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  1. Does anyone in Ontario know of any hobby shops that sell Paint Booths? preferably in the Ottawa area. This is what I'm using ATM It's served me well, but after reading up on home made booths, the boom factor has me a little wary of using it!I'm also getting tired of scrubbing the bathroom fan to get rid of the caked on dried paint. Has anyone used the portable job?It looks great, except it doesn't look like I can vent the airflow out, like in the pic above. ---- Mike
  2. When delivered, does the magazine go out in a yellow envelope, or does it go out wrapped in clear plastic. I ask because SA comes wrapped in clear plastic, and a few of my issues never made them to me. I can only assume that since the they come in clear plastic, someone along the way decided to snag it. My annual Contest Cars copy included. Thanks! Mike
  3. Great kit, just picked up 10 of them for $5 each at a local liquidation outlet, aside from building one box stock, i havent decided how to build the others! BTW..hi everyone...new guy here! --- Mike
  4. Wow..that's so simple..it never occurred to me to use a Sharpie lol Thanks Harry!
  5. Thanks for the reply Chris...I forgot to mention that I was looking for distributor wire
  6. I have tons of the red, white or blue hookup wire that comes in spools at Radio Shack/The Source. I know the bright colored wires ( orange, yellow, purple ect) that we buy from aftermarket companies is essentially the same wire, i just cant find any, anywhere. Does anyone know where I can get my hands on spools of this stuff?
  7. Thanks for the input Foxer..much appreciated! --- Mike
  8. You're right about that! My model building friends at the LHS basically told me the same thing. Doesnt hurt to ask around though. My PS skills are certainly rusty but it shouldn't take too long to get the hang of it again. Does it matter if the printer I'm using is a laserjet. I'd rather have an ALPS but those baby's are hard to come by! Gregg, Decal Gear is software designed to make decals for scale models , it's only 10 bucks, but as harry said, if i have Photoshop... --- Mike
  9. I know it's only afew bucks...but is it worth buying? I have Photoshop , and since I used to design websites and do graphics design work, i have a ton of graphics, as well as 20-30,000 or so fonts. Is there any advantage over PS to using this software? --- Mike
  10. Just wanted to say hello to everyone! I've known about MCM for awhile but never checked out the website until now! Donn Yost mentioned it in his new DVD, so i thought I'd take a look at the Forum. I must say.. The Community is great. I cant find the mag anywhere in my area, but I can honestly say that electronic version has me sold, gonna get me a subscription after Christmas..or maybe for Christmas! I see a few people here I haven't seen on the SA Forum for a while now..most notably harrypri! Good to see you! ---Mike
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