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  1. Look on EBay, I may have one in my stash also . It will be resin.
  2. beRS the first car posted is actually Arcadia Blue, it’s very faded. It’s some what if a survivor car. Original headliner, door panels, carpet and some original paint. It has a full Hotchkis TVS system and big Wilwood brakes. It’s my my baby.
  3. Glad to see this one up and going. This is an amazing build, this one is close to my heart. I own 3 1:1 Galaxies and that is my favorite AMT kit also.
  4. Same here, I have the Notch and it’s an amazing piece.
  5. How do I order some of these? Love that Buick!
  6. Ritchey1828 look on EBay. That’s where he lists his product. Search under Resin Station wagon.
  7. Does anyone know of someone casting dual reservoir mbrske master cylinders? I hate parting out a kit for one part.
  8. Thanks for the suspension info, I have been wondering how to lower the suspension on one of these, I've heard you can use the Foose kit for a chassis set up. Love the color by the way.
  9. That is going to be a nice build, can't wait to see more.
  10. Nice build, I have one I am starting in Tahoe Turquoise. What brand of red paint did you use for the interior?
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