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  1. This is a great build.... It's nice to see more high detailed turbo cars on here! I'm def following this!
  2. His YouTube is under Tyrone Price.... I dint really do Facebook so I miss seeing it on here! The YouTube channel hasn't had anything new for a few months either so maybe FB it is!
  3. I haven't seen any new builds from him in i'd say 2 yrs... I used to come on here just to see his builds... I hope everything is ok with Tyrone!
  4. I'm really liking the turbo mounts ya did.... I've always just mounted mine to the hot side piping but I'm definitely gonna give this a shot in the future!
  5. Nice build!!! I like how you managed to fit the stock dash into the cage... I'm building the same car, turbo with the a2w intercooler in the passenger seat and couldn't find a way to make the dash work so I had to go with a racepac cluster!
  6. That would def be kewl... There was alot of good how to's iirc... Optima batteries, dash detailing...look forward to seeing them up!
  7. Looking forward to seeing the progress on this build.... The 1:1 is very nice.... Super clean setup! I drive/race a Fox body too so this is gone be a treat!
  8. Slm? What website is it your talking about and is it still up? I remember seeing this specific scratch build how to but that's a long long time ago!
  9. Very nice build...looking forward to seeing yer progress....just curious, who's 3d printing stuff are u using? There's a lot of kewl stuff from shapeways that I've seen but never saw anyone using it!
  10. Check out tedsmodelingmarketplace.com under wheels and tires... Not sure if you'll find what your looking for but it's a good place to start! Good luck
  11. Man, I'm blown away by the detail on this build... This is easily one of my top 3 favorite drag bike/car builds that I've ever come across on this forum... Incredible detail & perfect scale!
  12. Just wondering, when your adding the lexan window frame detail, what are the tabs made from, and how are they attached to the windows
  13. Until that last pic I was sure that was a full size truck/trailer and car.....looks incredible as per usual!!
  14. I'm really sorry for going away from yer post a bit, but who makes the kit? or any other details, ie box art, year, etc would be REALLY appreciated!!! Thanks very much!!
  15. im just curious, where did u get the Edelbrock intake and the tubing from??
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