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  1. Where did you come from? This car is off the charts!! I am absolutely in love with everything you have going on here. Especially the powerplant and that intake setup! WOW! Anyway....whoever you are ......WELCOME!!
  2. Steal my post? Heck no! Let's see some more of that badboy!!
  3. I just experienced this too on a set of wheels I worked on this week. Never seen it before. I use whitewall cleaner to strip and it seems to bust through it pretty good. It got it all pretty loose. I just had to use a toothpick and an old toothbrush with running water to get the rest of it off. You might try it!
  4. I thought about those. I even thought about maybe doing a set of early Buicks...
  5. Got any pics of these? I'd like to see how they turned out.
  6. Honestly, I hadn't gotten that far yet. As you can see in some of my early pics from the mocking up stages, I have done some bodywork but I'm not even at the halfway mark yet. It depends on the kit for me but on this particular one with as many modifications as there will be, I wanted to get the frame, suspension and drivetrain set up how I want and then I will modify the cab/bed/fenders to fit the frame. Now that I'm thinking about it, I don't know that I've even looked at the headlights in this kit. Am I up for an unpleasant surprise?
  7. Does anybody have any pics of this kit built up? I'm curious to see how it looks.
  8. Yeah, let's get this thing rollin'! It's waited long enough.
  9. I may have spoken a bit too early here. Right after posting this, I remembered that I'm still waiting for my front 2 wheels and backing plates from The Modelhaus. So let me try this again.... "I should be able to start laying down some color as soon as my parts arrive from The Modelhaus!"
  10. Yeah Mike, you were right, the torque thrusts were a good choice.
  11. If you're looking for a 1/24 scale '58-'59 T-bird, the only one I know about is Monogram's '58. I know AMT made one also but that would be in 1/25 scale. Hope this helps a little.
  12. I should hopefully be able to start laying down some color this weekend!!
  13. This is your idea of a quick, less-detailed build? Sheesh!! Looks awfully good!!
  14. Looks nice Brett! Looks REALLY nice!
  15. Holy smokes! It looks so real! That's crazy! Even the rear quarter on that '67 Impala.....how'd you do that?
  16. Cool! I can't believe this is your first car "thinking outside of the box". Turned out very well!!
  17. Thanks guys! It's really good to hear!!
  18. Thank you so much! I've been mostly nervous about that part (if anyone would say that it didn't look right). So that makes me feel a lot better!
  19. Thanks. It looks kinda mean doesn't it?
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