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  1. Excellent build LIN. Paint is very scale realistic with clear demarcation of white stripes. Window trims are superb and the interior has depth. Well done.
  2. Very clean 1/43 builds. Love the 908 - hard to make silver look in scale - yours looks great. Well done.
  3. The Ferrari F1-2000 was car that the Ferrari team competed with for the 2000 Formula One season. Ross Brawn (current F1 Managing Director) played a vital role in leading the production of the car as the team's Technical Director. Michael Schumacher drove the F1-2000 to his third World Drivers' Title and Ferrari's first after a 21 year title drought. Tamiya produced their 1/20 scale kit with great accuracy and the engine was enhanced with wiring, plumbing and aluminium fittings. Extensive carbon fibre decalling was applied along with heat shielding foil was used in the engine department. Paints used were Tamiya TS lacquers and enamels and Testors metallizers. Steve Hansford Melbourne, Australia. Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/fazmodeller
  4. Thanks for the kind words. Thanks also to Kurt as I found the missing lens and will glue it on. The wheels were if I remember correctly KA Models for Italeri rims and spokes - think I fluked that one as it is the only ones I have found. I have used Fujimi for their GTO wheels on the 250 SWB which I will post soon. Tyres I believe were from a spare Fujimi GTO kit I have. I am currently building the 250 California Spider without bumpers as per a 1:1 car I have an article in Octane magazine. Took a look at your NART and it is a beautiful build with opening boot and doors. Pity I heard Ferrari recently bought back all the rights to their merchandise including models and model kits. Over the years Fujimi have kept up the releases and sadly for the moment there may be a delay in any more. Steve.
  5. The Ferrari 275 GTB/4S NART Spider was a roadgoing 2-seater spider version of the 275 GTB/4, 10 of which were built in 1967. This model was introduced with a revised four overhead camshaft 3.3 Litre overhead camshaft Colombo V12 engine producing 300 hp. This Italeri 1/24 scale kit has been upgraded with turned aluminium rimmed wire wheels. The kit is an accurate replica and just requires filling of a few injection pins on the underside of the floorpan and replacement of the wire wheels for enhanced realism. Steve Hansford Melbourne, Australia Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/fazmodeller
  6. Absolutely stunning work. Model Factory Hiro kits whilst exceptionally detailed are a labour of love to achieve the most realistic finish - you have created a masterpiece - well done. I just want to go back and study the detail and weathering.
  7. ZZ Top is an American Rock Band formed in 1969 who have sold over 50 million albums. One of their founding members, Billy Gibbons, who has always been a car collector and Hot Rod enthusiast commissioned the customised chopped Ford 1933 Coupe which featured on the cover of their 10 million copies sold 1983 released album "Eliminator". The car featured in 3 music videos featuring hit singles ( Give Me All Your Lovin' ,Sharp Dressed Man and Legs) from the album. Monogram released this kit in 1985 and re-released it 3 more times with little change. Although it suffers from Americas kit manufacturers simplicity of detail the shape and fit work and overall it is a straightforward build. Monogram seem to have captured the classic curves of 1930s car design well. To improve realism a photoetch grille and turned aluminium exhaust trumpets and gas cap have been added. Paints used are Tamiya and Alclad lacquers. Steve Hansford Melbourne, Australia Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/fazmodeller
  8. Awesome paint Simon. Love the metallic and the hue of the colour. Great to find you on here. I have also posted the Lola T-160-TS and will be posting more soon. The lockdown has had its benefits.....lots of completed builds that needed to be finished. Steve.
  9. Thanks for all the kind words - mean a lot. It certainly was the easiest AMT kits I have built - Tried a NASCAR once - one of lifes great tests.
  10. The Shelby Mustang is a high-performance variant of the Ford Mustang which was built by Shelby American from 1965 to 1968. For 1967, the GT350 model carried over the K-Code high performance 289 cu in engine with a 'COBRA' aluminum hi-rise. AMT produced a 1/25 scale kit of the 1967 model of this iconic muscle car. It is built Out of Box for a change and overall was an enjoyable build. Paints were Tamiya TS lacquers and Alclad metallizers. Steve Hansford Melbourne, Australia Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/fazmodeller
  11. Thanks everyone for the kind words. I also have the McLaren M8A on the bench - painted but still working on the build. Will post some more of my builds soon. Cheers, Steve.
  12. Nice clean build. Well done. Love these Lancias. Have the Revell (reboxed Hasegawa) started - need to get it finished.
  13. The Lola T70 had had a successful Can-Am career, winning the inaugural Championship in 1966 with John Surtees, Mark Donohue and Dan Gurney winning five out of the six races and Surtees and Donohue finishing 1-2 in the Championship standings. Surtees began to develop the car to his own ideas in 1968, most obviously fitting a high rear wing and modifying the bodywork, in fact Surtees now called his car a Lola TS160.The CanAm was an American Canadian road racing championship that ran from 1966 to 1980 and was famous for its open rules which allowed enormous horsepower and almost unlimited chassis design. In their time they were faster than Formula 1 and absolutely spectacular to watch. Tamiya released a series of 1/18 scale cars back in the late 1960s including this Lola TS160 and the McLaren M8A which were impressive for their tooling for the time. They did suffer a little for detail and incorporated the provision for the addition of a "rectric motawh" (Japanese for electric motor - popular in kits of the time) and hence battery compartments which had to be modified in building the static model. Aside from this a distributor and wiring was added as well as turned aluminium intake trumpets, braided line and aluminium fittings and seat belts. Paints were Tamiya lacquers decanted for airbrushing along with Alclad and Testors metallizers. Although for various reasons this kit has taken a while I finally have just finished it and am pleased with the result. Hope you enjoy. Steve Hansford Melbourne, Australia. Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/fazmodeller
  14. An absolute masterpiece - work of art. Having built a 1/24 scale Model Factory Hiro Ferrari I appreciate the work that went into this. The realism is amazing - the paint and weathering are superb. One of the best models I have seen. Totally inspirational....so well done. Steve.
  15. Have been a member of the forum for a while and enjoyed the quality of the work and the builds. I have been building for almost 30 years.....longer than I realised. I have a passion for Ferraris hence the Profile name and also a variety of Racing categories and automotive sports car design. I have always liked the feel of this forum so I thought I would post some of my builds and have started with a McLaren GT3 in the Racing section. Look forward to being more of a participant rather than an observer and connecting with some of the members to share mutual passions. Steve Hansford, Melbourne, Australia.
  16. McLaren, famous for their incredible success in Formula 1, designed the MP4-12C which used a carbon fibre composite chassis, and is powered by a longitudinally-mounted 3.8 Litre twin-turbocharged V8 engine and produced a small number of cars in order for them to compete in the FIA Group GT3. The 1/24 scale Fujimi kit is enhanced by the use of photoetched parts and carbon fibre decals. Paint is Zero Paints McLaren colour matched with Tamiya lacquer gloss coat with Alclad metal lacquers. Hope you enjoy. Steve Hansford Melbourne, Australia.
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