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  1. Thanks, Bo! Thanks, Michelle! Thanks, Keith!
  2. One more vote for that paint. It looks amazing!
  3. Thanks, Jim. I've been at it a long time. There's always more to learn.
  4. Thanks, Jim! Thanks, William! Thanks, Gene!
  5. Thanks, Seth! Thanks, Larry! Thanks, JC! Thanks, David! Thanks, Mark!
  6. Thanks, Rich! Thanks, Ray! Thanks, Snake! Thanks, Larry! Thanks, John! Thanks, Craig!
  7. This is my first attempt at a candy paint job. Not perfect, but nothing I do ever is. This is a three part system: Autoborne yellow base, AutoAir "Championship Gold", and Candy2O "Blood Red". I added some spacers to the rear axle to get rid of the tail-dragger stance. If I do this kit again, I will add some coil springs instead. Added the "Cherry Bomb" mufflers, side pipes, and J.C. Whitney exhaust tips. I had some mesh left over from another kit, so I opened the hood vents. Suggestions for improvement always welcome.
  8. Here's the ones I know of: West Virginia: Charles Town/ The Hobbies Shop/ 226 W. Washington St./ (681) 252-0861/ M-Sat. 10-6 Inwood/ Loco Joe's/ 357 Middleway Pike/ (304) 229-8220/ M-Th: 10-6, Fri-Sat: 10-7 Virginia: Winchester/ Hobby Hutt/ 325 W. Boscawen St./ (540) 723-4888/ Tues-Fri: 10-5:30, Sat: 10-3 Maryland: Frederick/ HobbyTown/ 454 Prospect Blvd./ (301) 694-7395/ M-F: 10-7, Sat: 10-6, Sun: 12-5 Michigan: Owosso/ Dean's Hobby Stop/ 113 W. Exchange St./ (989) 720-2137/ M: 4-7, T-F: 11:30-5, Sat.: 11:30-4
  9. Thanks, George! Variety is the spice of life! Thanks, Gary!
  10. Thanks Jim! You obviously build faster than I do!😉
  11. Thanks Peter! I guess it depends on geography. Around here, oak is plentiful, and cedar is rare. Cedar would make good fence posts, but the #1 choice for posts in this area is locust, again plentiful. Oak is used for the horizontal boards.
  12. Thanks, Carl! Thanks, Robert! Thanks, Nick! I hope you are right, last year was a slow year for me.
  13. Thanks, Kevin! Yes, that's the Revellogram F-102. Hobby Lobby's last clearance had it on sale for $7.49. I couldn't pass it up.
  14. Thanks, Rex! I was in the same boat. My other displays are full. My storage for unbuilt kits is overflowing. That won't stop me either!😁 Thanks, David!
  15. Thanks, Keith! Thanks, David! Oh yeah, it's thoroughly anchored to the wall, I'm just afraid it will pull the whole wall down!😄 Thanks, Mike! Thanks, Dan! I've been a professional woodworker for 30+ years. I think I'm starting to get the hang of it.😉
  16. Thanks, Ray! Thanks, Tom! Thanks, Jim! LOL. Thankfully, these boards never made it to the fence, they were just stored in the barn. Made them much easier to use! Thanks, Greg!
  17. This project started when I bought a big pile of glass shelves. The shelves are tempered glass, and cannot be cut, so I had to make the cabinets to fit the shelves. Fortunately, the shelves are two different lengths, so I could make two equal sized cabinets, and still have a place for my Saturn V. The cabinets are made of old (unused) fencing boards, which turned out to be quarter sawn white oak. The only major expense was the glass for the sliding doors. This thing may take the rest of my life to fill up. I'm hoping it doesn't pull the wall down. All that glass is HEAVY!
  18. Same here. As an option, I've had pretty good success masking floor pans with Silly Putty. It works with MM Metalizers, I would think it would work with Alclad.
  19. Another option is to get a foot speed control- https://www.amazon.com/Control-Variable-Speed-Pedal-Plastic/dp/B00WGVP6Q4/ref=sr_1_2?crid=2MCIG68HO7TY1&keywords=foot+speed+control&qid=1579698043&sprefix=foot+speed+con%2Caps%2C141&sr=8-2 Very convenient to use, and will slow the Dremel down to almost nothing. Unfortunately, the tool has very little torque at that speed.
  20. I just used Testors square bottle Yellow for my F-18. It looks OK to me.
  21. Very nice! Great colors.
  22. I gave this to my sister a few years ago for Christmas. It represents the car she drove in college. She called it the "Blue Fluke" (I don't know why). I tried to make it dirty and worn, the way it usually was. I added a few details, like converting it to "three on the tree", and the armrest her dog chewed up on a long trip. She loves it and displays it proudly.
  23. That's a great kit of a cool car. I like the color you chose. I hope you have better luck with the metal transfers for the scripts than I did. Mine stuck to the transfer paper much better than they did to the model.
  24. The Hobby Hutt in Winchester has a good selection of Tamiya paint. The Hobbies Shop has a small rack of Tamiya, a lot of Humbrol and Testors, and some Mission, Vallejo, and Spaztix.
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