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  1. I got it now finally and Thanks! for the great stuff! Theres nothing like the sense of humor the military guys have! Kudos for sharing it. ~ Jeff
  2. Wagons rule! You did the Olds proud! I always loved those Johan kits and yours is very impressive & great job. ~ Jeff
  3. Very impressive and a well done job on the Coronet! ~ Jeff
  4. I'am trying to buy again all the Tom Daniel kits I built when I was a kid and so far have most of them but still hunting for a few more like the Calif Street Vette and the Monogram 4dr Vette kit. Also, Monogram Chevy Luv truck, Johan AMC Marlin and AMT '75-? Matador kit ( stock version) If anybody has these kits, email me! Thanks! ~ Jeff
  5. Thats funny in a not so funny way! That kit was such a poor seller, it was often seen for sale for 1-2 dollars and still nobody wanted it even for free! 33 bucks is ridiculous but no doubt, someone will buy it and the kit will prolly sell for 50 bucks in 10 years from now. One time I had half dozen of those kits and gave them away to kids. I got them for .50 cents each. Heres some real good advice, I never buy kits or resin stuff that I can't see or check out before buying unless its from a good friend or someone with a outstanding reputation...that also means, I don't use evil-bay either! ~ Jeff
  6. Clay, I try to bring up link but it said, Does not exist? Looking forward to checking it out! ~ Jeff
  7. They do have that option & its been around for 10 years but for some odd reason, it never gets used much..I suspect it has something to do with the insurance $$$.... ~ Jeff
  8. Ouch! Stones drive me nuts and I finally had my gallbladder removed last year when the Dr saw all those stones in it. Had 2 kidney stones come out the hard way too and I thought geezzz, I'am kicking the bucket! Like you, I sweat even while reading or sitting in a cool AC room...same as my dad, I have to change clothes 2-3 times a day cause of sweating. Good luck and hopefully its not as painful but those goofy pills do help! ~ Jeff
  9. Its not a dumb question for sure! I remember countless resin bodies & parts from the late '80s & '90s that were so good and many of them I wish was still around. Take SJS resin bodies & parts, they had some really awesome stuff and others like Ron Cash did too. I still have a few of the resin items left from many of the casters that went out of business and sure was some were still around today. I have often wonder what happens to the molds myself and guess that several were probably so worn out to be useful anymore. Does anybody know if Mill City Replicas is still in business? Thanks. ~ Jeff
  10. Jello


    Ed, Thats some great work there! Lots of nice detailing & ideas too. Thanks for sharing them with us. ~ Jeff
  11. Nice touch using those vehicles Ed and looks better & better everytime I see it. Keep up the good work. ~ Jeff
  12. Now, that there is COOL! Now, I got a Corvair on the hunting list! Maybe I could just use the stock AMT Corvair body with the Chevy ll chassis after doing some work. I never did see many Mopars in that AWB series kits? I see the '65 resin Chevelle body every now & then and someone is still making it. It does not come with a interior or other parts tho. The new AMT folks do plan to bring some real golden kits from the past early in 2009 with a few for late fall '08. Much Thanks for posting the Corvair pics! ~ Jeff
  13. Looking real good Bill! I like the way you take the time to explain all that amazing work you do! Your attention to getting it right is just awesome. Thanks & keep up the good work. ~ Jeff
  14. The little brother looks just as COOL too! I dig those blueline slicks! I agree, I been buying several of each of the older AMT kits from Model King myself and its nice to be able to built them again when we have much better skills today! Sorry to say that the '65 Chevelle will never be out again as it was cut-up for the short track stocker kit which is now available. The Olds & Corvair kits I had never seen before but I bet they were cool kits too! You remember the AMT '58 Edsel AWB kit? I buy all my kits from Modelroundup and he keeps a great stock of the older kits. Thanks for sharing the pics! ~ Jeff
  15. WOW! Outstanding work! Nice job on the paint & decals! ~ Jeff
  16. Jello


    Very nice ride! Thats the only time I love green, when its Mopar sublime green! Great job. ~ Jeff
  17. Great job! I love them ol' mod cars and I use to enjoy seeing similar cars called Sportsman class every Sat. night in the '70s and you did a great job building yours! I do hope you post more! Thanks! ~ Jeff
  18. They have been talking about it in the last few years cause so many race dates get rained out and Nascar & the teams lose money & of course, the fans get upset. Now that only the drivers side window is the only one open compared to the early cars, the cars are less likey to get 'flooded" out and its easy to install lights & wipers and make rain tires. Seems like a great idea and should make for some very interesting races! It would take some serious guts to drive those heavy cars in the rain wide open! ~ Jeff
  19. After all the complains about that kit, I say, give the dog a whole box of biscuits & the weekend off!! I remember your post elsewhere about that kit & just kidding. ~ Jeff
  20. When the changes were made, Lindberg put a gold star sticker on the box top to let you know its the correct kit. The problem with the original kit was the bottom windshield cowl area which was incorrect and even the kit glass wouldn't fit the resin kits that was design to use the Lindberg '61 parts. I think the hood was incorrect too. Everything is fixed in the 2nd runs with a gold star sticker on the boxes. ~ Jeff
  21. Well, that was a short vacation! Like I said before, its in your blood and you can't run from it! Have fun! ~ Jeff
  22. Bill, Anytime I see your name whether in a magazine or model car forum, I can expect to see some really exceptional model car work! You really outdid yourself on that '58 Impala and its just so happens that I love '58 Impalas and owned 2 myself. The Corvette just shows how good you are and as far as I'am concerned, the Best! I can see where you got that Mr Obsessive name! Thanks for sharing it with us and keep up with the awesome model car skills! ~ Jeff
  23. Sept is what I heard but who knows eh? I hope Revell did a great job on them! ~ Jeff
  24. Jello

    Porsche 993 Turbo

    Great job Cal! Nice deep paint too. I'am surprised theres no cat hairs on it! Cute "kids" that do keep you on your toes huh? When its tooo quite in the house, you better check the models... ~ Jeff
  25. You got some good ideas going there! I thought of using the AMT Ford Lightning engine, drivetrain and interior in the '53 truck. Looking forward to checking out more and have fun! ~ Jeff
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