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  1. It seemed weird in the instructions to use gloss black, but I went ahead anyway.
  2. When painting the frame, undercarriage, engine, etc., do you use a brush, airbrush, rattle can? Also, do you paint on the tree, or assemble as much as possible, then paint. I am currently building the Lindberg, Color Me Gone,'63 A330 Dodge as a street machine (muscle car). I painted the frame and under carriage last night with gloss black as per the instructions (by brush), but man, it seems way too glossy. Would a matte clear work to dull it a bit, or should I leave as is. Thanks
  3. Thanks for the info. I'll have a closer look and see which way looks better, and by that, I mean easier.
  4. I picked these up on Saturday at Hobby Lobby & A.C. Moore. I am new to airbrushing (it's still in the box), and am wondering if anyone has used these, if they are usable out of the bottle, and how hard they are to use. The are all Pearlized colors. Thanks
  5. I am just finishing up my current project ('71 Hemi Cuda). First model in 35 years, not a bad job, but still lots to perfect. I usually like to build box stock, but for my next one, I'm going to do the AMT/ERTL '57 Chevrolet Bel Air. I am thinking of going mild custom and inserting the drive train from the Revell 2001 Z06 Corvette. Just wondering if anyone has attempted this, or if anyone has any ideas on the project. Thanks
  6. Thanks for all the resources. Much appreciated.
  7. I'm in the process of assembling my 1970 Cuda and appear to be missing the headlight lenses. Anyone have a suggestion on fabricating new ones from glue, craft items etc, or perhaps something else to use? Thanks
  8. One of the guys here at work picked this up on the weekend from his brother. Seems one of his brothers tenants left a lot of unfinished models when he left & my coworker grabbed this one. Wondering if anyone know the year it was produced, costs new etc?
  9. Your hard work on the gauges really shows. Maybe a little more than my skill level, but now I know how to proceed. Thanks
  10. Really nice job on both cars. I have a question on the dash detail, are these photoetch guages etc, or hand painted. If photoetch, where did you get them, great job on them. Thanks
  11. Dipped in Purple Power twice and rinsed the Cuda twice, still some paint left in hard to reach areas. I think I'll be OK with the repaint ( now have an airbrush, first was rattle can). The body seems to have some dark areas on it, is there a process for washing and cleaning after the purple bath, or just primer again & repaint?
  12. Is the PP reusable to a certain degree, or new stuff every time, of which, I hope they're won't be many.
  13. I finally got my hands on a gallon of Purple Power. Had to go to Walmart in the states to get it. A 32 oz bottle on Amazon.ca $32.95, a gallon at US Walmart $4.98, I don't think our dollar is that bad. Anyhoo, I have a '71 Cuda that needs to be stripped, hence the Purple Power. Question on the container for stripping, any preferences on plastic (Tupperware), glass, tinfoil baking pan (lie a bread pan). Any suggestions on the best one to use? Thanks for any input.
  14. I am in the process of learning to use an airbrush and am interested in decanting paint for the brush. I tried this week with Testor's Plum crazy, sprayed into a clean glass, covered with saran wrap & poked a couple of small holes for the gas to escape. After a day or so I went to check & the paint had dried up, I figure I didn't spray enough into the glass to begin with. Any suggestions on the amount to spray, or what I may be doing wrong? Thanks
  15. Bullitt

    Model kits wanted

    Yes, both of them, nothing there. Thanks
  16. Looking for model kits for the following: 1978 Chevrolet Camaro Z/28 2005 (or similiar) Ford Thunderbird. These are models of cars I have had & have now. Any help in finding would be appreciated.
  17. I was working on drilling out the spark plug holes on the valve covers of my '71 Hemi Cuda and was scratching the chrome plating as I went. I checked online & most of the pictures I found showed the valve covers in flat black. I dug out the trusty Windex, recommended here buy a number of members & voila, no more chrome and now ready for paint. Next is the shifter which is also chromed and in need of a refinish. Many thanks to the members who donate to this forum, much appreciated & will be well used in the future.
  18. Wondering if there is a standard mixture ratio, or does everyone play it by ear? Thanks
  19. While installing the mirrors on my 71 cuda, I have gotten glue on the doors below the mirrors. Any suggestions on removing the glue before I paint? Thanks
  20. It's not a lot, but on both sides of the car, Testor's model glue. This is the first model I have built in over 30 years, so the old hands aren't as steady as they used to be.
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