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  1. Thomas, could not be better in any way. Novel and beautiful. A racing roller skate!
  2. I just sent out for another 12 month supply of patience Bruce. Thanks to all you guys...
  3. About 75% assembled... No tape or pins holding together, these parts bolted in place so far. Still major work for the hood but mostly bolt-on items like running boards, rear fenders and accessories:
  4. Thinking of you today. I know you've had better Christmas Eves. But we all want you to keep faith that you will have many more. We don't forget and want you back here badly. C
  5. The rear window... Chrome is done, Lexan in place and all installed:
  6. Have not heard beyond that he's in the heart refab facility and they are trying to coordinate with the cancer oncologist. He has not been able to respond to email so far - to me at least. Dave may know more.
  7. Well, there are no English castles or Big Ben in my neighborhood Scott. . But I do have backdrop and photo plans when the time comes. That will be the 'fun' part.
  8. Not sooo much Mike. Remember the fenders, trunk, wheels and tires are all done and just bolt on. Small details like lights to add but the real fabricating and fitting is only the hood. I'm still perfecting the finished door fit so taking my time now and trying to be really careful about not hurting anything.
  9. Thanks Bruce. In the main coach we actually are in final. But still, slicing and dicing of the hood panels will likely be the end of the heavy lifting. Success remains to be seen.
  10. You have the lines better than Ford did Mike. Same color as the beautiful Cobra. Wonderful.
  11. Someone just made a $1000 donation to Harry's Fund ! If it's anyone here, bless you. Prayers and money will get our man out of this. Please keep both coming as best you can. C
  12. One door complete... Click each picture for full size.
  13. You're right but jus' sayin'...Andretti, Lake Speed, Jeff Gordon......
  14. This is the very succinct advice I found most helpful in our tough situation here. Very tough to do but you do come out the other side better off. Click the 'apply' button on your new situation and make it your new way of life. It DOES work... C
  15. Thank you guys... Here are some details finally attached permanently. The windshield, dashboard, luggage rack and landaus. A dab of touch up here and there and a tuck of leather will neaten it all up. Still to come - the spotlight, rear view mirror, and wipers. Then the inner door panels with side windows and the doors will go on permanently. A footnote: early on in my planning, I considered not only chopping the windscreen (which I did) but canting it back a few degrees. I had a discussion at the time with Harry who graciously did a photoshop on a photo I provided. He advised against it on a styling perspective. I pondered the change a long time and rejected the idea on technical grounds; the base of the posts is a nest of compound curves and I'm not that good. But I always felt I was leaving something on the table in my quest for streamlined elegance. Now seeing the final 'look' I'm most happy I didn't do it. And have enormous respect for Harry's graphic and artistic talents. We truly need him back here; he has helped countless of us who asked for it. C
  16. You're on a roll now Dude - don't let off. There's plenty of (BIG) models yet to build...
  17. I'm late to this party but GREAT news to wake up to! But geeze - you'll try anything to get out of building that Shooting Brake.. Concentrate on that and forget the 'almost gone' memories. Take strength from the immense recovery you just made and know that you have the tools to really beat this. Get and remain more 'positiver' - it IS the best medicine as you can see now. And as you can see, there's a gang of us riding on your gown's tails. Bad news - Your Bears are playing my Giants today. Look away if it too ugly... C
  18. It is way too early in the chemo treatment to have that happen. The cancer, undetected over time was doing that. It is vital now that we have contributed resources to his cause, that we express positive thoughts, support and encouragement here to him. We can keep the anxiety and take it off of Harry. That will be as beneficial as good medicine to him. Indeed his improvement this morning has him eating solid food and all breathing tubes removed. That is huge and we need to keep it going. C
  19. BREAKING NEWS>>>>>> I was just informed (6:20 ET) that the breathing tube has been removed from Harry and he is breathing on his own. Some medications have also been discontinued. The latest medical evidence does not confirm sepsis and he was treated for that in an abundance of caution. The pneumonia may be more controlled by the current treatment. I have no information on his heart condition nor the progress of the cancer. He remains off chemotherapy at this time. So we can not get overjoyed at this moment. He's still in deep woods. But we can take heart that he is feeling our love and following all our advice to fight for his life. He has asked that you all be thanked for your concern and generosity of prayers and resources. The other good news is that he has caring family members at his bed side. More when information is available.
  20. He is putting up a fight. As of late yesterday, he has stabilized a bit and was on and off breathing aid awhile. Very weak and very sedated. He is still in very deep water and no chemo can continue until sepsis is controlled and his heart hopefully regains some strength.
  21. I know everyone looks to Harry for answers since he's used this very successfully. But it may be some time before he can answer as he's now been hospitalized in his fight with cancer. See the post in the Lounge section.
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