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  1. Thanks Tom. I redid this not because I didn't like the color but wasn't happy with the way the finish came out. It was originally Green, just like you see it now. If you stare at the pics long enough you can most likely see that this new body color is a bit darker than the wheels. That's what the original green was. I didn't re-do the wheels and tried to come as close as possible to match.
  2. Here are the finished pics of a 10 year rebuild. I originally built this one at least ten years ago but was never happy with the paint so a few years back I stripped the body, repainted it, cleared it and then it went back in the box. Last week I pulled it out and realized that it really only needed to be re-foiled and reassembled. Put the final touches on it this afternoon.
  3. Rob, based on the timeline for this buildoff I'm thinking that I should join in. I have my idea already and have even designed a decal scheme for the build but due to other ongoing builds it will be a little time before I can get started. My choice will be a 78 Dodge Van.
  4. It's a spray can. No toxicity that I'm aware of.
  5. For any models that have a lot of white in the finish I use Decoart Triple Thick found primarily at Michael's. It features no yellowing over time and I have a couple of builds that I cleared 7 to 8 years ago with this product and still haven't seen any yellowing. Plus, it goes on great and leaves a really good finish.
  6. My first completed build for 2019. Built pretty much out of the box using aftermarket decals. Adjusted the ride height to give it a better stance.
  7. Got the suspension installed and the ride height set. Also mocked up some of the glass to see how it looks.
  8. All of the decaling is done along with the tire and wheel detail and a little mockup.
  9. Another long overdue project. I've had these decals for years and finally decided to knock this one out. Decals are from Thad Brooks and a Revell 06-07 MC kit. I added the missing side skirt piece for the exhaust opening. Decals are great but time consuming. Very thin (which is good) and plenty of layers to let dry before the next layer.
  10. Here are some reference pics. in case you don't already have enough.
  11. Can't wait to see where you go with this. I've had the 64 on the to-do list for years now.
  12. I forgot about one more because the entire build is not completed yet. The Dually and trailer are finished but the race truck is still under construction.
  13. The tires that I have always recommended to use are the modern slicks from any of the Revell T/F or F/C kits. They fill the wheelwells perfectly, IMHO, and the kit rear wheels still fit inside them. Some of the Comp Resins tires that are sold through Slixx would most likely be too large as they better represent the most modern era rear slicks for T/F, F/C, Pro Mod, etc. Here are a couple of examples of what I've used.
  14. Awesome job on these. I've built one of the AMG's earlier this year and agree that it is an excellent kit. If financial resources allowed I would have bought more as well.
  15. Thanks guys. Along with all of the completed builds I was able to work on numerous others that will be the focus of the early part of 2019.
  16. Well, it's that time of year again. Time to highlight all of the completed builds for 2018. It was a very productive year with a pretty good mixture of completed builds. And just to show the diversity of builds I even completed a long awaited airplane build.
  17. Small screwdriver with light pressure to make the crimp.
  18. Some scratchbuilt work done on creating the headers.
  19. Finished off the decals today. Now I can get back to completing the final paint, assembly and detail of the rest of the build.
  20. The graphics are homemade on my computer. The US Army markings are from a Slixx Nascar sheet. The rest of the decals will be a mix of homemade and parts box decals.
  21. I saw the post on the ACME Facebook page where Jim Kampman posted as a request from Dave Burkett (Model King) as to whether or not there would be any interest in the following kits to be created and released. No mention that they would be done but if there was any interest. I don't know what this all means but I'm sure if this a serious inquiry with potential then there will be plenty of discussion in days to come. Either that or this is someones demented early April fools joke. I'm sure that if there's merit behind this then it's a forgone conclusion that there would be huge interest in any, if not all, of these suggested potential kits.
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