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  1. Doubt someone walked off with it in their pocket. Lol. Crazy nice caddy.
  2. Do you know if he still makes them or has a website?
  3. Yes. Hobbylinc has a lot of wheels. Most of the time they're not in stock and you order and don't pay. That's how I do it,put orders in and wait as it trickles in and then put together a shipment once I have a box full. Like this order was probably a purchase or two a week for two months. And definitely diner,some cleaning and husbandry duties.
  4. Anyone recognize this ? I had it a few years ago but don't recall who made it or where I got it. Appreciate any help.
  5. Here's my last week or so. Unfortunately the 64 convertible came of Friday which happens to be my wife's day off.. And I picked up another 68' Haulin hearse is kitty approved Hobbylinc japan
  6. Wow! Never seen one before. So clean.
  7. Looks awesome. Great idea to paint it different.
  8. Looks good. I Like these models.
  9. A Chevy? Lol. Looks fantastic.
  10. Looks super clean. It's a 48 ? I built this kit before and I remember the small detail bits especially on the undercarriage.
  11. For me the model king chose to sell most kits that I want and/or have,the camper/racers wedge,Mack truck and the list just keeps going.
  12. Believe nothing you hear and only half of what you see. And tv,including the news,cnn,msnbc would be in that half of what you see. Yea,I'm a tad jaded. ?
  13. Good luck. A duplex is a great investment. Let your tenant pay your mortgage. Never been to Tennessee,sounds like a cool state.
  14. Tool,fire estinguisher and engine stand from amt 62 Buick wagon Elephant,jack and chrome brake drum from amt 62 Buick 225
  15. JB, I had the kit those trophies came in but don't remember for certain. I think 62 Buick 225.
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