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  1. no release dates yet, we have a long way to go before any finished product is on a boat. Tooling hasn't even started yet -the good news is that most of the content for both cars is already tooled - mechanicals are same as Plymouth kits... I wouldn't expect first kits to arrive before 4th quarter of this year maybe later if container shortages persist ... and, above all, I make no promises or guarantees! Over 25 plus years of doing this, I have seen how often production schedules end up in the dumper!
  2. 1972 Coronet and Keyser, thanks for the tutorial on California Black plates. I hope to be able to use that info when planning license plate decals for the super stock version of these kits! Car on box art MIGHT be bright red and sitting in front of a rickety old garage!
  3. Here's a real 65 sedan angle of photos is not quite same as the photo of our mockup bur the slope of hood and deck lid are pretty easily seen here - our body follows this shape.
  4. I know the decal choice for Model King's AWB car, but that's not for me to reveal here, it is one of the six original Dodges ... As for the Sedan - I have no idea! we haven't gotten that far yet. I keep hearing Jan and Dean's "Little Old Lady from Pasadena" in my memory! "Parked in a rickety old garage is a brand new shiny super stock Dodge" I'd like to know if there's a way to nail down California Black Plate numbers for Pasadena in 1965?
  5. Backup lights - optional - a little dab of white paint- on each tail light housing and - presto - instant backup lights. If you look REAL close the backup light lenses are actually represented.
  6. Will have new correct Dodge Dash and steering wheel.
  7. Here are a few photos of the two mock ups for the new Dodge kits. These are 3D grown mock up bodies on existing chassis from previous Plymouth kits. Other than some minor revisions, what you see here is pretty nearly ready for tooling to begin.
  8. The sedan is based on the Plymouth - it shares the interior which is essentially the Super Stock interior... the Dodge kit will essentially be same mechanically as the California Flash S/S kit..Other versions of the Sedan could be done later, but this kit is basically an A990 Hemi Sedan... A max wedge car like the Plymouth Belvedere is another possibility in the future - a bone-stock, bench seat - grandma's grocery getter not as likely, anytime real soon, as that requires an entirely new interior...Same problem with the Plymouth Belvedere as the bone stock interior really would have to be developed to make that oe into a factory stock version.
  9. Stock hard top not currently in development, not as easy to do as the race cars - they have same interior as corresponding Plymouths only need to do a dash and steering wheel for the Dodge - the stock hardtop is a complete interior - more parts, more cost.. with the PL kit redilly available, we decided to hold off on the hardtop it wouldn't be out of the question in the future, just not in development at this time...
  10. The Sedan will have an 8 3/4 rear end, same as Plymouth Satelite and Belvedere. The AWB car will have the Dana, as the real car we're doing has that rear end in it, also, I just checked my reference photos of the Lee Smith AWB Plymouth (the original car in the Mosley collection) That car has a Dana in it!
  11. Just found photos of Tailights without backup lights. The way taillights will be done in this kit - like Plymouths chromed part with red to be painted clear red - this may mean that there is not enough difference between taillight with backups and taillight without to make two different sets of parts simple difference would involve painting backup lenses white or not... I need to study this a bit. as for the Chrysler 8 3/4 rear end, I'll see if I can find good references this is not any guarantee that I can add it to the new kit but I'll try to get that done.
  12. This will esentially be an S/S Hemi sedan with S/S exhaust - S/S hood etc. All details of final content of kit box are not set in stone at this date. Thought is basically to do an A-990 car.. but to include stock wheels and poverty hubcaps, maybe some streeet tires... Let the builder do a street version or a race car? We're still working out a few details on that.. Dave
  13. Also under development at Moebius Models is a 1965 Dodge Hemi Sedan. This will be similar to our 65 Plymouth Super Stock Sedan and will share mechanicals with that kit. Please note that the chassis seen here is not exactly as will be seen in the final kit. The final kit will have S/S Hemi underpinnings.. Here are some 3D images of the Dodge.. s with the forthcoming AWB car this only exists in 3Ds at this tiem. I anticipate mockups after Chinese New Year ends (Feb11) Kits on shelves later this year..Maybe sometim this summer?? No promises at this date Thanks, Dave too early to set that date!
  14. Here are what we think will be final 3Ds for the 65 Dodge AWB hardtop. This set of images DOES NOT show a complete chassis, just enough to show placement of wheels in body. The new kit will share the chassis and mechanicals of the 65 Plymouth AWB kit. It will include Hilborn injection set as well as carbuerators. I would expect release date to be late Spring - Early Summer - Project is only a set of draawings and the parts from the Plymouth mockups have not been made yet and tooling cannot start until mockups ar approved. Mockups will be done after Chinese New year (around Feb 11) These are posted as a preview of this upcomming kit release.
