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  1. Hmmmm, 2 cents right? Hmmmm, Mr Beetle perhaps? :P What did I win huh huh?
  2. All those great guys that posted before me gave you some excellent advice! I been building model cars since 1965 and still enjoy it as much today as I did in '65! Its a great hobby and made even better having model car forums loaded with fantastic people, cool models, great ideas, good tips and the many how-tos from those that know how. Best advice I can give you is, practice, practice makes perfect and work on developing patience and don't be hard on yourself the first few kits you start on and just have fun as thats what this hobby is all about. As you go along doing more kits, you will develop skills and what works best for you. Remember, theres no such a thing as a dumb question either and feel free to ask us for help! Enjoy! ~ Jeff
  3. Dan, I do my best to welcome everybody cause thats what we all should do, make new members feel welcome & good about joining the forums and help each other out. Not sure what the problem is over at the "other" forum but one would think with that many members over there, there would be at least a dozen welcomes for all but some never even get a welcome.. Whatever the problem is over "there", thats the reason I spend more time in this great forum and I hope you will enjoy it too! Thanks & have fun! ~ Jeff
  4. You funny Zeb! Well, it was my name in High School football and later cause I have a love for twin front engine top fuel dragsters from the '60s and who can forget the "FreightTrain" rail? Now, I have 'shrink' due to age & health issues & a lot less weight than I was in high school now too! Playing football, I weighted around 320 and today its 225, its no fun being 'large' boned huh? ~ Jeff
  5. Whooaaa! She is looking mighty good! Right-on paint job and smart move on the wheels! ~ Jeff
  6. Sorry to hear about the 'puter Ed and if its not one thing its always another thing huh? Hope you get back soon! ~ Jeff
  7. I been using a 40% of coupon all week for buy the '68 Charger, 2 of the new Nova kits and a bunch of the old AMT short track kits ( '65 Chevelle & '66 Impala). Even got my friends to help out! ( one coupon per person) Its a little hard to keep track of what Hobby Lobby is doing as far as sales & coupons go. I signed up for their email service coupons. You can print off coupons. No, its Jeff Scott and I saw you signing up in the 'other' forum and I posted in there too. Look for FreightTrain. ~ Jeff
  8. I believe the last several issue trailer kits had the baby moons for wheels on the trailer & issues before the '80s had the original deep steel wheels? I know I had at least 2 versions of the '53 w/out the trailer with those Cragar like spoke wheels and all the truck kits had the stock steel wheels & center hubcaps for the truck. As far as I know, all the '53 kits had the log manifold intake with custom chrome air cleaner covers. The first time I built the '53 kit was around '70. ~ Jeff
  9. Gasman, I do the same thing too...I tell myself not to dust & clean them but...you know the rest of the story! Just call it, "making improvements". Grimreaper, I collect those Brookfield & Matchbox 1/24th trucks (Texaco, wreckers etc) and always repainting them & adding details...everytime I clean & dust one, its on the workbench for a overhaul. Drives me nuts when I do that but they do look much better right?! ~ Jeff
  10. Hey Dan, Welcome aboard! Theres a great bunch of guys and model cars in here! I got the Old Fox kit last week in hobby Lobby for 40% off. Lots of cool stuff to check out and have fun! ~ Jeff
  11. I guess things happen for a reason but I got nothing but praise for USPS for the 4 years of great service doing model kit trading and I always use tracking too. I use both standard & priority service depending. knock on wood here... My only chief complain is they keep raising the rates and 2 years ago, it cost less than 5 bucks for priority for shipping a kit size box to the west coast and now its over 9 bucks for the same size package. I doubt you will find any service cheaper & better than that unfortunately. UPS always seems to crush the boxes cause of more heavy packages on top. I just send 5 kits parcel in ziplock bags in a little cardboard box to Washington state and the cost was 12 bucks! Ouch! I will mention that sending stuff overseas is expensive and you should really use a heavy duty box really packed tight. If theres any problems based on my experience, its usually the senders fault. I have actually had 2 guys wrap up the model kit boxes with brown paper and shipped them to me and of course, they arrived all damage duh! Sorry you had a bad experience and hopefully something works out. ~ Jeff
  12. Whats funny about all this high tech stuff is that I still have my old 8-track tape players & tapes! She still works fine in this day & age too. Now my truck is using CDs..the times sure have changed huh? No doubt some young grasshopper will ask me, what is a 8-track tape player?! ~ Jeff
  13. I have no idea how to use a ipod or MP3 or any of that fancy stuff! Shucks, I can't even understand that 600 watt stereo in my '05 Ford! My computer is all the trouble I need and with so many model projects going on, I'am afraid to try to learn anything else in this lifetime! I do envy all this new tech stuff but at my age & 20th century ideas, doubt I could handle it! Reckons sooner or later, I might join the high tech world. Have fun with the toys! ~ Jeff
  14. Thats a cool & neat vehicle! I didn't know a kit of this 'thing' was made! Great job! ~ Jeff
  15. Its Magnificent Ed!! Amazing work and I love it! I remember seeing a pic of one years ago and now to see a diorama of one is even more impressive. Great attention to details and excellent work! ~ Jeff
