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  1. Flush to sit on a flat panel. I’ve found some that are stepped back but that’s not what I need
  2. Separate lenses would be ideal. The T600 looks promising but I’m open to other ideas!
  3. Looking for a couple pairs of headlights like the ones shown. Either a lead on what kit has them, or if anyone has a set floating around 1/25 scale
  4. I started with a couple Blazer bodies. I thought it would take less work since the roof is separate. The wheelbase has been lengthened, as well as behind the axle. The top of the quarter panel has been reshaped and everything from the belt line up has been scratch built
  5. A small peak at one I’ve started bashing. Inspired by the ambulance off of Emergency!. I figured I’d start with a standard roof, and then build the raised top as an add on.
  6. Thanks! it looks a lot closer than the ‘72 pick up frame!
  7. The red frame is from the current issue of the ‘72 Chevy pick up. The white frame is from the Blazer kit of the same vintage. I figured same body style they would be close
  8. I’ve had them available for about a year. Yes, I’m working on an early and late tilt hood Paystar.... no eta... PM me your email and I’ll send you a price list
  9. I have the large single air tank available if you’re interested
  10. Any idea on a 2wd conversion for the Crew Chief Blazer or the Jimbo GMC Kit? Looking to stay with a stock IFS I thought that the front frame stub of the ‘72 Chevy pick up would work but the frame is different width.....
  11. I offer the 9300 in the set forward, and set back axle versions, a 60” Bentz style flat top sleeper and the 60” “Eagle” raised top sleeper, and a correct visor for it
  12. Now available from Models by Dave! Here is the “Generals Quarters “ sleeper that was on Snowman’s GMC General in Smokey and the Bandit Includes sleeper, floor, 2 side windows, front window, sleeper pass through, 5 roof lights, and 2 spot lights. Designed to work with the AMT 1/25 General kit. Message me for more information
  13. Yes I still have them available. You can message me if you’re interested
  14. Anyone know of a company that could CNC cut/ machine parts in styrene? I’m looking for somewhere that could do a small run. Thanks
  15. A couple of new conversions are in the works from Models by Dave. They will fit the Italeri FLD &FLC kits.
  16. The 4300’s with the bigger bore engines also had a longer hood by 6” IIRC
  17. Yup. Borg Warner. Was used by Ford and IH Not sure if it’s ever been in a kit.
  18. Looking for a T19, or T18 transmission in 1/25. Any leads would be appreciated!
  19. Don’t worry about Archer rivets coming off. Just put a couple light coats of primer or paint over top of them to seal them down. These are Archer on this sleeper casting. I just used a light coat of Tamiya primer to seal it before molding
  20. Now available from Models by Dave! Bentz style 60” flat top sleeper. This would be correct for the 4300 kit, or either of my 9300 conversions
  21. I have a sleeper master just about done for the Snowman’s General from Smoky and the Bandit 2
  22. Now available from Models by Dave Ultracab roof and visor set for the Italeri 377, or AMT Long Hauler kit. Message me for details
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