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  1. Nice clean build, got a couple of these in my stash. I really love the one with the multi carb intake.
  2. Got my first coat of color on the body, I just now found out my hood does not fit correctly at the front between the fenders. Went sit it in so I could get some good wet coats on and I guess the paint has built up already.
  3. You are right sir. I’ve had this conversion for s awhile. I would like another one. The first one I tried I used thenparts from the El Camino. The resin hood fits better. I now need the 6cyl engine they have listed in the info sheets included with the parts.
  4. I can’t wait to get mine, it’s looks like the knockednit out of the park. There is so much this kit could be used for. That separate frame is awesome. Would work great in a resto shop diorama.
  5. Got a little more done on the interior. Dash decals installed and chrome trim done. Need a little touch up and some flocking for the carpet and it can go together.
  6. Nice work, I’ve got one planned in the future after I get a couple of other projects done.
  7. Thanks a nice kit on my opinion, it’s have multiple of the street machine version, good fit.
  8. I have since solved the manifold problem, going to use the manifolds from the 69 Nova. I got some of the interior painted, going with actual M2 Aqua. Using interior paint from Year One.
  9. Man I want a couple of these kits, I wish they weren't so expensive. Way out of my price range for now, following this on closely.
  10. Thanks for the info, his stuff does look great. I’m seriously interested in the new Cutlass conversion bumpers.
  11. Has anyone here done business with Clearly Scale? Looking to purchase some of their products.
  12. Thanks for the info, I do have a couple of them, you just solved my issue.
  13. Not much accomplished yet, I have got some stuff primed and test fitting the engine. The Impala kit uses the ram horn type mainfolds, the seem to interfere with the front crossmember. Does anyone know if there was a different type small block manifold used by Chevy on the A body platform.?
  14. Simply amazing, can’t wait to see that finished.
  15. The phot etch set you are talking about is that the one for the Lindberg kit?
  16. Well I I got one side decaled, these are not fun but what a difference the red adds to car.
  17. Didn’t get much accomplished yet, already had to strip the primer off of the body, had an accident while trying to paint in the attic. So I’m think I’m going with Artesian Turquoise with matching interior. Trying to decide what color flocking to use. These are 2 that I have on hand. I also have a pic of the conversion parts.
  18. I received my items about a week ago. Top notch. I’m definitely going to get more items.
  19. Thanks forth info. I’m not happy with the interior color. I have 4 more of these kits to work with so I will look that up.
  20. Took forever to find my post. Didn’t realized how long it had been since I did anything with this. I got my lower silver paint on before work this morning. I hope I can finish this up soon.
  21. The bought it on EBay a while ago. I’ve done one already by using the 66 ElCamino for the hood and full wheel covers. This build will have a small block and dog dish hubcaps.
  22. Well done! I have an old Cougatbkit that was my dads. One day I’m going to get it out redo it.
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