  15. OK, so, her's the revised body - side windows are taller now - the vertical openings were about 2mm too small - that would translate to about 2 inches at full size! Not a lot, but still noticable! I'll have this example on the table at the DAAM show on Sunday along with the painted build up with the earlier test shot body
  16. Here, is the New Moebius 1965 Chevy II Gasser. This is a third test shot. as of this date there is no box art, only the very start of an instruction sheet and no decal sheet. There are a few minor items to be revised before production..... BUT this is a good idea of how the finished model will look.. My best GUESS is store shelves before the end of the year..
  17. Yes it's real! This is just the first test shot - not ready to go in a box yet! I don't have a release date yetr - I don't even have a date for the second test shot yet - there is no box art or decals yet either! If all goes well it should be available before the end of the year! OH. and, yes the race car chassis and interior fit in the Nova sport coupe body with minor modifications to the body
  18. According to Jim Schild and Larry Griffith's book"Authenticity Guide 1965 Dodge and Plymouth Altered Wheelbase Hemi Hardtops" only three of the twelve original 1965 altered wheelbase cars were built with 4 speed transmissions, they were the Melrose Missile Plymouth, Dave Stricler's Dodge and Bob Harrop's Dodge. all others were built with torque-Flite transmissions. This is the information in the book that's why the kit has an automatic. Now, what happened to the other 9 cars after the teams had them for a while is a good question... Actually there were only 11 of the 12 originals that stayed with teams the White " Mule" car was run for a short time by Golden Commandos before the Bronze & White car - that white car went back to Chrysler and did not become one of the Plymouth team cars
  19. Just a couple quick words on these kits. First kit coming out will be a short bed '66 Flareside with the six cylinder engine - Hopefully on the boat by early 2019. Second kit will be the Model king '65 Service bed version - again sometime early 2019. Steve's truck is the short style side, and it is a future product - there is NO release date for it yet. Tooling also exists for a std bed Styleside and the 4x4 - again these are future products no dates fro them yet..
  20. Just to make it clear Moebius Models has abandoned the 59 Dodge, Chrysler Turbine, and Rambler Wagon projects now and for the foreseeable future. These projects have been dead for over 2 years, and there is no sign that they will be revived any time soon! Thanks, Dave
  21. I'm not sure that this thread is the place to discuss big rigs, However since it's been brought up here again, here goes! Vintage tractors are a great idea, if you don't have to produce one. There are no factory cad files and may not even be a good set of factory drawings SO that means good ole Dave gets to grab his camera and measuring stick an hope like hell that he gets enough good photos for the guys at our factory to make a set of 3D files from.. A class 8 tractor is a whole lot bigger than a 65 F100 so photographing and measuring one will be a giant problem. Lone Star and ProStar were monsters to get done even though Navistar gave us CAD files for them we still spent a day on each one photographing and measuring the real items and another day photographing and measuring an engine in one. An old truck is an enormous undertaking and we don't have a large enough staff to take it on and do everything else we are committed to. Not saying never - just saying not anytime in the foreseeable future!
  22. I believe that the earliest Nova flip top funnies were the next generation body - Jungle Jim's Novas certainly were the 66/later body, I could be wrong but I am unaware of any 62-65 Nova bodied floppers. The "gasser" was suggested to us, because there are a ton of 1st generation ChevyII race cars out there that are set up like that. Our car is a generic version, but is patterned after a number of real cars.. I'm pretty sure that the first real funny cars were 1966 Comets - Our 64 & 65 cars are one generation too early.. After looking around a bit I do see a number of AWB first generation Novas , most of them built in that 1965/1966 time frame, those are more like the old AMT "Rat Packer" kit, we made a conscious choice not to do anything that was too much like that kit, thus the decision to stick with the stock wheel base "gasser" idea. Also we decided to stay with the blown small block because we didn't want to spend extra dollars tooling a rat motor. There were also some economic reasons to limit the number of different versions when you add an AWB car then maybe a Rat motor for it, you add a lot more tooling dollars. I hope this explanation makes sense.
  23. Give me break here! We show future project mock ups and there are critiques? As I tried to explain in the other thread, Mock ups are product development tools - we have already sent several lists of corrections to be made based on our reviews of the mock-ups to the factories. 3D files that will actually be used to make tooling have been revised based on those comments. the mock-ups on the table yesterday ARE NOT FINAL items. the items we showed yesterday are NOT test shots! Test shots are produced from tooling that exists at this date there is NO tooling started for any of those items yet. There are NO release dates. I would not expect release dates for any of those Items for several months! We don't even know which kit will be produced first. There will be NO six cylinder engine for the Chevy II kits .just the small block. If that 65 "gasser" were a street legal "gasser" style vehicle it would have WINDSHIELD WIPERS! When the "gasser" kit actually exists - the wipers will be separate parts! if they offend you, you'll be able to leave them on the parts tree! It might be good to wait for us to actually have something beyond 3D files and mock-ups before you start passing judgement on the shape of the drip rails! I'm glad that some of you have wish lists and suggestions for our next project, at this date I'd just like to get these finished before I start something else.
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