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  1. Thanks for the extra pics, looks awesome!
  2. No different than Chevy making cars in Mexico. My mom's Equinox was made in Canada, eh.
  3. Personally I'd just paint it on. Seems impossible to ever get scoop decals to work right
  4. Thanks guys John, that is indeed painted in Lacquer. Model Master Fathom Green out of the can. Actual 1969 Chevy color.
  5. With no humidity. It's BRUTALLY humid in the NE part of the country.
  6. I always use Meguiar's polishing compound with Mother's Carnauba wax, seems to work for me.
  7. Nah, I'd rather do it myself if I could. But pre drilled does sound nice...
  8. Thanks everyone Looks like on my next build I'll try battery cables and plug wires. Now I gotta find the patience to drill a distributor out...
  9. I'm not much into Pro Touring, but I think I can make an exception for this model.
  10. Okay, so I was thinking today. Since I'm still a bad builder and a terrible detailer... Should I build box stock models to get comfortable before moving on to detailing, or should I try to detail now? I'm leaning towards the first option. Thanks Oh, and to get an idea of where my building level is at...
  11. In my opinion it's the Revell '68 Corvette, doesn't have injection but I don't see why that can't be scratchbuilt though.
  12. Thanks a lot for stealing our rain, Debbie Haven't had rain at our house for over a month! Harry, it's gonna be 103 degrees here tomorrow
  13. Come on Jim this is 1962! Everybody was used to the bumpy rides
  14. Tonight I'm putting the belts on my Bel Air, looks kind of Mickey Mouse with eveyrthing but it's good enough for me.
  15. They actually sell whole new universal gearboxes, you can get them at Dollar General or the like.
  16. I'm still around...however I need to dust the cobwebs off my bench.
  17. As long as you have fun that's all that matters :-)
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