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  1. The last that I have heard Dan the flat bed (y'all north of the border seem to not call them what we do down here 不) is supposed to be 1st quarter of this year. That has been the firmest date I've heard of so far, but one Facebook group I'm in is that of a guy that buys kits direct and resells them just a little above cost and announces in his group when he can place orders for the new stuff most of the time, so if I see anything there when he's taking orders for them or he has a shipment coming I'll let you know. He usually has kits in before they hit the shelves, he just announced a couple days ago he has the Hideout Truck in this hands.
  2. That's why in the groups my friend runs, the only money orders allowed are USPS and also why a pic of it is required prior to it being sent. I can also understand not wanting to take money orders at all David, but just like in my case up until a few months ago, I would not use PayPal. I had an account that I had from the mid 2000 that I probably hadn't used in 10 years, and that was because when it was last used it was linked to my girlfriend at the time and I's bank account and money had been taken out of our account and used near Detroit, MI and someone bought a new TV and some pizza on our dime. I just hope they choked on their pizza while watching their new TV we bought them, but the only thing that was linked electronically to that account at that time was PayPal, and I swore I would never have it linked to a bank account again so I never used it again. The only reason that I have started using it again, and surprisingly the account was still open, is because I seen a prepaid PayPal Mastercard at Walmart and got it so now I can have it connected to my PayPal without being connected to my personal bank account.
  3. Now this has piqued my interest even more with the Rubicon kit even more, because from the previous pic only showing the front corner that was making it appear it was going to be a factory stock offering, I'm now curious to find out if it will now be a 2 in 1 kit. Regardless I know I would like at least one for a factory stock build to go along with the previous issue I already have, but having the stock and off road parts included I could see some very interesting variations being built out of this kit, and I know in my case any using the factory wheels and tires those Mickey Thompson Baja Claws wouldn't go to waste!
  4. Yes, I have a friend that runs a live auction model group on Facebook that I help help admin and he also runs a group for good and bad traders in the hobby, along with other model buy and sell groups, and he gets quite a few messages on Messenger mainly from when new members have joined the group and think they are going to bid on kits and not pay. One simple rule we follow in those group there is that NOTHING gets sent until payment with the actual shipping cost is received, if payment is made by USPS money order the sender MUST send a picture of the money order within 3 days of purchase unless other arrangements are made (if you get paid on Fridays etc and can't pay in 3 days but will pay on your payday), and once the payment is received by the seller, the seller will then send the kit out with USPS tracking and give the buyer the tracking number. Those rules have kept his groups mostly trouble free and not had any of the sellers lose any money for almost 2 1/2 years with the few exceptions of new members thinking their kits might get sent before they paid for them but all they end up getting is no free models and banned from all his groups for life and a permanent spot on his bad trader list!
  5. Yes, but to the point of the thread and box misprints, the box is still misprinted with "COUPE" while showing the sedan on the box art. I never said that the kit itself was wrong inside, in my comment with the box art pics where I was asking which was the right one, I was talking about the correct box, not the kit inside. I was trying to see exactly how many might actually be able to tell a coupe from a sedan.
  6. This has been happening for years, this is an early to mid 80s release, which is the right one?
  7. And some of the attitudes in this thread is one reason why I and I'm sure many others spend less and less time here.
  8. Those race car trailers like Brian posted are just reissues of the old moving van kits AMT issued in the 70s William. They have 5 spoke wheels in them also just like this Mayflower kit, the discs were just added to the kits for the race versions in those hauler reissues along with the other parts AMT added to convert the moving vans into racing trailers.
  9. Since this thread has been dragged back from the depths of dead threads, here's one that I wasn't even aware of until a few months ago...the flattop BJ and the Bear KW from the pilot episode!
  10. I honestly don't even see the point of your post because if it's something you're not interested in and it was clearly stated in the thread title what this thread was for, pass on by it! It seems to me your screen name fits you well, because you spread enough of it across this entire forum! I doubt you even took the time to watch the video or have even seen inside of a box of an imported kit to see that their quality far outweighs your precious reissues! I'm guessing if the kit is from 'Merica of a 'Merican car it ain't for you! Anyway, from what I seen on the video, I'm going to have to add this to my "must have" list to add to my grocery getter collection! This will fit right in with my Honda Odyssey minivan, Honda Civics, and my latest addition that a friend got me for Christmas, an 80s Ford Escort. Now just if I could find a kit of a Yugo! 不
  11. Thanks Jim, at least I'm glad I share Jamie Davis's taste in vintage iron, though for my wrecker fleet I have floating in my head it will be an active wrecker but not front line iron like that truck is for Jamie! 不 It will be in the yard for backup for when my rotators are busy cleaning up a big wreck! I also agree on the Coke and everything in your statement because I know exactly what they say about opinions! I agree Mike, and also a kit version of the Holmes 750 that is in the AMT 1/43rd scale Peterbilt but has never been made in kit form in 1/25th scale except for in resin. As for the one in the recent Pete wrecker reissue, even though it is modeled after a real bed, that is one wrecker that has never and will never see my collection because just as a matter of personal taste, I don't care for the look of that unit. I ran heavy wrecker 20 years ago and ran trucks equipped with Century units, NRC units, and even an old school Holmes 750 so that is why my taste just doesn't appeal to that one in that AMT Pete. It must be also where I like the older iron because the NRC 40 ton was mounted on a 74 White Western Star and the Holmes 750 was on a 73 Mack R model. On the decals Mike, I wasn't talking about myself specifically because I have enough truck kits in my collection I could not only build a truck stop diorama and not have one rig look alike or have the same company markings, I was speaking more of an average builder who might more of just a hobbyist type seeing it at Hobby Lobby and not big into forum or Facebook groups and not also big in the aftermarket things available. Sure, these days you've more or less have to be living under a rock to not no about those things compared to the pre-internet days when I started building when I didn't know there was much else to building a model than paint and glue until I joined a local club and learned about all the goodies like photoetch and aftermarket decals, but there are still some that may just build a model here and there and not into it like those of us here and could be turned off by just having a Coke truck as a building option.
