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  1. I've been following this build for..half a decade now,but this is the first time..i think..I felt I had to comment. The bends on those fuel lines are nothing short of beautiful! I cant wait to see the big payoff!
  2. Might be a little late, but for these older 70s high impact colors I always go to NAPA. They mixed many colors for me in the past, including plum crazy and they all looked great. May be a little pricey for the small amout youre getting but I think its worth it.
  3. I get my Ty build fixes on the facebook model builders group!
  4. I've never bothered with my underside..just a coat of semi gloss black and thats it. Any suggestions on how i can perk them up a little without adding a ton of detail? Maybe some pics of some chassis that arent as boring as mine? --- Mike
  5. Yeah me likey that chevy gasser so much I'm gonna plagiarize that bugger!!! Beautiful as usual DOnn!
  6. I have a crapload of Tamiya/MM/Testors cans I havent used yet. Many have been sitting in my rack for a couple of years now. The other day I went through them to see what I had...and found this Just the model master cans. I found a few like this. What happened here? --- Mike
  7. Here's something that may help you out in the future. Over the years I've saved all of the schematics I've found online, and put them in a PB album for easy access where ever i am. Just to be clear, none of these are mine, I did not create these. The credit goes to many other people, unfortunately I have no idea who they are! Schematics - Fuel, Wiring and Others
  8. I have a bunch of diagrams saved to photobucket.com , they might come in handy. If not for this then maybe some other time . http://s64.photobucket.com/user/EvilAppetite/library/Schematics
  9. I read an article in Scale Auto years back about using a bucket of charcoal and water, with the end of the vent tubing placed down inside the charcoal. I have the mag here somewhere. If I come acros it ill scan the diagram for you. Might want to ask around the SA forum, someone there may know.
  10. Need schematics? I collected a bunch over the last few years. None are created by me..the credit goes to others. http://s64.photobucket.com/user/EvilAppetite/library/Schematics?sort=3&page=1
  11. I havent been building for the last 4-5 months. Bought a new Jackson and have been playing that instead of building. These engines may have just inspired me to start building again!
  12. Come on...they have to be scale models..not the real thing!!
  13. I saw that title and freaked! Oh No! They're dropping The Walking Dead!! Thanks for the heads up on the book though, I'll be looking for it
  14. I guess I can remove those decals off of my 'to buy' list. Any idea when this baby will be released?
  15. They're usually few and far between but I've found many over the years at VV, including a 1/16th scale Revell Dragster, some SW kits and afew Gundam. I've found them at SA as well, but only twice. Biggest haul was the FC's last week . Afew months ago it was 2 old Monogram boxes stuffed with funny Car and Pro Sock parts and wheels.
  16. I started for less than $50, Alumnilites starter package, afew dollar store items like extra sticks and measuring cups, and a small garbage bag full of Lego's from a Second hand store called Value Village for $3.99. And I do mean full, there are thousands of pieces in that bag. Dollar stores and second hand stores are a great place to shop when it comes to this hobby. Last week I picked up half a dozen older Revell and Monogam Funny Car kits for 1.99 each. I love those stores!
  17. When I have the time on the weekends, I toss'em all into the middle of the room and roll around in'em hehe
  18. The closet is a deep one...4 kits deep. afew boxes stacked up to the ceiling might as well show the other side of the room while i'm at it, got that paint stand and about $1000 worth of paint, cans and bottled as well as 30 bottles of glue, 20 white / grey cans of primer and a few dozen jars of textured diorama paint. They decided a year before to get out of the model side of the hobby business, so i had been going in and buying cans of Tamiya paint, primer and clear at $5 each. Walked in one day and she asked me if I wanted to take it away! All I had to do way buy the 3 cans i went in there for at full price. These kits barely scratch the surface. I have dozens of boxes in my store room.
  19. CC would be great for those with CC. I'm one of those who dont have a CC. I purchase from those after market companies that offer PayPal. I'd love to be able to order from you , but the current method is too much of a hassle, Pay Pal would be great, I'd be ordering from you on a regular basis, I'm sure many more would as well. --- Mike
  20. I have all of the schematics and drawings I've come across uploaded to my photobucket site. I think what you're looking for might be there. http://photobucket.com/schematics
  21. So, 1 for the starter, and one for the electonics box..i assume the second battery would run directly to the electonics box? Also, where online can i find a good picture of an electronics box? I searched Google but came up with everything from the beatles box sets to ps3! My apologies tyrone..not intending to HJ your thread, I figured why open another thread...
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