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  1. Looks like a fun build. Your exhaust is interesting the way you did it. Was this the way the box art looked? I always like those type of builds. Would have been nice to show a picture of the box with your model.
  2. So back to this one. Paint going on some of the smaller parts. Decided to wire engine even though no one will ever see it, figured if I was going to that much trouble on the wood I may as well detail the engine. Haven't decided on the interior yet, thinking about some patterns for the seats.
  3. Nice looking Hudson. The interior looks good too, hard to see after assembly thanks for the extra pic.
  4. Another one finally finished but, after looking at photos maybe. Few minor touch ups.
  5. Love seeing your progress. I have built the kit many times and still love it and all the AMT '32 offering. When it was first introduced in about 1964 the chassis was the best of all the AMT '32s. I used it on several coupes and roadsters. Not great by today's standards but, still a great offering for the time. Nice paint work on yours and the engine looks spot on.
  6. So I guess this one is done. I was exploring more options on wheels and tires. My 5 year old grandson was watching with great interest. He wanted to build a model with me and insisted he should take the '32 home to display with his collection. He must have thought I gave him the okay because it is gone. Well it's just a model right?
  7. Making some progress on the '32 today. Got all the window glass in and the body mounted. Did a quick wash on the engine and body. More to come. I count some 20 more small parts to go.
  8. Now I have added a '49 Merc to the mix, yes three unfinished projects. I keep running into a brick wall. I'm thinking of maybe calling them finished when they are unfinished, no. It will come back, that feeling you get when you can't stop working on them and you get lost in time.
  9. Thanks for all the great comments guys.
  10. Built this over 20 years ago. Big DUECE is next.
  11. Nice group of models I love them all. I actually saw all of these race at our local Dragway back in the day. Man am I getting old!
  12. This post blows me away wow 2007 oh my! You seemed like a regular guy at first, how did you get so complex??? I always enjoy all your posts Harry, thanks for sharing this once again. Sorry I missed it the first time around. i don't see any mirrors???
  13. You have gone to extreme level to make it look right. I especially like the front end assembly with realistic springs, shackles and ubolts. Nice job, should win some trophies.
  14. Nice job, it looks righteous!
  15. I like it looks like my 1:1 lol.
  16. I really enjoy looking at and building the old school kits like this one. I think maybe they were meant to be played with, considering the electric motor option and all. Can't blame the little guy for wanting to play with it. Nice job making it look cool! The wheels help it a lot. Also the diamond plate and nice finish. The undercarriage looks really good too.
  17. I agree, great reminder. Tulio, your work always inspires me, the old and the new, great job!
  18. I would love to have the full size version. Nice job on a classic VW.
  19. Nice! I was confused as to which one was real until after a careful study scrolling back and forth. Nice job!
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