  12. I've already had that idea also to build one similar to this one. Also, on a separate note, after seeing this one in the latest video, this is one I do have to complain about the overused Coke licensing decals for this reissue. While I do get the whole "they got it, they might as well use it" deal, this kit we haven't seen a reissue of since 1999, so a set of regular decals other than just for a Coca Cola rig would be nice to have offered with this reissue. All the other Coke reissue trucks and cars for that matter have had a normal version first, so why did this not? Also, before everyone starts jumping on my case either saying the worn out "It also appeals to Coke collectors" or "You just don't understand how licensing works" or anything else wanting to call me an idiot, I'm smarter than the average bear and do understand all that and have one of those 1999 issues on the shelf if I want to build a version that is a non Coke rig, but an average builder that may want to build a nice General but not as a Coke truck might be turned off not having any alternative markings for it. I think that since this has been the first this kit has seen the light of day this century without a normal version being reissued first, it might have been nice if in addition to the Coke decals Round2 would have added some other company markings and factory available stripes as some of the earlier issues had in them on either a separate decal sheet or an expanded sheet.
  13. You hit on a few very good points there Chris, especially with the "rare" kits because there have been quite a few of the reissues in the past few years I have gotten because they have always held my interest but I just could not justify paying $100 or more for a Brat or a month's rent or more for a Super Boss and Papa Truck combo to build those kits. The extra parts and expanded decal sheets have also been a very nice added plus to many of those kits, and with some as with the upcoming release of the GMC General truck, it would be nice to see some normal decals included as well as the Coke decals because while I get the whole using the Coke licensing and using it deal, having the option of some other decals in that kit since this is the first reissue of it in about 12 years would be nice also. One thing that I sort of disagree with, and maybe disagree might not be the best term, is that it's doubtful Round2's market is people that already have multiple kits of a reissue because for some of the changes they have made to a few coming or current reissues even though I may have them on my shelves already they are on my radar again. One example is the current CHP Monaco, I have the DOH version and a TJ Hooker version at the least on my shelf, and just because of the new lightbar, wheels, and pushbar plus the CHP markings, it's on the "must have" list again! Another is the GMC Sonoma, I just recently sold one of the earlier issues to someone I seen looking for one because I seen it was coming out with the added snowboard and boots and even though having winter gear in a 2wd pickup seems a little crazy to me, those added goodies are still enough to get me to buy that issue and those goodies will look good in either my Ice Patrol Jeep Honcho or an original Ice Patrol kit that I have.
  14. Sorry Sam, my sometimers kicked in yesterday but I did get it done for you. I guess the forum didn't like my scans but the screenshots I took of them it liked because the scans themselves wouldn't upload but the screenshot pics would.
  15. Bill, without digging the kits out of the stash to check to be sure, but I'm almost certain that with the Freightliner the fifth wheel is movable as it is in almost any AMT kit. All you will have to do is glue the kingpin in place on the trailer as the instructions show and there should be a hole for it in the front plate in the trailer already, glue the fifth wheel plate in place on the truck frame, then take the slider and fifth wheel and place it on the plate and then line up the front edge of the trailer with your quarter fenders. Then just very carefully lift the trailer off the fifth wheel so you don't move it and either make a mental note where it is sitting or take a fine Sharpie or pencil to make a small mark to mark the location of the fifth wheel and glue it to "lock" it in place. That is what I do with mine and also did it on the 1:1s I used to drive, because not only did it give a nice, clean look to them but also in the case of the 1:1s, it also made it much easier to scale out the axle weights using just the sliding tandems on the trailers because as a few others already said, it basically centered the fifth wheel between the drive axles and made the weight there much more consistent.
  16. I'll get you a scan of mine here this afternoon Sam. Do you need just that part of the sheet showing the suspension?
  17. Parma Hobby was the one I was thinking of Rob, because I used to pass it on one run I made quite often because the Walmart stores in the Parma Mall and just down the main road (OH 17 if I remember correctly, it's been a while) from where Parma Hobby was located were on the same route.
