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  1. Nice job, looks good. Like the 350 option.
  2. Yes I have been aware of this problem. Happens to me a lot, I get it all together solid now I will have to start cutting. The drive shaft is too short. Can't figure why this happens. Upsetting.
  3. Nice Woody! I like the other Mercury also. These cars look good in stock form.
  4. The paint always looks like a bigger mess every time you coat it, then all of a sudden wood appears!
  5. Nice photos! Convincing all steel body. I like.
  6. It looks good in salt configuration. Nice job!
  7. "How did I miss this amazing project?" I ask myself. This one is truly worth bringing back to the top. Very amazing work. Nice job!
  8. For Chevy lovers some more orange.
  9. I realize orange paint is not for everyone but, this looks awesome to me right now!
  10. A few more parts went on this morning. Headers, grill after a wash was applied. Suspension is now done. This is going to be a long thread. Just a warning. I am having fun. Something about the Hugger Orange paint and the chrome on a'32 Ford I just love. I want the full size version now.
  11. I thought these ideas were really clever until I read all the criticism. Now I have mixed thoughts about this. Funny how that works. Still I think the louvers are worth a try. The open ones on the '36 Ford are nice, great idea using them I may have to give that a try. I have a friend who is really into louvers. He cuts them out individually which takes a ton of patience. I would love to get his opinion on this. Nice work anyway Richard, can't wait to see the finished result after paint. If it makes you happy, that's what's important.
  12. I love this thread, nice job guys! Here's another old jalopie.
  13. The wood part is very cool. Love the whole overall look and the surf boards. Nice. I will be looking for it under glass when it is finished. Some of mine never get finished technically.
  14. Even though I have previously built 4 Revell '32 Fords, the suspension still gives me fits every time. I wish Revell would offer a stock version with banjo reared and maybe a quick change. I am trying to keep this one simple by the mono paint job and pre glued assemblys but, so far this build is not going anywhere near record speed. I am using the flathead engine from the '32 sedan kit and that is about the only out of box parts besides the tires. Another photo of minor progress.
  15. This was the day the '48 came out of the paint booth Oct. 7, 2015, l was so happy that day, like I had just made a major breakthrough. ( Maybe it was the paint fumes.) The Boyd Pacific Blue enamel paint should be cured by now. Do you think? I actually forgot I had these pictures. I was going to document the entire build and then hand it over to my son for display on his mantle. I have since decided he needs a '49 Mercury Woody. He likes the '50s cars. I have more photos some where of when I painted the wood. Just sharing some more of this simple or not so simple for me project.
  16. They are taking a break, the weather has just been too nice to work.
  17. Sponsored by The Muncie Star where I worked for 30 years, this is "The Muncie Star"
  18. Nice job, the mods really bring it up to date. The front bumper had to go. Love it!
  19. Absolutely beautiful!!! I'm not a Mopar guy at all so I hope you take this as a huge compliment. I love the choice of a slant 6. My parents had a brand new '64 Dodge Dart and yes, it did have the slant 6 engine which I worked on a few times. I remember changing the spark plugs with the deep sleeves and o rings. The only Mopar in my collection is a '41 Plymouth. Yours really takes me back. I love the color choice and the simple body style.
  20. Lol. After more than 40 years together she is finally coming around.
  21. Thanks for more pictures, the interior is gourges especially the front seat. I love the overhead shot of the surf boards also.
  22. Here's a Woody my wife spotted while out cruising by herself in Ocean City. She was actually excited about showing it to me. God love her!
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