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  1. and now start with the bellydump , build nice , minor flash clean and now a dryfit and now testfit al the parts and glueing thats for now jacobus
  2. the chassis comes nice , make the adjustment for the front springs and now make the engine and now take the engine away and make the steering part correct and now started with the bottomdump trailer jacobus
  3. auslowe have proberly also the mack,s from KFS jacobus
  4. start of building the chassis , and make a little adjustment becouse the frontaxle must about 5 mm backwards put some plate,s on it and when its good dry a drill the holes in it for the pins of the frontsuspension and ofcourse also the bellydumptrailer , start cutting the frame rails to the right size and clean the parts for the suspesion and the wheels the wheels so we go on jacobus
  5. thank you Brian and yes , i start with building and its nice to see a lot of builders for some nice projects and have fun everybody jacobus
  6. the most M.A.N. topsleepers have a unterflur engine like this , it was from Bussing , M.A.N. have take over Bussing i found some more picture,s of it but if you type in picture,s of google you found many more of it jacobus
  7. if you intrested in the bottomdump trailer , you can here ask for it , dmtc@hotmail.nl jacobus
  8. here is mine project daycab with a bottom dump trailer , the australian western star is the donor for the chassis etc and now wait til 1februari jacobus
  9. i have a big problem , i can make a choice between these models this one with a bottomdump trailer ore one of these so diamond reo , brockway , hayes ???? jacobus
  10. Hello everybody , and yes ii am in to do a build again , hope this year go,s better than 2018 [ that is a lot of projects to finishd ] but now i wil move on what i wil build i let you know in a couple of day,s and your right about it , FUN and Plesure jacobus
  11. chassis have his primer and the grey clor , so now i can go on with al the other things that is needed and make the fueltank,s a aluminium color jacobus
  12. Ken , Hessel Hemstra make special rims and tyre,s for the conforti mack and also a special frame look at fotki and you wil see the hole bunch of stuff he made drop him a email for the things you want , he make it here a rim from him hope this helps jacobus
  13. like it , just a nice workhorse no fancy and bling-bling jacobus
  14. first thank you guy,s for those kinds words now just doing a little building and slow gettin build more as you can see dont forget its for fun and i like those old us truck,s , i like also old truck,s from the past in my country and there are some old mack,s involved the N-type , the used for heavy loads but first the old crackerbox for now jacobus
  15. so you have can see that i build together with Hermann on this project we wil make some differents between both trucks , but stil have the front set back axle its a challenge to do something like this and fun , thats important i think here some pictures of my build sofar other fueltanks stil make here the new headlights and also new windshieldwipers and now make the adjustments for the exhaust stack andsteering unit etc jacobus
  16. so there is one nr two i wil posted also its fun to have a duobuild great to do jacobus
  17. thank you Gator i stil dont know if i make the single drive ore the tandem , both are lookin so nice for a greyhound moving vaan i wil say , single drive so ...... a look for both how it looks on the chassis jacobus
  18. after a break [ my sister past away ] i start slowly back with the build of this one i wil use the tandem set up and first i want make it good on the chassis with the correct high on this picture it must about 4 mm up to make it correct like the real pictures i have found and it make,s also a ggod room for the engine til the next time i am not only workin on the gmc you wil seen soon the new item of a icoon from the past jacobus
  19. that color!!!!! great!! that is something to use , like this colorcombo jacobus
  20. have done not much as only the engine built new computer so must instal some things to put the picture,s on it and yes , it wil be a single axle with a moving van jacobus
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