  18. I know from my time I spent delivering groceries in the area you live in before medical issues forced me into retirement Rob, there are a few but not many brick and mortar shops in that area, and one of the largest closed around 2016. The couple I had the chance to stop in while I had a little spare time on my runs really didn't impress me for being in a larger metropolitan area when a few in the Pittsburgh, PA area that is closer for me seem to be much better stocked and not quite as large of a metro area.
  19. There is only one "no brainer" I'm seeing here, and it isn't that the C8 will sell like hotcakes in any scale just like any other Corvette hasn't. Anyone in the resale market will tell you that, I have a friend that has a live auction group on Facebook and he will not buy any Corvette kits as a part of any collection for one reason: THEY DO NOT SELL! Corvette kits are almost as bad as NASCAR kits, nobody wants them no matter what year they are!
  20. Oh that is just great! 不 Just don't forget to add some parts from a Ranger or maybe even swap the Mustang front clip onto a Ranger for the true methed up look! 不不
  21. I've got all the trucks on my wish list even though I have at least one of them all on the shelves already with the exception of these issues of the Malone trucks. I'm also hoping with the reissue of the General, maybe the Chevy Bison might be soon to follow again also.
  22. OK, my first thing is CHP is saying it was "operating" at 75,000 LBS, not hauling 75,000 as that article is claiming, and not only driving for 18 years before medical issues ended my career I know gross on any federal highway is 80,000 LBS and also having spent many a mile in Cali CHP will nail you for anything so there is no way it was hauling 75,000 LBS! That scale in Truckee on Donner Pass will fine you if you offend their delicate nasal passages passing gas the wrong way! 不 Anyway, it would be nice to know what the net weight of the cargo actually was compared to the gross and how it actually stacks up to a diesel powered rig, because the 600 mile range is quite impressive. The only short term problems I'm seeing is parking and charging, because parking is a problem now for diesel powered trucks and why many are forced to park illegally on on/off ramps to highways, in store parking lots where many of the businesses don't want the trucks to park, at shippers or receivers, or even pull off areas on the side of the road, and many times this is caused by the hours of services rules or shippers and receivers not allowing parking on their properties but taking their sweet time to load/unload regardless of knowing of the hours of service rules drivers have to follow. There just wouldn't be the option to park anywhere with these with a limited range and having to probably at least have a few hours like during the rest period to charge like as a diesel where you can just spend 15 minutes to fuel and go, so I'd see some industry changes not only to infrastructure but to how shippers and receivers deal with loading and unloading and just general treatment of drivers as well. Of course, one other thing I'd be interested in seeing is how driveable it is in winter conditions. At least from everything I've watched and read about electric cars, the torque is near instantaneous which I would think would make any of them a challenge to drive in snowy conditions.
  23. I just happened to notice this thread in the "How To Use This Board" section of the General part of the forum and this should answer everything. It seems this "feature" has been in place since February by one comment, but with the new year and new community builds coming around, it seems no one has noticed it until now.
  24. That is because Scalemates information is inputted by the users, so only as correct as what the user puts in and if one of them is one that thinks they know it all and they don't, the info becomes wrong for all. I have found some mistakes as well on there, and try to correct them when possible, as it is possible to do that when you do find the incorrect information or also add information or kits that are missing as well. As for issue dates, I'm not sure without checking the dates on the couple I have in my stash, but I thought too that there was also a reissue in the same box art as the 2010 issue around the same time as the 2015 issue of the day cab version also that is not showing in the Scalemates timeline.
  25. Thanks and sorry to hear your step father had to deal with the same issues, and like him I have very little movement in mine either just after the to surgeries to repair the tear that has came back for a third time and the doctor said any other surgeries would be pointless because it would just keep getting worse. The only one so far that has mentioned a replacement has been my workers comp lawyer, but after these two surgeries I really don't know if I want to go for that or not. I even wonder if I should have had the two I already had, because in 2012 I fell down some steps and ended up with a compression fracture to my L1 vertebrae and because I didn't have insurance at the time, medical care on it was basically a brace and a few X-rays to see how it was healing and let it heal on its own and deal with it and I ended up returning to my normal life a little less than a year later including driving again and learning to live with the back pain. I had to play everything by the book and follow all the doctor's orders this time instead and it ended up ending my career of 18 years. Anyway, enough of that again and back to the build part of things, I figured the trailer would be out, but as the old saying goes it never hurts to ask. Once I do get life calmed down to try to spend time at the bench again, I'll probably still get this going again even though the trailer can't be a part of the build, because there are a few more that I had mentioned may be crossovers between this and the Cannonball going on here too that I'd also like to try to join into once life gets more on an even keel because for those builds I have to at least wait til I can get a friend to cast me a couple reefer units to put on the Fruehauf 40 footer because the only true Freuhauf reefer kit I have is reserved for the box stock box art build I have planned of it and the Watkins torsion bar Kenworth.
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