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  1. This is the one I mentioned that a bad paint job the first time 'round... After a few weeks in the DOT-3 bath, here she is now, almost done and in it's presentable mock-up stage! Mostly OOB, except I removed the front window pillar (which came cracked right in the box... being it came with 2 windshelds (one with the aeras for the pillar, the other is smoothed out to use without the pillar) I used the second one because it looks cooler and you see it on some 1:1 cars. BTW, the hood is a REAL pain to assemble (worse than the sedan I built). It didn't fit right and it would keep breaking off. After a little sanding, trimming, reglueing, and etc., it looks OK but I can live with it Paint is Colorplace Gloss black polished out with toothpaste, and is topped with future floor wax: It's almost done and when it is, i'll post pics ASAP... (and move it to the "Under Glass" section) BTW, I realized my camara has a Marcro (or whatever it is) setting, and I notice the pics are coming out ALLLLLOT better than they were when I use it... So that should be an improvement on the quality of my pics.
  2. Casey, are you the one that go's by "In the pink" on the other site? If so, it's nice to see U!
  3. Ah, Charlie my man! Nice to see 'ya again!! Thanks for the warm welcome everyone, it's nice to hear from you all! Let's keep in touch bro!
  4. Who's going to this years NNL East in April? It's a awesome show and you shouldn't miss out on it!! lotsa kits to buy and stuff to see! Been there two years so far and entered some stuff (didn't win, but the thrill is worth it!). BTW, do you like my avatar? I'm have a soft spot for the underrated Nick show "Rocko's Modern Life" from the 90's (when things were funny and silly)... I hate the new teeny-bopper sewage they put on nowadays. I made the sig were heffer spilt red bottle paint all over rockos carpet (he was trying to hold 3 open bottles of them for butt excerise, LOL!!)
  5. I'll get the pics up later on. Hang in there folks...
  6. As you probably seen on the other site. The Yellow Camaro is an AMT kit and has a custom air intake, X mods wheels on revell tuner tires, disc brakes, and a lowered stance. Paint is Krylon Sun Yellow topped with future. I added red accents to the interior (which came out pretty decent) My work is not the best, but pretty decent for a youngin' that builds alot. No pics yet because they are blurryfor older eyes. i'll try to get some clearer pics up tommorow.
  7. Yes I do Chris, thank you. Zuk, thanks for the comment on the truck. It won 1st place in the LIARS show in November (because everyone liked it)
  8. The 289 engines are a little different from the Pick-Up (newer issues) and Panel van kits. The Panel van (all issues including the latest Harley Davidson release)has a Tri-Carb setup and side pipes, while the Pick-up used the same parts until the 1993 and later issues, which uses a "5.0" EFI setup with a normal dual exhaust setup, new tires and wheels, and etc. (they also have some of the left-over tri-carb parts in 'em too!). Hope this helps, V
  9. Yes, they still do. But Michaels WON'T take certain coupons like AC Moore/Jo Ann's 10-25% off coupons unless it's their own... Same go's for the said places (except for the 40% offs).
  10. Hello everyone. As you see I decided to join this fourm because the "Other" site is getting a little boring, and kinda bland. (SIGH... Why do they have to make things so plain and dumb looking like everything else nowadays) For all the builds I posted on the other fourm, check them out on my Photobucket page until I repost better pics of some of them on here: My link There's also one that says "F-Body Album" on the page, but I can't seem the link for that up, and the quality of the pics is not as good the rest of them on the mentioned link.
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