  16. Ahhh, growing pains huh? I hate or shall that be, love to tell you this, you will never escape this hobby cause its highly addictive, better than any drug or anything else for that matter! I should know cause i have been building models since 1965 and have not missed one single year yet...I have thousands of kits & tons of parts and hell knows how much money I have spend on it but a good guess would be enough to buy a new 3 bedroom 2 bath house with a new Vette in the garage! Sure its insane but what else is going to give you more fun like this? I'am divorced, don't date ( why waste the money??, theres model cars to buy!) live by myself, retired and spend all my time on models and i'am sure as hell is not complaining! I got it made even tho most think I'am nuts..so what huh? As long as I'am having fun, nothing will change. I'am or was a woodworker, restore cars, done all kinds of jobs all my life, been there & done this or that and yet, still rather 'play' with model cars! Sure, I have like many others in here have, thought of 'getting out' a few times..even sold lots of rare kits for chump change cause I thought it was over. Still kicking myself in the butt over that one! Yes, I do take the time to read car books & mags, work on my HO train layout, collect M&Ms stuff, collect '60s GI Joe's, diecast cars, work on my custom truck and take a shower & eat! But the lure of model cars is always calling me and I do it cause I can and love this hobby and its not a job either. You don't have to be like me and still have room for other things but this is what I chose to do with my time & money and it beats wasting it on playing pool, drinking, chasing you know what!, golf, hunting. Thats just me and call me crazy, loco, nuts or whatever, just remember, I'am having FUN! Are you? Your young and some of this will make more sense as you get older and if you do have important life things to do, get them done & out of the way, Set aside time for everything and just try to enjoy what you have cause you never know what will happen tomorrow! Its the worlds greatest hobby and I'am happy to be a part of it! Have fun! ~ Jeff
  17. You did get me to check this post! Nice try! I suspect thats one Nova most guys will never catch! ~ Jeff
  18. Thanks for the excellent review Ron! After getting 4 of these kits this weekend, I must say I'am very pleased with the Nova kit and Kudos to Revell for another outstanding kit! I hope Revell keeps it up with the future kits and can't wait to see the '57 Chevy kit this fall! I must mention a few things other than the 'backwards' gas tank. Its suppose to be a 12 bolt rearend on a HiPro SS Nova and the bolts are missing! and the dual carbs look too small and I notice the single factory carb looks bigger than them. Its no biggie but those 12 bolts missing on that rearend will be noticeable and maybe its just me after spending years under cars in a transmission shop? Kudos to Revell for the BEST looking 350 engine ever! Pleased that the oil pan, filter and other parts are separate. This engine will find its way in many other Revell kits that use the BB engine. By the way, the AMT BB engine in the '70 Monte Carlo, '67 Impala, El Camino fits pretty good in the Revell Nova! Non SS model stock valve covers can be found in the AMT Nova & '72 Chevy PU kits. Reckons I will buy a bunch more and even the aftermarket hood scoop will be useful too even tho you will have to cut it out and bond it on any hood you wish. I suspect Revell has plans for a Yenko Nova or similar kind in the future and no doubt Revell has plans to use the SB engine in future kits...a Corvette would nice. ~ Jeff
  19. Thanks for the information guys! I agree that its a accurate trailer and you could build it with or with fenders & the tire rack. I saw many of these trailers in the '70s at my local roundy round short tracks and they were almost 100% the same as the AMT trailer. I have about 5 trailers unbuilt now and plan to make a few changes to them. The first time I got that trailer kit was with the AMT Chevy van kit & Penske race car and later the Red Alert '72 Chevelle racing team which included the same van. Other kits the trailer was found it are the same AMT '53 Ford PU with a '40 Ford sedan " Diamond in the Rough' set which I still have and the 5 trailers I got now are from the Cougar F/C kit which I did some wheeling & dealing with other guys trading the Broncos for the cool Cougar F/C. ( seems most guys wanted the Bronco more than the Cougar and didn't like the high price for that kit) I guess you can say, I do love those trailer kits! I just have to do a lot of cleaning up on the latest ones cause when you compare them to the older versions, its clear the molds are getting a bit worn out but its still worth buying and cleaning stuff up is afterall, part of the hobby! I would bet the trailer got some cleaning up for the kit you have now. I lost count of how many of the '53 Fords I put together but that option Desoto? hemi sure is cool! Thanks Ed for the excellent tip using the Revell '50 Ford engine! As far as I know, the kit always included the hood metal clip and it does work too! ( it can be a bear to get on after painting tho!) Looking forward to your reviews on this kit and keep up the good work Clay. ~ Jeff
  20. I had always loved that AMT'53 Ford truck kit ( always thought those welding tanks were so cool!) and lost count of how many I put together. Its nice to see it back on the market. As for that once cool trailer which I had plenty of over the years, the last time I got it, it came with that Cougar funny car kit w/Ford Bronco by Model King, it was full of flash & warp parts but otherwise very much the same trailer in the '53 Ford kit. There was not a single straight part in that trailer kit. I was curious if the trailer has been cleaned up? Either way, its still a good kit to have! ~ Jeff
  21. Thats a good one Zeb! I can't remember if thats the same Boone guy thats now pushing for windmill power? Y'all see those TV ads lately? Some rich oil guy is now wanting us to spend billions for windmills and Gore supports the idea too. Seems kinda weird for a guy that got rich off of oil to be pushing for green power windmills huh? I wonder if theres $omething in that for him.... ~ Jeff
  22. Wow...now thats what I call getting serious! I'll keep an eye on this project! ~ Jeff
  23. Outstanding! Its got that just right 'company' look and nice & clean well done job. ~ Jeff
  24. Outstanding! I love checking out the details and that one sure did keep you busy huh? Great job on the rust too. Keep up the good work. ~ Jeff
  25. Great work Ed! Thats really neat & cool in my book! I have seen a few very small station buildings similar to yours over the years and I love them all whether big or small stations. Nice detail work and thanks for sharing them with us! Thanks ######'n Blaque for posting them! ~ Jeff
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