has cab mounted (outboard) exhaust The rack mounted was always my favorite - and one with the dual air cleaners was especially attractive. 12v71 was more common with twin breathers. This guy has a right side frame mounted canister and cab mounter snorkle. Other mounting locations: Cab mounted snorkle left outer corner, inset into the corner or recessed into the corner. Frame mounted canister was available. Freightliner was a custom builder and would build to suit the spec of the customer - so pretty much anything was possible. This photo borrowed from eBay is basically the model kit While I'm hunting the web for White-Freightliner pics.. this Glider Kit brochure roof view sure makes it clear the AMT rivets are out of scale - and almost best removed when the panel seams are filled in. Tim
  7. Just speculating, but I doubt it had front brakes - they were optional back then - and didn't become standard for several more years.
  8. So THAT's how factories get their trucks.. in boxed-kit form ! Tim
  9. Yes, Renshape style board. They have a dozen types/styles of the material. Noo, not 387, 579.. Tim
  10. Such nasty dirty pictures on the internet! Great weathing! Tim
  11. The doors were created using thin plastic, a line scored on the backside and gently bent to create the pucker. Tim
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