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  1. Looks real good to my eyes. Thanks for the critique, I have one on the shelf to build. Like everyone is saying, I think you met the challenge. Nice job.
  2. Nice, I like it a lot. The detail n your engine is excellent.
  3. Finished!!!! No not really I know you didn't fall for that!
  4. All I can tell you is the lettering says Desert Dog PG7 and Formula, no idea where they came from. I think I got them at a swap meet.
  5. So I take a close up photo thinking these Gauges are really cool on the '40 Ford dash. Then I notice the seats look like BLAH_BLAH_BLAH_BLAH and what is that glob in the middle of the dash? Wish I had a magnifying glass with me, my details suck. Wonder why this is taking so long?
  6. rmvw guy

    55 Nomad

    Looks like new, I love the color combo.
  7. it looks a little better to my eye now. I cut and moved the axel back to center the way you said, then extended the drive shaft with a piece of aluminum tube. Thanks
  8. I am at the beach again, this time Myrtle. Not much hot rod activity going on here right now. We were in California 2 weeks ago, Hunting Beach Balboa Peninsula, where there is plenty of classic car activity always! What a difference. Anyway back to the models. I brought along the '32 to work on but, so far nothing has transformed in the last 4 days. I had to look on here to see where I was before starting. The summer did not produce any new models for me except one surprise '55 Chevy pickup my son gave me in Wisconsin. That one got painted and partially assembled then went back in the box. Seems to be the theme lately. Hope the'32 can jump start me again.
  9. Nice Deuce, every detail looks just about right to me.
  10. Nice bugs! I love the shots with your thumb!
  11. Had to look at it again, completely forgot about this one, I got to enjoy it twice!
  12. Nice job on a period perfect buggy. I remember a lot of them in sparkly.
  13. I'm a sucker for these, nice job.
  14. Looks good, the paint is beautiful, nice diorama.
  15. Seems to be the day for '32 Fords. I love this one as well as all the others. Very nice.
  16. Made a nice transformation. That color is really growing on me.
  17. How did that happen? I love it!
  18. Very nice Woodie. The light colored top and wood make it super clean.
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